My Homies =N= Me =)

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My homies and me
We're like one big family
My homies and me
Are the coolest people you will ever met
We're from our town 'stabciti'
We're kraizy and very funny
We'll make you laugh...If you come around
How we act is so funny
Like some real kraizy fort peck indians
We love eachother no matter what
.....but the thing we love.....
Is being together.....That always cheers us up :)
From the good times to the bad times
We'll handle each situation
Like we always did
Just give us space
we'll clam down on our own pace
We'll come around....We always do
So.....No need to talk sh*xt
Because we know we're just so innocent
We like our music loud
Well we're cruisin down the road
Just smoking having a great time
But Wait......Shhhhh....My cuz'n mom calling now!
Time to be quiet and calm
As if nuthing is really going on
....But me im almost never quiet....
I like to talk, chill, just have a good time
I entertain my homies or atleast I try
LOL...To my homies im so
'bunny funny :) '
But hey....thats us...being KRAIZY sioux Indians
My Homies =N= Me =)

*4 my homies*
Luv Ya

Submitted: April 27, 2010

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Submitted: April 27, 2010



My homies =n= Me =)

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