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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Zonica was found wondering the streets late at night by the Corven family when she was only six she had no memory of way she was ther or how she got ther, the only thing she now was her name coz it was on a small gold chane that hung from her neck .

The family took her in and adopted her.
Thay were a welthy family and liked tredition
One of ther traditions were arange marriges so if she liked it or not she is part of the family now
When she turnd 19 she was considerd a woman and old anough to get maried.
So as you can gess bevore she new it she was infront of the alter standing infront of a man some wat in his twentys he took her hand and smiled at her he had a black tux on and his hair was jeld up the colour of his hair was a durty blond colour that complemented his face perfectly, he had baby blue eyes that sparkeld as if he just won the jackpot or something.
The wedding was perfect, every little girls fairytale

Now that her new live began with her new husbadn, there is choises that needs to be made but will it be the write onece …

Table of Contents

"Ecpect the Unexpected"

(Expect the unexpected.) Divine Love always has met and always will meet every beings need. Mary Baker Eddy Chapter 21 Ma... Read Chapter