Just a Push

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'Don't forget your spunk!' This is based on this story I heard about a student in school who rose above expectations~

Submitted: November 15, 2009

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Submitted: November 15, 2009



Kinder, couldn't really talk

Couldn't speak and couldn't walk

Rehab barely did the trick

Barely helped, made difference.

Studied, info never stuck

Failed the spelling test again

Oldest in the class again

Failed to read or write or speak

Couldn't do much but sit and stare

Gave up after 2nd grade

Couldn't really do much more.

Teacher says she'll never get to anywhere in life

Cried and cried her sweet blue eyes out

Couldn't really do much more.

Thought of it a little more and

Vowed to prove the teacher wrong.

Study, study that she did

Learned by ear and eye andstrength

Learned and learned, earned first-in-class

Tried twice as hard as other kids

Could barely walk, or write, or talk

6th grade: wins the spelling bee.

College: so much information

Learns Latin, French, and Spanish, Greek

Learned much more than could expect

years later: earns college degree and PhD

Earns plaque, certificates, trophies a-plenty

Returns to teacher at age 26

Hard worker, read that plaque aloud

Read plaque aloud in Latin and,

Said she'd recite in French, and Spanish, Greek

Teacher apologized for ever doubting

Girl gave thanks for inspiration

Just one more book changed everything

Just one more year changed everything

Just one more push changed everything

Just a bit more to prove them wrong

Learned more than any thought she would

Did more and more, and so much more.

Could really, really do so much more.

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