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Please do not read this if you are under 18 or have triggers to someone being raped. I do not condone this behavior because it does not fall under safe and sane consensual sex.

Submitted: September 11, 2017

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Submitted: September 11, 2017



Amazing! I didn’t know that I could feel this way before. But if I enjoy it then why am I screaming? Why am I struggling and resisting? I live here alone so it is just me and him. So no one but him can hear me scream. No one will come to help me.

Do I really want someone to come and help me with this thing that I should not be enjoying, but I am? No, I do not. So then why do I keep on resisting and screaming?

“Stop your shouting! You know you enjoy it.” He commands as he continues to stir up my insides.

He said that he was tired of being just friends and then proceeded to strip me down to nothing. “No, I don’t!” I shout.

He slaps my ass and laughs. “Don’t lie to yourself. You’re so wet inside.”

He starts moving faster and pounding even harder that instead of screaming I start to moan. I don’t want to let him know how much I am actually enjoying it but here I am making noises that show that I do.

“See, you do like me inside of you. You’re making the noises that show that you do. Now stop trying to get away so I can keep on doing this.”

“No, I don’t enjoy this my body is reacting on its ” I tell him hoping he would stop but secretly wanting him to continue. My body eventually gives and I collapse getting used to to the rhythm that he pounds into me. I feel some type of liquid seeping out from inside me.

“Climaxing before me? Well, how about I wrap this up here and go all over your face.” He turns me around and slightly changes his rhythm and before I know it he sprays his juice all over me. “I’ll leave you here to think about this. You will admit it to me that you enjoyed this experience.”

He leaves and even though I want to ask him to stay I am silenced by the thought on what he would do if he would stay. Should I admit it to him that even though I was afraid at first that I did enjoy every part of it? That I enjoyed the feeling of someone being in control of me?

I move my finger across my face and then lick his juice off of it realizing that he has marked me as his.

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