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This story contains content that might be triggering to some people. (Rape and beatings) Please read at your own risk.

Submitted: June 25, 2018

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Submitted: June 25, 2018



The weather above the clouds is beautiful. It's where the spirits of the deceased come to rest and the angels live. Some people refer to this place as heaven. Truthfully God created the place for all to come and rest. He doesn't watch over anymore. Although, many humans still believe in him; although, they tend to call them by different names. He is the same person no matter what you call him.

After God put Sophia's friend Alexandru in charge of managing the good people coming here they have been quite lonely. About ten years ago they saw this man named Duncan Banks walking around America in a suit with sleek pulled back hair. His eyes always seem to shine as bright as the sun and reflect like the sea. Although, his hair was as black as night.

They look through the gap in the clouds at Duncan longing to be with him but they know that it is forbidden to leave this area. Once you leave then you have to get married and your significant other has to die while you two are together. No one knows what will happen if you were to have a kid down there though. It's not really a chance that they want to take. Even though she longs for his touch, nothing would be worth trying to figure out why a man as handsome as him doesn't have anyone; although, they want to be that someone.

They lean over trying to see Duncan more clearly through the hole in the clouds. It doesn't help them much, but it makes them feel all that much closer. They are sure that it is just their imagination though.

"Alexandru's friend is interesting are they not?"

"Right, hey I got an idea. How about we push them. They are always interested in something going on down there."

Sophia does not hear the two girls talking behind them. Probably because they are too focused on Duncan. They get pat on the shoulder and they turn around to see the two girls behind them.

"See you in about seventy-five to a hundred years."

"Or never if you can't find love." They both shove Sophia through the hole. They fall right through it wondering where they are going to land. Human culture is very diverse and they might have to get used to anything. Looking up they can no longer see the girls that shoved them off. They can see their silver hair moving in the air as they descend to the ground. Already being below the clouds Sophia can't extend their wings to fly back up. Now, all they can feel is it raining on them. They have never felt the rain falling on them before. It felt so mysterious to them. It felt cold feeling the water and the wind hitting them.

This must have been what it felt like when the first angels fell. They thought to themself. They hit the ground with a huge thud. Things went black for them, so they don't know that they fell right in front of Duncan.

He looks up and can see a tree so he figures that must be where they fell from. He then notices the wings they have and decide that they must have been a prop and that they must have been trying to fly like some idiot. He does pick her up and take her inside his house to put her in his bed big enough for two even though he lives alone. Sometimes he does have women come over to satisfy his desires.

He always makes sure to pay them plenty. Duncan decides that Sophia needs to pay him back someway for taking them out of the rain. He takes off her clothes to let them dry and notice their long silver hair. He decides that it must have died because no one naturally has silver hair that looks that young.

He shakes them to wake them up. "Wake up girl. You couldn't have fallen that far from the tree. What were you doing in a tree in my yard anyway?"

Sophia wakes up and sits up. Then they realized that they are naked and cover themself up with the blanket that is on the bed. They put their wings away so they can't be seen. "I must be dreaming," Duncan exclaims to himself. "Not only is there a beautiful girl here but she is not running away from me. What's more is those wings seem to be real."

"You think that you are dreaming? You think that I am beautiful?"

Of course, angels are naturally beautiful so no one in heaven tends to tell each other that. It's different to hear it then to know it and no one has ever told them that they are beautiful before, not through our the hundred-fifty years they have been alive. That is something angels reserve for their loved ones.

He smirks. "You say that as if you have never been told that before." He gently pushes them down on the bed while not losing eye contact with them. "You know, I know all the beautiful girls in this city."

"I'm not a girl."

"But you have a woman's body. Oh, I get it you would rather address you as the adult turn, right."

Not what they meant but they guess that you can't really expect much from a human. Humans tend to only see in black and white.

"Anyways, you don't happen to have a place to stay do you?" Duncan asks as he starts to fondle with their chest.

"No!" Sophia flinches back as they exclaim.

"No to what?" He scoots in closer. "To not have a place to live? If it's to me touching you then you can't stay here."

They did want to feel Duncan with them maybe this is the price that they have to pay for that to happen. Humans can be so cruel. "No, I don't have a place to stay."

"I thought so." Duncan pulls down the blanket and caresses their cheek as he starts to suck on their chest.

They don't understand it but all of a sudden they start to feel wet down in their privet region. It feels like it is burning. They have never felt anything like this before. The more that Duncan messes with their body the more relaxed they start to feel. It makes them want more of them. Duncan's phone starts to ring and he picks it up.

"Duncan Banks." "No you can't come over, I am busy right now." "No not with one of the sluts that I pay, my new fiance." "Happened around last week we started dating about a year ago." "Of course you will be invited, Julia, you are my little sister after all." "No don't invite mom and dad. It's just going to be you, me and her." "Love you too sis."

He sits on top of Sophia's thin body. They notice that his pants have a bulge in them. "Guess what? Being the only woman that will stay with me that I don't have to pay, you are going to marry me if you want to stay. You are also never allowed to tell me no or else no. Or else you go out on the streets and someone else will sell you into slavery. Do you understand? "

They quickly nod their head.

"Good." Duncan starts to get up then Sophia speaks. "Duncan, don't go. Please, don't stop." They don't know why they spoke up and requested him not to stop. Maybe it is because they don't really want him to leave. They do want him to touch him and they are starting not to care if it is sexual. It might be a sin to be so lustful but if God made humans like that then it couldn't be so bad.

"Funny, I thought you didn't actually want me to me to touch you." He sits back down, sits them up and strokes their hip. "No girl has actually wanted me to play with them unless I pay them. I thought God was cruel like that. Never giving me someone. However, you want me." He uses his other hand to lift up their chin to bring their eyes to make contact with his.

They get nervous and close their eyes. Here is the human that they have been watching for ten years, longing to be with him and there he is making physical contact with them. It makes it hard to acknowledge the fact he just called her father cruel.

"You will make a great wife." He kisses Sophia on their lips. And their wings flutter on uncontrollably. It runs so many emotions through their body. Duncan looks at the span of their wings in awe. "What are you anyways. You say my name like you know me and I am sure that we have never met."

Sophia is unsure of what to say. Do they say that they have been watching over them for years now since his 18th birthday? "Angel. That is what I am."

"How do you know me?"

"I..." They don't know how to respond. It sounds creepy to say that they have been watching him all this time. It's not like God told them to watch over him. They just started to do it and found a fascination with him. They lean into him and it catches him off guard.

"You know what. It doesn't matter." He pats their head and gives off a smile that looks forced; however, Sophia doesn't notice. They just know that even though they are grounded they feel like they are in the air. "I need to work, but stay here and I'll get you some food then when I am done with work I will continue what I started."


Alexandru finishes up his work for the day and switches shifts with someone else. He plans on going out with Sophia today. Not aware of what happened earlier. He flies over to the spot where he normally finds them. Seeing nothing but the sky lake that they normally sit at he starts to look around more.

"Sophia, where are you? Come on, let's go home. I bet that you are hungry. Sophia?" He looks into the lake which is always like a mirror to look in on the humans. They have been fascinated with this one human lately. He knows that they have fallen for them and they have been waiting for him to move on up here. They promised Alexandru that they would never actually go down there. However, he does see them in the lake. They are with the human that they have been obsessing over. "No, Sophia! You didn't go down there on your own, right?"

He takes off to God to inform him of what he saw happening. He hopes that he can help. "My lord, it's Sophia, they... they..."

"I know my child. I was wondering how you would take your best friend being pushed down to earth."

"They were pushed!?"

"Yes, I can send you down to retrieve them if you like; however, I can not guarantee that they will want to come back."

Alexandru thought about it for some time. He knows that Duncan is not the nicest man that you will meet anywhere. He can get pretty abusive towards his women, but does he take the chance that Sophia can see past their own love? "Alright, I'll do it."

God sends him down in the same town that Sophia is in. He looks around noticing that it is pouring outside. Not really use to the rain he stands there and looks up.

"Hello, cutie. You look like you could use a place to dry up. Why not come into the bar with me and get us some drinks." A female voice says. It sounds like she is trying to be seductive. However, she doesn't have the effect that she wants to have on Alexandru. He decides that she is probably drunk and starts to walk away. He can't fly away since it would make too much of a scene on earth with all the humans around.

"Baby, where are you going? Come on, let's go somewhere where we can be alone."

He is trying to ignore her but he doesn't think that he will be able to lose her without being able to fly. He stops and looks over at her. "Where do you want to go? I don't have any money if that is what you want."

She gets close to him and strokes his cheek. "That's fine boo, I'll do you for free. Grace is here to serve you. Just come to my place. My client is busy tonight so you'll do just fine."

She's a sex worker. That's just great, but does he really have a choice to not go with her since he does not have a place to stay for the night? "I'll go with you then as long as while I am here I can stay with you."

"Well, you will have to find a way to pay me since you don't have any money. I'll tell you what, if you satisfy me enough the nights that I am not working you are going to have to have sex with me."

Angels are generally good at doing that to a human satisfaction, so that shouldn't be a problem. He just doesn't think that it is right to do. If it is what it takes to take shelter from the elements then he guesses that it is alright. He wraps his arm around her waist and they walk off.


Sophia sits in Duncan's bedroom still naked wondering when he will get back. It has been around twelve hours so it is around midnight. He normally finishes up his writing about now but sometimes he works later. Being a famous writer must be hard, but it makes them wonder why no one wants to be around him. All they want is him. That is all they have ever wanted.

They look around the room and see a picture of him and a woman next to him. She looks like she is hugging him. That doesn't make sense that no female would want to be with him if she is in the picture with him looking happy. Then again they do have a resemblance to each other. Maybe that is Julia. The door handle starts to move and Sophia gets startled slightly and looks over in its direction. They know that it is most likely Duncan, but it startles them anyways.

"Sorry, it took me a while to finish but I had to make some quick wedding plans. Only my sister is going to show up, so there is no need to worry about impressing my parents. They think I am a failure anyways." Duncan looks down after he finishes talking wishing that he had more of an actual family then his sister. Maybe he should just be thankful for what he does have.

Sophia gets off the bed and walks over to him to lean against his body. "I don't think you are a failure, Duncan. I think that you are a very successful man who has captured the heart of this angel." Duncan wraps his arms around them as if he is holding their body close to him.

"You don't really know me."

"No, you don't know me. I've known you for years." They rest their head on his shoulder and wrap their wings around him. The feather laced wings are very comforting to him. It is almost like he is being cradled.

"Then you know how I treat all my women." He gets down at that thought. He knows that he is going to mess them up as well. He can't help that he loves causing people pain. Especially the people that he loves. He likes to control every aspect of their life. "I don't care. You could tear off my wings and I will still be with you. My obsession with you is the reason I fell."

"Did you fall yourself?"

"No, I was pushed. I was waiting for you to come to heaven before I introduced myself to you."

"I wouldn't have made it to heaven. I'm too sinful."

"Humans naturally are. That's why Jesus died for you." Maybe they are wrong and he would never make it, but they are not upset that they fell. They get to spend his short human life with him.

"Bend down and make your rear face me. Make sure you are still standing. Place your hands on the wall too." He orders them without a hint of emotion in his voice. Although, he does have a smirk on his face. It is hard for him to make a genuine smile but he feels that maybe for once God is on his side.

They do what he orders them to do and their wings are slightly shaking. Not because they are afraid, but because they don't know how this is going to feel. He caresses their wings to see if it will calm them down some.

Sophia falls to the ground making a huge moan.

"Are they that sensitive?"

They nod quickly not being able to talk biting their lip.

"Cum for me then, my angel." He keeps on touching their wings in a manner to bring sensation to them. Their wings keep on spreading out and coming back in as they keep on moaning and they start to pant.

"Duncan, don't stop, it feels too good."

"I want my girl. It is too much fun to see you so helpless. What is your name? An angel like yourself must have one." He is asking them for their name.

It catches them off guard but they are able to let out a response. "So... Sophia." They let it out as they lose control of their voice.

"No last name?" He starts to lick the wings sending a shiver down their spine. He loves toying with the sensations of their wings. It gives him the response that he gives when he shoves his dick inside other girls cunts.

"No, I don't have one. No angel does." They struggle to talk. They are feeling so much at once.

"So, you will be acquiring one and it will be my own. You don't know how much that pleases me. Your only last name will be mine."

They let out one last moan and they leak all over the floor.

"Good girl. That satisfied me enough just by hearing how sensitive you are, but I need help with the release as well."

They turn around and see his shaft sticking out of his pants. They look up at them, then remember seeing someone putting it in their mouth. Sophia does the same, but they are not sure what to do next.

"You've never done this before, have you? Let me help." He grabs onto their head and moves it back and forth across his shaft. Once he let's go Sophia continues. They start to instinctually move their tongue around too. Since he was already built up from playing with their wings he climaxes relatively quickly. He unleashes his seed all the way into the back of their throat. It makes them gag and cough it up. They look up at him and smile.

"You really are gorgeous." He picks them off their feet and brings them to his bed. Once they are both on the bed he wraps his arms around Sophia. They feel elated and snuggle up close to Duncan and lets their wings relax. "Think that I will call you Phi. It will be an adorable pet name for my fiancé." He kisses their head and closes his eyes. "I'll get you a ring tomorrow as well as some new clothes. Can't let anyone think that my angel is free. She belongs to me and me alone."

Duncan starts to breathe calmly and Sophia just listens to each breath. Angels don't really need to sleep, but his steady stream of air is making them feel drowsy. This is the fastest that they have ever seen him fall asleep. He seems much more still too. They want to see what his face looks like. Does it look calmer than it normally does too? They just close their eyes and doze off not wanting to disturb his sleep.


The next day Duncan and Sophia walk around some high-class fancy store. Not like Sophia really knows the difference between anything clothes and jewelry wise. Duncan keeps his hand around their waist trying to show his dominance and ownership around other men. He leads them up to a counter and looks right at the attendant.

"You here to pick something up for your sister, Julia?" The attendant says then notices Sophia and the position Duncan has taken with them. "I see, you must have a new girlfriend, trying to show her that you are not a monster by getting her something nice? How sweet. Hon, get away from him while you still mentally sane."

Sophia shakes her head. They don't care what he does to them as long as they are with him. "I've known him for a long time and have been waiting to be with him."

"Girl, you crazy. Anyone that knows him knows that he isn't right for any-"

"Keep this up and I'll request to speak to a manager. Now let me pick out a ring so I can properly purpose to her." Duncan has lost his patience with this woman. He doesn't want her to scare his fiancé off. Although, he knows that they know what will happen if they leave him. It still scares him. His angel wouldn't leave him, right? "Measure her ring size while you are at it." "I thought that you would know so much about hands seeing how much they get used on you."

"Get your manager, I don't have time to deal with you."

She moves out from behind the counter. "Hon, you don't have to marry him. Think about what you are doing."

Duncan pulls her closer to him. "Get. Him. Now." He has a separation between each word and it sounds like he is snarling through his teeth.

He looks over at Sophia as the attendant walks off and smiles. It looked force like every other smile he has made but it was genuine.

Sophia rests their head on his shoulder. They know that he has trouble smiling but when he does it is a real one. It is unlike all the angels above the clouds. All smiles all the time whether people care about you or not.

"Don't leave me Phi. Alright? I don't want to lose someone else."

"I don't want to leave you, Duncan. I won't do it no matter what that lady or anyone says."

"You seem so loyal. I hope that you stay that way."

The manager walks up. "Hello Mr. Banks, how may I help you today? Was she giving you trouble again?"

"Yes, I don't think she'll ever change."

"I'll talk to her personally."

"You know when my employees acted up I only give them one, maybe two warnings, then I fire them. I have never given someone ten chances before. If something isn't done about her by the next time I am back I will just take all of my business elsewhere. My sister will not know where I get her gifts. She is also not loyal to one store. You know, I have to get her something next week if you understand what I mean."

"Right, forgive me, Mr. Banks, I will do something immediately after you leave." He looks over at Sophia. "How about I give you this. It will be perfect for your new girl." He pulls out something that looks like a human antique to Sophia.

"Do you like this one Phi?"

Their face lights up as they look right at it. They quickly nod their head.

"We'll take it. Do you have an engagement ring that we can purchase with it? As well as a wedding dress selection?"

"Ah, so you are marrying her. She is lovely. Yes, yes, we have a few outfits and I feel this ring will go well with the one that I am giving you." The manager shows them a ring that looks like it will connect with the other. The gems on them are the same color and it looks as if it is the same style.

"I like them, Duncan." Sophia looks at him with enthusiasm in their face. No one has ever gotten them something before. With no concept of money, they have no idea of the value.

"How much is this ring?" "Around five grand. I'll give you a sale where everything else you get included this ring is half off, and you get this twenty grand ring for free. I'll even fit them to her for no charge. Take it as a thank you for coming here so often."

"Okay show us the way to the dresses. Here is her size." Duncan hands the manager a slip of paper. "I don't want only a wedding dress. We need others too."

"Will do Mr. Banks." The manager leads them to the back of the store. "Does she have something old for the wedding?"

"No, she came to this country with nothing but the clothes on her back."

Alexandru and Grace are at the store too. Grace keeps on asking Alexandru his opinion on different outfits. "Do you think this one would impress my boss? You know, a little modest but shows off my curves and shoulders?"

"To be honest, I have no clue what your boss would like. Is it really appropriate for you to try and swoon your boss?"

"Who cares about that when you work for sex!" Grace holds the dress close to her body and turns around. Her face lights up with excitement when she sees her boss standing there, while not noticing another "girl" standing next to him. "Mr. Banks! What are you doing here?" Duncan turns around and sees Grace walking towards him.

"Ah, Miss Flynn, I'm trying to help my new fiancé some new clothes and a wedding dress." Duncan moves his hand from Sophia's waist to their shoulder.

"I thought that you loved me!" Grace's eyes tear up and she starts to sniffle.

"We do things strictly for business, Miss Flynn. Nothing more." He looks at Sophia and strokes their face.

She drops the dress not yet purchased on the ground. "You're so cruel!" Grace takes off and Alexandru swears that he could see a trail of tears falling on the path she took.

Alexandru picks up the dress, makes eye contact with Sophia and then walks off to follow Grace to make sure she is okay. He wants to pull Sophia away from Duncan, but they look happy with him.

Sophia looks at Duncan. "Do you like her?"

"Miss Flynn? No, not the way she wants me too. She does her job very well. However, I don't think I will be needing her to come around as often." He looks around at the gowns. And picks one out with a bunch of embroidery, frills, and sequins all over it. "I think this one will look nice on you. What do you think Phi?"

"It's all white?" They say more as a question than a statement.

"Yes, it is. It's a tradition for the girl to wear all white for a wedding. Don't worry I can even make it so you can spread your wings out too."

"Is it?" They look at the dress some more. It's not really something that they would wear above the clouds. They tend to wear a robe or a long dress that covered almost everything. "You can see my arms with it."

Duncan looks confused. "Is that a bad thing, Phi?" He lowers the dress some to see their confused face.

They shake their head. "No, it is just not what I am used to."

"Do you want this one, or should I keep looking? I'll get anything that my beautiful angel girl wants."

They look at him and are unsure how to respond. They want to say yes but they are also wondering why he is acting one way to them and another to the other girls. "That one will do. Duncan, can I ask you something? "

"What is it?"

"Why do you act cold to everyone?"

"That's just how I am."

"Why did you stop acting that way towards me? You were cruel when I came down here and just overnight you have changed how you treat me."

Duncan wraps his arms around them tightly. "You feel like someone that I shouldn't lose. Just like I feel like I shouldn't lose my sister. I've lost every girl that I ever dated within about thirty minutes of being with them, but you begged for me to stay. You didn't want me to go. You didn't try and leave while I was asleep. You even stayed with me even after what that attendant said. The fact that you want to stay with me even though you probably know my history means so much to me." Duncan feels as though he is at a loss of words after everything he said. He wishes that he could word it better but he guesses that genuine love makes it hard to do that. He didn't believe that you could fall in love with someone just like that but there he is just doing it and she loves him back. It is almost as if fate had pushed them together.

They kiss his cheek. "I think that father wanted us to be together for your brief life." They rest their head on his shoulder. "I want to make your life better. More than just being wealthy, I want you to be happy too. Go ahead and pick me out anything you want me to wear and I will do it."

"Anything? Even if it is considered very revealing and not modest at all?"

"Anything you want me to wear, Duncan." He pulls himself away and for the first time since he was five he gave off a smile that looks genuine. His eyes shine like they are sapphires or a stream of running water where the light hits it just the right way. "Stay right here, hold your wedding dress and I will be right back."

Once he takes off Sophia holds the dress out to study it more carefully. Even without there really being sleeves they actually think that it looks nice. They think that made the dress must have put a lot of hard work into it.

"Sophia." It's Alexandru in front of them and behind him is Grace still crying her eyes out. Sophia notices only Alexandru though. "Come on back with me so we can ascend back up together. I was given special permission from father to take you back without a marriage. "

"No, I am not going back. I'm with him now, and I don't want to go back waiting for him again."

"Why don't you just leave! He doesn't really care about anyone other than his sister." Grace snaps at them with jealousy.

"I love him though."

"You don't even know him, bitch!" Alexandru puts his hand on her shoulder trying to calm her down, but she turns around, slugs him and knocks him on the floor.

"Alex!" Sophia cries.

His wings are sprawled out on the floor and she steps on his right wing. "You're next girly." Sophia starts to back away.

"Please get off his wing. Not only will that keep him grounded for a while, but it really hurts too."

"Oh, it hurts? Good! Then I know to do it even harder to you. Maybe I'll even rip them off. Maybe I should cut your hair off and sell it to people saying that it is real silver hair. You will die by my hands!" She backs Sophia up against a wall with their wings spread out and they are shaking. She raises her fist and starts to swing it until Duncan catches it.

"Grace Flynn, you are fired."

"What? Why? Why are you trying to protect her? We are supposed to be together. Not you and some abomination!"

"Get out of here now, or else."

He lets go and she continues the swing and then takes off leaving the outfit that she picked out and shouting, "You're going to get it for real next time!"

Sophia drops the gown and falls to the ground holding onto their face. Grace had shattered their nose.

"Oh my God!" Duncan moves the gown out of the way from the dripping blood and places all the other clothes that he picked out with it. "Sophia! Phi, it's going to be alright, I'm here for you." He takes out a handkerchief from his pocket. "Use this until we get to my sister, she's in the medical field."

The manager walks by after seeing what happened. Duncan just hands him a credit card and he takes the close and walks off. Sophia has these huge tears running down her face and all she can do is just stare at Duncan.

"Someone besides you touched me. They hurt me, and I only wanted you to hurt me, but not like that."

"I know, she won't be able to touch you again." Duncan gives them a hug for a quick second and then he pulls out his phone. By the time he starts to put in the numbers their nose has already healed, and the bleeding has stopped. "You're alright now? How?"

"I heal relatively fast at least faster than humans." Sophia cleans off their nose and then leans into him.

"Come on, let's get up and go, Phi." They both get up and Duncan places his hand around Sophia's waist again leading them to the counter where their outfits are.

"Need anything else, Mr. Banks?" The manager asks as he messes with his fingers anxiously.

"No that's it." Duncan takes the clothes off the counter and retrieves his card. As they walk out He keeps Sophia close to him so no one will try and hurt them again.


Grace heads over to Duncan's house hoping to catch their client so she can still get paid. This is the only client that he has that lets him also have sex with his girls while they happen to be doing it too, so it is always done at his house. She put her head against the door to listen.

Inside there is Justin Davey. He is a regular with Duncan and Grace. Sometimes he would give her business outside of Duncan's house. Unfortunately for Grace, she can hear Justin in the house.

"Are you sure that I can have sex with your fiancé, Mr. Banks?" Justin looks at Sophia with lust in his eyes which is typical for him when he shows up for business, but it seems even more so than usual. He knows that Duncan has a fine taste in girls, but this person looks like they could be a famous model. 

"Of course you can Mr. Davey. Right, Sophia?" He pats their head and doesn't stop looking at them.

They look over at Duncan and then at the other man. They have seen them around before while they were watching over Duncan but he didn't look as hideous. They guess that looks can't be everything. They look right back at Duncan. "Of course, Duncan. I will do whatever you want and need me to do."

Justin smiles creepily. "I see that you have found someone loyal and submissive to you. I am surprised that you haven't had her start to call you master yet."

"Do you want me to call you that, Duncan?" Sophia looks at him very curiously.

Duncan gets down to their level on the ground and strokes their cheek. "Just say my name with, master, in front of it. I want to hear how it sounds, my pet."

"Master Duncan, do you like that? It feels right to say."

"Yes, it does. You shall address me as such in private and around our clients. You should address them however they please. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master Duncan." They look over at Justin. "What would you like me to call you sir?"

He places his hand on his chin rubbing it as he thinks. Duncan has been known to let his main employee have many names by his clients, but it seems to surprise him that he would let that be his wife. "How about you just call me Daddy." He unfastens his belt and hands it to Duncan. "You know what to do if she disobeys me, or even questions why I am doing this. I know how much you love to beat your girlfriends, so I won't take that away from you."

"Why would you want him to do that to me, sir?" They questioned him and didn't address him with the appropriate name. Duncan lashes out with the belt hitting them with the metal buckle. They let out a scream and place their hands on the floor.

"Don't worry I know a whore like you actually enjoys this pain, Phi. You were upset that it wasn't me that caused you pain after all." Sophia would be lying if they said they didn't like Duncan causing them pain. It also hurts a lot because it was where their wings are. Duncan knows this too which is why he hit them there.

"I'm sorry Daddy, Master Duncan, I won't do it again."

"Now, take off your clothes."

"What, right now. Why Dad-" They get hit on their wings again and let out another scream. "Sorry, Daddy."

"You better be. I see that you still need some obedience training. Now take it off unless you want to be hit again." They quickly take off the new dress that Duncan gave her.

"Whip her. She took too long." His words sounded cruel but it is also as if he enjoys seeing them in pain. "The other wench you had would have left by now. It's like this one enjoys the pain."

Their wings are stiff and they don't know how they should react to this situation that they somehow enjoy. Duncan lashes out at them once again but this time hitting their neck. Justin undoes his pants and pulls them down. He grabs Sophia and shoves his warm cock inside of them as they let out a louder scream than before. "Look at me while I am inside of you bitch. Don't look at Mr. Banks."

"And spread your wings out is I have something to hit if you look away." Duncan towers over Sophia looking intimidating. This isn't the man that they fell in love with but they love him just as much.

"Yes, Daddy, Master Duncan." They look right at Justin as he starts to grind inside of them. Duncan gets back down on the ground.

"Ignore what I am doing and don't look away." Duncan starts to play with their wings and they start to make noise struggling to keep on looking at Justin.

Having someone inside of them and someone playing with their wings feels right and they do not understand why it does. "Daddy, you and Master Duncan feel so good."

"Mr. Banks really has found a slut."

"Just don't cum inside of her is all I ask."

"Alright, then she has to clean herself up while I watch." Justin starts thrusting himself even harder inside of them. Sophia starts to breathe heavily and then Justin takes himself out of them and unleashes everything that he has on their body. "Clean yourself up. Lick yourself clean."

"Yes, Daddy." As they start to do that Duncan and Justin start talking to each other. "So, when do you plan on marrying her Mr. Banks?"

"Tomorrow, I only invited my sister. She's the only one that I really care about besides Phi. I don't know, have you ever met someone and you just knew that they were the one?"

"Can't say that I have, Mr. Banks. However, she is something. To think that an angel would be okay with this is something else."

"She is something else. She is the most loyal person that I have ever been with."

Grace, still being able to hear everything is livid. She should be the person marrying Duncan, not some abomination that fell out of the sky. She knows where they are going to get married because it is where Duncan has always wanted to be wed. A wife to do whatever he said and that he could beat. She left him at first because she couldn't take the pain. However, she has decided that she should fix that part of him. This thing, they are ruining that for her. Why would anyone do that? Can't they see that Grace and he were meant for each other? That they are just getting in the way. "That's it, I'm going to shoot and it will be right through her heart."


The wedding ceremony is in a beautiful forest right by the edge of a cliff that overlooks a canyon. Sophia it in awe on how everything looks. They think that nothing could look more beautiful. Weddings have happened above the clouds before but they think that this is more breathtaking than anywhere else.

Julia is sitting and watching Sophia walk on down the path that is laid out for them to walk up to Duncan. She is curious about why she is the only person there because Duncan always seems close to his employees, but she assumes that he might not really care for them much. She admires Sophia's elegance as they walk up to her older brother. She doesn't get why their parents don't like him because to her he could do nothing wrong.

As they say their I dos Grace comes storming in with Alexandru following behind her trying to get her to stop.

"I told you girly, next time I was going to kill you!" Shouting at them they turn around and notice a gun pointing at them. Sophia's wings spread out getting ready to take off. At least take off above the trees then come back once she is gone.

"What are you doing, Phi? Get down." Duncan pushes them down and gets in the way of the bullet as Grace shoots. It goes right into his chest. Freaking out Grace takes off dropping her pistol.

"Duncan!" Sophia and Julia shout. They both run over to him and are both crying.

"You're going to be okay, brother. You're going to be okay." She can't help the tears rolling down her face as she brings her phone out to call an ambulance, but only to find out she has no reception out here. "That's fine I'll just have to carry you myse-"

"Julia, don't worry about me. I'll be fine."

"No, you're not Duncan! I would have been okay. Nothing that a human could do to me would kill me. Now, you are dying because of me."

Duncan reaches out to touch Sophia's face to comfort her. "I guess this is where we part. There is no way that I am going to make it to heaven. I've been nothing but bad my whole life. I've sinned so much."

"You don't decide if you ascend or not. Only my father can do that."

"I guess that I have never really told either of you this, but I love you two with all my heart. I don't think that death would ever change that. Sophia, you are the first person other than my sister that I have ever truly cared about." Duncan closes his eyes and his breathing starts to become shallow.

Alexandru walks up to them after what just happened. "I'm sorry, Sophia, I just couldn't stop her."

They turn around to look at him. "Alex, do something, please. Tell me that he will make it. I can't imagine spending an eternity without him."

"I guess love can be cruel, huh?" He places his hand on Duncan's chest. "You never did love me the same way that I love you. Father created you for me after all. I guess that things don't always go as father plans it to." His hand starts to glow. "If this human would do anything in his power to protect you out of love, then I will give him my immortality so that he will live for you, Sophia."

"But doesn't father need you up above the clouds?" They say as they watch his wings disintegrate.

"Father can always make someone else. With death will always come death as I will disappear. You two maybe stuck on earth, but at least you will have each other." He smiles looking at Sophia as the rest of his body disintegrates into ash.

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