Path of Blood

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Daraku Tenshi's life was normal, until everything came crashing down around the poor, little 4-year-old. Her mother was invaded and killed by the Demon of Four- a demon that lived by entering a human as a parasite, living until the host is eaten away by it's darkness and then left the host to find another. One thing the Demon of Four thrived on was fear- and by Tenshi standing up to it, the Demon of Four was killed. What Tenshi didn't know was that the Demon of Four was not evil- in fact, it was a blessing to be a host to it. Now, Daraku Tenshi is forced to run, unless she wants to face death by demon claws. As she faces off against a demon high above the others, she finds herself faced with another fact more gruesome than anything- Daraku Tenshi herself is a half demon- daughter of the great Demon Lord. But, to live to obtain the status of Princess, she must find her father- king of the Underworld- and lift her status of damned. What she does not know is that to lift this, she has to give up even more than she has lost.
How is one ten-year-old girl to cope with all of this?

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The Beginning

Submitted: December 16, 2010

Daraku Tenshi was a normal girl, living a normal life. But of course, she didn't know that, in fact, her life was exactly the opposite. At the age of 5, her mother was possesed by the Demon of Four, a demon that wrapped darkness around it's host, until the host's body could take it no long, and would die. When the Demon of Four invaded Daraku's mother, it made a mistake. Daraku Tenshi had gone up against the demon, something no one else had done, and she had banished it. But, the Demon of Four was not an evil demon; it was a blessing amoung demons to be chosen as it's host. Now, Daraku Tenshi must come to terms with something she never thought possible after her killed of the Demon of Four; her father was a demon- a wolf demon lord, in fact. In her attempts to kill all demon's she finds one that changes her look on them- her mother's soul was placed in a demon body after the Demon of Four was taken from her. Now, Daraku Tenshi is being chased by nearly all demons, for not only killing the Demon of Four, but also for killing many other demon's. In order to keep herself from be killed for this, she has to seek out her father to unlock her demonic abilities, as well as find the reincarnated Demon of Four, so as to lift the curse of being killed for the murders she commited. All she can do is follow the Path of Blood. Read Chapter