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Just for interest

Submitted: November 18, 2008

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Submitted: November 18, 2008



Just for interest, this is some novels i am reading

1) LeAnne Hell's Angel:Chapter View

2)nicquelene vampire love last forever:View

3)justbreathe Wolve's Bane:View

4)lin17 Moonlight Path:View

5)no1 Blood Love:View

6)SnowXwhite My Bestfriend's a Vampire? Great.: View

7) Vamie A Fallen Angel, a Demon, a Werewolf, and a Vampire! What are the odds!?:View

8)kalier Endless Night:View

10) phyllzHeart to Heart: Love of a Vampire:View

11) starlight1996vampire academy:View

12) Kirsten RainDawning Wishes:View

13)Nikki NightmareVampryc Moon:View

14) WishUponYourStarThe Diary of a Walking Dead Girl:View

15) azuraskyes17The Unkown Vampire Heart::View

16) Sadlynn BooksForever Moon Light: :View

17) CanineShe was Elemental:View

18) kalierTower Between Worlds:View

19)SummerLeiAnnWhen the Moon Runs Red::View

20) vampirequeenThe Hybrid Princess':View

21) yumpeachesMy Darkness,View

22) QueenRandomFollowerAngel with no Halo:View

23) xox babiilicious hunnibunsS xoxElixir:View

24) thebrokenhearteddontsleepA Tale Of Two Hearts:View

25) ColdLightCold Lake:View

26) skibird17Secrets of Andover:View

27) BrookeSimonHunter's Academy for Boys and Girls:View

9)possesssedwith out a choice (ch 3-all):View

29) Catherine Sibling_Rivalry:View

30)azure2skiesThe Moon Watches Us::View

31) MegzboVampire Kiss: View

32) xStephStephx09Moonstruck:: View

33) Sakura69Nightmare's Kiss::View

34) sam316547Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me to Sleep::View

35) xAnGeL1CxFalsworn High:View

36) NikiFMNatural Enemies:View

37) xXSk8rHeartXxI Thought It Was Just A Story...:View

38) SunsetI mmortal's Love:View

39) LaurelBlack Rain Falls:View

40)KytrisVemidethMederaPrince of a Plauge:Chapter View

41)TwilightsAngelSoul Desires:View

42)MissRachyVengeanceTwilight Vampires:Chapter View

43Jadax137Inside the Fire by Jada:View

76MissRachyVengeanceKey to a Vampire's Heart:View

45) PadfootInterdimensional Soap Opera:View

46) Elaine WellsDRAGONS & DREAMS:View

47) NikiFMOpposite Worlds:View

48) VictoriaDawnEverlasting Breath:View

49) CheetahBearIts Your Love::View

50) CheetahBearStealing the Cinderella Story:View

51) XxEmoHeartxXPerfect Doesn't Exist:View

52) KytrisVemidethMederaLunar Eclipse: The Darker Side of the Story :CovenantView

53) HecateSerenata Bellalyse Iris:View

54)AddieWestwoodChange of blood: View

55)scazaThe Elites of Darkness:View

56) XxEmoHeartxXThe Pain He Caused: View

57)ConcreteAngelHe's her Superman: Looking GoodView

58)xxFallenAngelxxLove Bites... :View

59)XxEmoHeartxXThe Pain He Caused :View

60) CassieFraserComplications:View

61) cantlive4evrTaunting Fate:View

62)NikiFMThe Taken:View

63)Astrocam the 2ndIn the Dead of Night:View

64)KristenLOVEStoWRIGHTMarina`s Trouble:View

65)CheetahBearWill he love me now when I hated him beforeView

66)cantlive4evrWhen I Found Myself:View

67)AddieWestwoodDiamond In The Rough:View

68)ReasonSJust Once - Then Never Again:View

69)starryknightengaleA Bloodlust:view

70)UnspokenSoul22Guardians of the Crest:View

71)luckyomallyJust Me, Average, and Supernatural.:View

72)LostScared To Death:View

73)cantlive4evrBite Me:View

74)ChristineStop You in Your Tracks:View

75)NikiFMRandom Things Said Out Loud:View

76)love12310I Wish I Did Not Know.....Jaylen:View

77)RehzonatinShadowzDancing With Darkness:View

78)FantasyVampLincoln Heights:View

79)cantlive4evrWhat They Don't Teach You In School:View

80)ArtemisDance in the Fire:View

81)ArtemisDance in the Fire II: War Over the World:View

82)WhatIsInANameThe Price Of Blood:View

83)lanchavaThe Empire of the Vampire:View

84)BarbieDollAccidentally In Love:View

85)xAnGeL1CxSt. Mikhail Academy For Dhamps and Vamps:View

86)sam316547Falling For Hate:View

87)cantlive4evrWhen I Found Myself:View

88)VictoriaDawnEternally Yours (Sequel to Everlasting Breath):View

89)Violet AmoreA Tainted Kiss Till Death Do Us Part :View

100)vampirelovers: The Story Of A Boy And A Girl Who Fell In Love:View

101) sam316547Broken glass 2 / Don't Forget:View

102) MarsellaNAThe Piano Girl:View

103) CheetahBearLips of an Angel:View

104) SillySushiiFor Our Lives:View

105) XxXxSamanthaxXxXI was kidnapped by vampire hunters:View

106) swimmer2011I'm Falling In Love With My Enemy:View

107) sam316547-Caged- :View

108) MissIndecisiveWe're Damned After All:View

109) Violet AmoreA Blood Stained Soul:View

110) iliumVampire Contract:View

111) CheetahBearBecoming her Prince in Shining Armor:

112) QueenRandomFollowerTemporarily Untitled:View

113) yuki yoshidaVampire's Love View

114) yuricullen13My Knights from Night Kingdom:View

115) RoyalisistyViolet Eye:View

116) RehzonatinShadowzDancing With Darkness:View

117) xMychemicalromanceloverxCrimson Demon Eyes:View

118) ArtemisDance in the Fire:View

119) cantlive4evrIYCLMF 2: Hearts Of Glass:View

120) RachelLynn77Green Eyes:View

121) ArtemisDance in the Fire II: War Over the WorldView

122) BarbieDollAccidentally In Love:View

123) lanchavaThe Empire of the Vampire:View

124) vampireloversThe Story Of A Boy And A Girl Who Fell In Love:View

125)MarionetteUntitled - Need Suggestions:View

126)MarsellaNAThe Piano Girl:View

127)Atomic LustI'm In Love With A Vampire:View

128)swimmer2011I'm Falling In Love With My Enemy:View

129)liliumVampire Contract:View

130)sam316547-Caged- :View

131)cuquita707Twisted Love from the Inmortal :View

132) Brooke GrossThe Huntress:View

133) BreakingDawnEverchanging EyesView

134)MarsellaNANight Lare: Dark Moon:View

135)xAnGeL1CxSt.Mikhail Academy For Dhamps and Vamps:View

136) princess onika augustethe tainted love:View

137) KytrisVemidethMederaSilvering Eyes:View

138) LostScared To Death: View

139)SillySushiiFor Our Lives:View

140) angeldeath29Moon on the Water:View

141) HellieBellieBeari dont have a title yet:View

142) sam316547Broken glass 2 / Don't Forget:View

143) SillySushiiI'm Carrying A Vampire's Baby!:View

144)StarScentedMoonMy Boyfriend's A Vampire!?!(Help?):View

145) ItaniaZwillinge: Battles of the Heavens:View

146)HazelEyes12Blood And Tears:View

147)VictoriaDawnEternally Yours (Sequel to Everlasting Breath):View

148)WhatIsInANameThe Price Of Blood:View

149)MandaPandaACE --Chapter 1 View

150)NikiFMOn the edge of darkness:View

151)MissIndecisiveWe're Damned After All:View

152)NikiFMStoker High:View

153)Catherine1993Midnight Blaze:View

154)InvisiblyAloneAfter Death:After DeathView

155)cantlive4evrMy Ghost Boy:View

156)XxEmoHeartxXThe Pain He Caused:View

157) CheetahBearLips of an Angel:View

158)tobeinluv13to be hurt and loved by a vampire:View

159) XxXxSamanthaxXxXThe nightmare that never ends:View

160)Belladonna SecretA Rope of Shadows Dragging Down my Soul:View

161)DiceofChanceBook One: Savage Truth :View


163)XxLOVExXKidnapped by a Vampire:View

164)LilslavakenForbidden Vamparic Love.:View

165) prepPRINCESSThe Forbidden Love 2: The Love That Conquers All:View

166)AllyDeeThe Werewolf's Bite:View

167) PALERMOThe Dreams that May Come True:View

168)LilslavakenJack the skeleton:View

169)Pikkay"You're mine now..":View

170)DiceofChanceBook Two: Secret Truth:

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