Hell's Grace

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This story contains content that might be triggering to some people. (Rape and beatings) Please read at your own risk. This is also a sequel to Decent and Angelic fall.

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018



Grace Flynn, that is a name that Duncan thought that he would never see again. She seemed to have disappeared after she had shot him. He guesses that is what brings her here in front of him. He just stands there, dressed like a king. His new wings spread out as light reflects the gold on them. He does this to look more intimidating to her. "What are you doing? Aren't you going to bow to your king?"
"You have never addressed me so casually back on earth. What makes you think you could when I am your king?" Duncan grabs out a knife that he keeps in his back pocket. "Maybe I should just send you off to roam the earth eternally."
Grace holds her breath out of fear. It is not like she really needs to breathe anymore being dead. "I'm already dead. You can't hurt me."
"Do you want to bet?" He flips his knife around in his hand as he approaches her. "You know how I like to treat my women, imagine what it would be like for the person that killed my mortal life. The one that tried to kill my own wife the day of our wedding."
"I didn't mean to hit you, King Duncan." Grace is in a panic as she spits out those words.
"No, but you did intend to hurt Sophia." He puts his knife right up to her neck. "If you weren't already dead I would kill you myself."
"Please stop. All I wanted was to be with you. I killed myself ten years after the incident because of the guilt of killing you was just so great. All I want to do is serve you, my king."
He removes the knife from her neck. "I like to think myself a merciful, so I will give you a choice. You either get to roam the earth being a spirit in limbo, or you become a servant to everyone in the castle."
Grace is confused. They both don't sound that bad. One of them she gets to be with Duncan. "What's so bad about the second option?"
Duncan grins. "You are a slave, and do you know what happens to slaves when they mess up or deny their masters?"
She frantically thinks. She knows where this is going and she doesn't want either of the options.
Sophia walks out with grace in every footstep they take. They kiss Duncan on the cheek and wraps their arms around him. "You're taking longer than usual to make a decision on what to do. Don't we just throw murderers in the pit of fire to burn for all eternity?" They look over at her completely recognizing who she is and holds Duncan tighter.
"I'm letting her choose her punishment. She could either be our slave or she could roam the earth for eternity."
"I think she would want to be our slave. She seemed to want you so bad when she was on earth."
Grace has never felt so scared in her entire existence. She now just wants to start over with a new life. She remembers what it was like to be Duncan's slave. He enjoyed beating her until she begged him to stop. She didn't like his violent side. For some reason, this angel seemed to not care about it. "It wouldn't just be you two would it?"
"Does it matter? You get what you have always wanted. I already have what I want. And she is the most loyal person that I know." He places his hand over Sophia's hip and brings them closer to him. "What is it going to be Miss Flynn? I'll just throw you into the fire if you don't make your decision. I'm giving you sixty seconds to decide."
"Why don't you just throw her in?" Sophia asks in a hushed voice.
"I want to torture her myself. Every time she slips up I'm free to do whatever I want to her. It doesn't matter who she messes up with." Duncan replies in just as sort of a voice as Sophia.
Grace can't keep her mind straight. She wishes that she could hear what they are saying. But they are both to quiet for her.
"Ten seconds."
Great now she doesn't have much time left. "I'll be the castle's servant!" She shouts at the last second. After she speaks she suddenly regrets what she said. She should have just roamed the earth. Now, she can't take it back.
"Good decision." Duncan lets go of Sophia and walks over to Grace. He slashes her with his knife tearing apart the shirt she wore when she died. "That is for almost killing me and forcing Sophia's best friend to sacrifice himself for scum like me." He grabs her by her shirt and tosses her onto the hard cemented ground. "You will answer to every single soul in here. Including other slaves. You are beneath everyone here and if you have a problem with that, disobey anyone, or even make one small mistake, you will answer to my wrath. Got that, Flynn?"
She starts crying on the ground. She knew that Duncan got violent towards his women, especially in play. This just felt different. It felt as if he is doing it for revenge.
He puts his foot on her head. "Well Flynn, are you going to answer me? Or are you just going to stay there and take more abuse?"
"Yes King Duncan, I understand." She feels as if she doesn't even have her first name anymore. It is like Duncan has taken it away. He is no longer even addressing her as Miss Flynn anymore. Just her last name.
"Good. You will only address me as my king or my lord. Same thing for Sophia except with my queen of course. Everyone else you will address as either ma'am or sir. If they request you should throw their name in front of it. Remember, you are not above doing any request."
"Yes, my king."
"You pick up fast. Stay there while I fetch someone to get you changed into your new uniform." Duncan walks off with Sophia following behind him and in sync with him too.
Grace just watches as he stops and talks to another woman. She seems to have wings.
She flies over to Grace and picks her up off the ground. "The king must really hate you if you are a soul that came down and he is having you work for him. Did you do something to him before he became immortal?"
"Yes ma'am, I did do something." Grace is still wishing that she picked the other option. Now she has to face his wrath forever. She never did like that part of him even when it was in play.
"My name is Daniela. What do you go by?"
"Grace Flynn, ma'am." Her voice kind of trails off knowing that she won't really be called by Grace or Miss Flynn. Instead, it will always be Flynn. She looks over at Daniela and notices that she looks just as beautiful as Sophia. Do all angels look like that? All elegant like?
"Come on Flynn, call me Daniela. It won't hurt you."
She might not mind if Grace calls her that, but if Duncan were to hear her do it then she'll be in trouble. "I can't do that ma'am. The king has told me that I am not allowed to address anyone casually." Daniela seems nice, but she doesn't know how anyone else will act towards her. This must be what hell is like.

With Sophia snuggling up next to Duncan, Sophia thinks back on their friend that saved Duncan's life, and they made it so he could stay with them for eternity. They just wish that he didn't have to get dusted in the process.
"Are you thinking about him again Phi?" Duncan kisses them head to reassure them that they are okay.
"I am. He was my best friend and I miss him. When an angel dies, they are just gone. You will never be able to see them again. Father created me for him a hundred and sixty years ago. I could just never love him the way that I love you. I could never return his love in the slightest."
"You're a hundred and sixty? How old was your friend?"
"He was about fifty years older than me. He asked father if he could make someone that he could love and start a family with. Unfortunately, he never will be able to start one."
Duncan holds them close to him. He knows that they care about him and they might not have loved him, but they did care about him. "Do you want to make a little Alex of our own, Phi?"
"Are you asking me if I want to have a kid?"
"I might be, so do you?" He starts to rub their wings sending sensations through their body. "Have I ever told you how much I like your wings? They were wonderful on earth but they look so beautiful now."
He continues to play with them and Sophia grabs onto his robe that he has on. They feel like they are sinking into him as they try not to make much noise. "Master Duncan." That is all they are able to say as he torments them with his play.
"Yes, what is it my pet? Do you want a little minnie us running around our castle?"
"Yes, I do." Every word is separated by a huge breath. "Put your seed inside me, Master Duncan." They look up and kiss him under his chin. "We can have as many little us's that you desire."
"Good. We can do this all night." Duncan undoes both of their clothing and pins Sophia down on the bed. "My Queen is obedient, loyal, and beautiful. I'm sure our children will be just a regal as you."
He starts to make out with them and then Grace enters the room with a pitcher of water and a couple of glasses of wine. "I'm here to give you your nightly drinks my lords." She walks over and sets the tray down next to them.
Duncan picks up the pitcher and dumps the water all over her head. "Refill this and knock next time. Don't make me repeat myself, Flynn."
"Yes, my king." Grace wants to cry. She never thought that she would be treated like this after she died. The worst part of all this is this is her afterlife. She was beaten by a chief for the same thing, and the water makes her feel like she is burning where he hit her. She leaves the room with the empty pitcher to refill it and she shuts the door.
"Now, shall we continue, Phi?" Duncan strokes their face and runs his other hand down their body.
Sophia reaches up towards his wings and touches them the same way that he touches theirs. He falls down on top of them because he is not used to the feeling. "Guess that you are mine right now, right, Master Duncan?" They just let out a smile as they continue to touch them.
"Phi." He can only say their name. He is able to stroke their wing with his thumb. He just can't move anything else. "Oh my god, Phi." He wraps his legs around theirs. "This feels so good Phi. I need to put myself inside of you now."
Sophia stops touching them and puts their arms to their side. "Do it, Master Duncan. I'm all yours. Now and forever."
"I love it when you tell me that." Duncan picks up their hips and thrusts himself inside of them. Once he climaxes he hears a knock on the door. "Great, I wanted to continue but I guess not." He gets up and opens the door.
"Dunc- I mean, my king, I brought you some water after you and the queen finish the wine." Grace stares at Duncan practically shaking out of fear on what's going to happen next.
Duncan can see the unsteadiness of the water and he gives her a twisted grin. "Give me a blow job, Flynn." He says as he takes the water from her hands.
"But I, I didn't do anything."
"Well, you clearly want it. You walked in on me having sex with my wife and then you interrupted us with your knocking." He puts some weight on her shoulders and she follows where he puts her.
"I did what you said. Why do I have to? Why right now?"
"Are you just going to give me another reason to hurt you again by all your complaining? Or are you going to do what I said and give me that blow job?"
"But don't you have a wife that can-"
Duncan slaps her across the face. "I said to do it, Flynn. Do not test my patience."
She looks down at his junk. She never thought that she would see it again, let alone not wanting to see it. She has to do it if she wants to be okay. "Yes, my king. I will do that for you then."
"Good. Now when you are done here go around and serve everyone else's desires. Since you are a spirit now you don't need sleep. Although, it might be nice at times that is a luxury that you don't have."
His words sound so cruel to Grace. If she knew that afterlife would have been like this then she would have just endured the guilt that she had before. She doesn't remember Duncan acting so cruel to her before. He did beat her in play, which she did not like. This just feels even worse.
"Master Duncan, I heard you yelling and thought that I should help." Sophia slips their arms around him and then takes the pitcher of water and set it on the ground. They kiss his neck and he rubs their silver head lightly.
"Wrap your wings around me. I know nothing can hurt me but being sheltered in them makes me feel safe. It is relaxing."
"Of course, Master Duncan, anything your heart desires." Sophia embraces him with their wings. They make sure to leave room for Grace to do her work. "How is this? I'm shielding you from the sight that killed the mortal you. Although, I am thankful that you are now immortal like me. I love you more than anything, Master Duncan. I don't want to ever leave you, not even in our death."
"We won't die, Phi, I promise. The only person here that would want to kill us is Flynn and she can't do that on her own. I will kill anyone that dares to help her."
Sophia flinches a little bit. It doesn't sound like Duncan, but they did tell him that they never wanted to leave him. They feel that he doesn't want to leave them either. Sophia wraps their arms around him. "Good, we will never leave each other."
Duncan cums and releases his seamen out in Grace's mouth. She coughs it up and spits it out on the ground. "Make sure you clean that up, Flynn. Remember, when you are done with that you serve everyone in the castle and do whatever they want. If you don't I will find out. Let's just say that you don't want me to find out. No sleeping until everyone is helped in whatever way they want. Got it, Flynn?"
She looks up and sees Duncan towering over him and his wife's wings move elegantly. Even though those wings look elegant she knows that just like Duncan, she must be just as bad to want to stay with him. "Yes, my king, I understand."
"Good, you do well enough and I might give you the luxury of being reincarnated. That will be offered every day. But if you slip up once your going to wish you picked the other option." He shuts the door on her and leaves her in tears.
Duncan must really not like her if he is treating her this badly. He seems a lot nicer to his other servants. Then again they all said that he never called them a slave. She knows that she messed up when she shot him while aiming at his newlywed wife. She just didn't know that it would ever turn out this bad. She regrets it all, but can't take any of it back.

It's around ten a clock Hawaiian time. Julia roams the halls giving everyone their medicine. There is this one guy that she always saves for last. Not because she likes his company or wants to be with him. No, it is quite the opposite. He reminds her of how her father used to treat Duncan.
She approaches the last door cautiously not wanting to walk in. She sees him sit up through the window and he motions for her to get in. Slowly walking in she hands the old man his pills and starts to back up.
"Now where do you think you are going, Dr. Banks? Think you can get away from me that easily?"
"Sir, I have told you what you want me to do would be highly unprofessional for me to do."
"Come on now. No one will know. I'm sure that someone like you has done this many times."
Not really. She said that she was always saving herself for the right man but he never showed up. Duncan was the only man that she ever cared about but never loved him romantically. That would just be weird. She just shakes her head and starts to head out the door.
"Stop, no one has to know. Or you could drink this and stay here and talk with me a bit. It's just some pop."
She shuts the door and takes the carbonated liquid. "Well, now you have me. What do you want to talk about?"
"Tell me, what day is it today Dr. Banks?"
"Friday." She takes a swig of the drink.
"No, I mean the day of the year."
She slightly trails off. "Its Duncan's thirty-eighth birth- I mean it is the thirty first of July."
The old man places his hand down on hers. "Who is this Duncan guy? Is he your boyfriend?"
She yanks her hand out from underneath his. "No, he's my brother. He has just been missing for five years." All of a sudden she can't move her body or even say anything. The old man must have put something in the drink.
"What's wrong Dr. Banks, unable to move?" He moves up to her and starts to feel his way around her hips. "That poison didn't take long to enter your body." He starts to make out with her paralyzed body. Moving her down so no one can see her through the window. I hope you feel me release my protein in you before you die."
No, she doesn't want that. She wants to quit this job, find her brother and live with him. She's heard that his business is still thriving and he is still coming out with new books. No one knows where his location is though. He tends to be good at staying hidden when he wants to be.
She can feel the man inside of her. If she could she would be screaming for him to stop. It is her first time and it hurts. This doesn't seem right. She never thought that she would go like this. By a patient nonetheless. She shouldn't have been so trusting.
"You make me feel great I can't wait to have sex with your dead body every day until I leave here." The man leans down with himself still inside of her and makes out with her frozen body. He even slips his tongue inside her mouth. "Your body sure knows how to submit to a man."
Tears start to run down her face. She didn't ask for this, nor did she ever want this. Maybe she should have been like Duncan and follow her dreams. He had always told her that he would support her if she ever tried to do that. Even though she didn't, he still supported her anyway.

The moment he climaxes she notices that she is on top of what seems like clouds. Looking up, she can see so many stars that she could never see before on earth. They all look beautiful. She starts to walk and look around. Even though it is night Julia seems to be able to see fairly well. "Hello, is anyone here?"
An angel floats down right in front of her. "I'm sorry about what happened. That was a very unfortunate death. Come, let me take you to father."
They both walk over to a being that shines with radiance. "My child, I thought you were going to live a nice long life, Julia Banks. That's what I promised your past self. You were not supposed to be a doctor either, so I guess that things were not going out the way I planned it to. It happens sometimes."
"Sir, do you know where my brother is? I just want to be with him."
The angel looks at God and then at Julia. "We can send you there, but it is not a pleasant place. Hell is never pleasant for any spirit."
Julia is shocked. Does that mean he died? "How did Duncan get down there? He is now immortal. He can't die."
"He killed what humans call the devil or Satan, which surprised us because only an angel can kill another angel. However, that would explain what happened to Alexandru."
"He did what? How?"
"Why don't you ask him? If you want to go down there that is." God speaks and creates a portal for Julia to walk through. She nods her head, thanks him and walks through.
On the other side, she looks up and sees a sun. The sky doesn't look blue but it looks blood red. She looks around and sees that she is in a yard with a bunch of flowers in it and people working in the yard. The next thing she notices is that there is a big castle right behind her.
Walking out of the doors is someone that looks familiar to her. "Welcome how many I help- Oh, it's you." Grace sounds displeased that Julia is there.
"Miss Flynn, go get Duncan for me. I want to be with my brother."
She scoffs at that request. "You don't live here, so I don't have to follow your ord-"
Just then a firm hand gets placed on her shoulder and she knows she is in trouble. "What was that Flynn? Denying someone's orders? You are not above anyone to be able to do that." Duncan puts more pressure on her should forcing her to get on her knees. "Stay there Flynn."
"Yes, my king." Grace puts her head down knowing that whatever happens when he is done with his sister is not going to be pleasant. She already got punished for doing what Daniela wanted her to do, which is falling asleep next to her.
"Big brother, I've missed you!" Julia runs up to him and hugs him tightly.
"How did you die, Julia? You are still pretty young for that to happen." Duncan runs his hand through her black curls as a way to pet her.
"I was killed by someone who raped me. He poisoned me and paralyzed my body so I couldn't resist him. I felt him inside of me the whole time and I couldn't scream."
Duncan puts his head on hers and holds her close to him. "I'll make sure that won't happen to you here. You are my sister and the only family that I have ever loved and cared about." He pats her head some more. "Go ahead inside. I'll find you in a minute."
She nods and takes off.
Duncan watches her disappear into the castle. Then walks up to Grace. "So, what makes you think that you are allowed to tell my sister no?"
"I didn't think she was going to be living here, my king."
"You didn't think that?" He grabs her hair and pulls her up. "You thought that I wasn't going to have my sister live with me?" He throws her on the ground and kicks her stomach. "Of course she does. She is the only real family that I have besides my wife."
"I'm sorry, my king."
He picks her up by her uniform. "Sorry, doesn't cut it, Flynn." He tosses her back on the ground. "Get back to work. Don't mess up again today or else next time it will be worse. Oh and come into my room tonight. I need you for something since my wife is going to be out." Duncan walks in to find his sister leaving Grace on the ground.
Duncan sees his sister in the dining room talking with Sophia. It is time to eat, isn't it? He thinks to himself sitting down next to his wife.
"I thought that you were with Flynn, Master Duncan." Sophia looks at him and gently rubs his wing.
"I was but being with my precious sister is more important than our slave's punishment." He kisses their cheek.
"You have her as a slave? I thought that you didn't like her because she tried to kill Sophia."
"You're right, I don't like her. She doesn't like any form of punishment, so she has to be perfect or else she has to face my wrath."
"What if I mess up? Will the same thing happen to me?" Julia starts to panic some. It's only reasonable, she was treated poorly by their father.
Duncan looks at her slightly confused. "I would never hurt the only family of blood that I have. I never hurt you on earth. In fact, I endured as much from father as I could to protect you. That is until mother kicked me out of the house. Besides, I only treat Flynn like that."
It relieves her that her brother wouldn't hurt her. It does make her feel slightly bad for Grace though. She moves to sit down next to him on his other side and he places an arm over her shoulder as well as Sophia's.
"You know I love you both more than everything."
"I love you too, Master Duncan."
Julia is at a loss of what to say and do. Duncan has never touched her in any way before. She knew that he loved her, he has just never said it before. All she can do is wrap her arms around him and he holds her close. It feels like the protective way he holds Sophia.
"I won't leave you again Julia. I promise. You are, have, and will always be my little sister."
She closes her eyes as she grabs onto him. "I knew that you would always be successful, no matter what mom and dad said. You helped me with a place to live when I was in college; you paid for it too. You wanted me to follow my dreams; although, I never had the courage to disobey our parents like you did. Even though I didn't do it you still supported me. You moved with me back to Hawaii when I got a job offer there even though you kept the other house. I wish that our parents made me feel as loved as you made me feel. I wish that I found out that they weren't really family like you did."
Duncan rubs her back to comfort her. "Its okay, you're with your real family now. Nothing will ever change that."

Duncan is sitting in his room late at night working on some writing that he can publish back on earth. He knows that his employees are doing well, so he doesn't have to worry about that. Sophia is on earth satisfying Justin Davey. He loves her more out of all his other girls and he doesn't blame him.
Duncan hears a knock on the door. "Come in, Flynn."
She slowly opens up the door and sees him half naked just laying down on the bed that he and Sophia sleep on. "My lord, you wanted me for something?"
He looks right at Grace and puts his work down as he sits up. "Yes, as you know my wife isn't here right now and I need someone to pleasure me. I would wait until she comes back, but she is not going to be here until noon tomorrow."
"I didn't think you wanted me like that Dunc- my king." Grace slowly walks over to him and gets down on her hands and knees knowing that is where he is going to put her.
"No, when we are in play you will address me as Master. You may use my name in front of it or any form of it as long as it isn't disrespectful. You do that and I might even use your first name. Got that?"
"Yes, my master, Duncan." She puts her head down on the floor. His name and master are much easier for her to say then my king or my lord. It reminds her of the time back on earth when they used to mess around with each other. He said it was only on business, but it still hurts.
He gets off the bed and picks her up by her shirt's collar. He brings her in and starts to make out with her and she does it back. "Good girl Grace. You get to be with me, just like you always wanted." He goes back into kissing her but this time he sticks his tongue in her mouth and she does the same. He might not love her but he enjoys toying with her emotions. He tosses her on the bed and gets on top of her spreading out his wings. "Touch them Grace. Make me feel good."
She touches them and the moment she starts to run her hand across one he falls on top of her. "Did I do it wrong, Master?" She retracts her hand a bit.
"No, no. Don't stop."
He moves his hands to her face, but to her surprise, it wasn't to hit her. He just keeps on making noise that sound sexual in nature. She doesn't think that just the smallest touch on something would make him helpless. "I wouldn't mind serving you Master if things were like this."
Something clicks in Duncan's head. Maybe he isn't really as mad at her as he thought he was. She didn't end up killing him after all. If it wasn't for her, he wouldn't be able to be with Sophia forever. He wouldn't have been able to slay Lucifer. "Grace, I'm sorry." He moves her head over to his direction and he kisses her lips for a brief second.
"What? Why, Master? You have never apologized for anything." Grace doesn't get it but she feels that if rubbing his wings is making him this nice then she is not going to stop.
"My family and I are the only ones that you should truly serve. You will still have to serve everyone else but punishment for not succeeding won't be as harsh."
"Duncan, my master. I still love you and I don't want to stop. I just don't like how I've been treated. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying their time here, but you were showing me that hell is worse than what the bible said it was, Master."
"It was that bad when Lucifer ran it, Grace. Everyone was treated the way that I treat you now. Unfortunately, I can't say that I love you back, but my possessions are just that. You know how possessive I can get over my girls, don't you?" He gets up and has her lick his shaft. "You are my possession for all eternity. You are never allowed to reincarnate."
"Yes, Master Duncan. I will serve you well." She puts her mouth on his thing and starts sucking.
"Good girl." Once he climaxes he blindfolds her and takes out a cane. "Just tell me to stop when you can't take it anymore, Grace Flynn."
He used her full name. It surprised her that he did that. Never once had he ever done that, not even on earth. Maybe she can endure a few hits while Duncan beats her. He did this when they were dating for that brief time but she wouldn't let him do this. She begged him not to but did it anyway. Maybe this is just something that she would have never been able to get him out of.
"Say my name, Grace Flynn." He sounds so demanding as he slaps his hand with the cane.
"Duncan Banks." She forgot to add his title.
He lets out a slap on her back. "You forgot something important pet."
She's no longer Flynn, she is just pet. "I meant Master Duncan Banks."
"Good girl." He hits her again just not as hard this time. Although it feels as hard to her.
She lets out a scream.
"Who owns you Grace? Tell me. I demand it." He hits her again as he is circling her.
"You do, Master Duncan."
"Good." He hits her again this time on her chest.
He keeps on hitting her as he is asking her simple question and she is just taking it, not asking him to stop. She is starting to crave it, even more, each time he hits her. "Hit me harder, Master."
"You want me to hit you harder Grace?"
"Yes, Master. Hit me harder."
He doesn't know what changed in her to want a beating. He looks at her body that is red all over from the number of times he has hit her. "Okay, this is the last one." He is not going to give her what she wants but he knows that mentally it will seem like it is harder if she believes that it is. That is what is great about the blindfold.
He's walking around deciding where to hit her. Once he decides and does it she lets out a loud scream. "That hurt, Grace Flynn, my pet?"
"Yes, Master. It did."
"Did you like it, Miss Flynn?"
She wasn't expecting to hear him address her the way he would back on earth. Putting her as an equal. "Yes, I did Master."
Duncan takes off her blindfold and carries her to the bed laying her down on her side. He lays down next to her and places his wing over her. "Go to sleep Grace. It has been a long day for you."
"I don't want to sleep. I'm with the old you, Master." Grace gently touches the side of his face.
"I will still be here Grace. I'm not leaving you until Sophia comes back." Maybe his feeling for her is starting to come back. He still loves Sophia and that will never change. In a way he does love all of his girls. He just never told a single one because they all left him for the same reason. "Good night Grace." He pulls her in and closes his eyes.
She looks up and sees his wing over her. She reaches up and strokes it and Duncan pulls her in closer. "Careful, I might start playing with you again. You need to clear your mind of everything that has happened the past few days. Wake up with a clear head."
"Okay Master Duncan, I will. Please don't go back to treating me the way you have been the past few days."
"If I was going to, you would be on the floor right now."
"Promise Master. I don't want to be abused by you again."
"I promise Grace Flynn. Now, just go to sleep. I want to play with you some more in the morning. Or at least have you play with my wings. I'll make sure you get to enjoy something too."

Sophia arrives back early. It was earlier than what she planned on. No one in the castle is even awake yet. They do find it odd that Grace isn't around trying to clean up every little speck of dust. She ignores that fact and starts walking to their room. Justin had kept her busy all night. She was feeling mentally exhausted. He did let her sleep with him but the moment he woke up it was time for him to play again.
They open up the door slowly and notice Duncan sleeping in the bed holding onto someone. They walk over and lift up his wing and sees Grace sleeping next to him.
That explains why she is not cleaning. They think to themself. They don't really care that she is there or the fact that Duncan is sleeping with her. Humans have a tendency to like multiple people. Some angels do as well. She flies over them and lays down on Duncan's other side. She strokes his wing that is on top of Grace.
He wakes up and notices that she is still sleeping. He turns around and sees Sophia laying next to them. He smiles at them. "Morning Phi."
They grab his arm. "Morning Master Duncan. Did you sleep well?" They all of a sudden don't feel like they need to sleep.
"You saw her didn't you?"
She nods. "You might be an angel, but by birth, you are a human. That is pretty normal. If you want to have multiple girls with you then I will still stay with you throughout it all." She kisses his shoulder since they are not laying down close enough to his face.
"Your not mad, Phi?"
"Not at all. As long as I get to be with you I could never be mad."
Grace wakes up hearing the talking. She notices Sophia, bows down and starts to leave.
"Where do you think you're going pet? I didn't tell you that you could leave." Duncan gets up and places his hand on her shoulder. "I own you both so I decide when you two leave."
"Yes, Master. I'm sorry for thinking that you wanted me to go when you didn't tell me."
He picks her up and kisses her lips. Then he puts her down gently. "Don't ever think that just because my wife is in the room that I want you to leave. My possessions stay close by me at all times." He runs his fingers through her hair.
"Okay, Master Duncan. I won't leave you. Not ever."
She leans into him and he wraps his arms around her. Sophia walks over and places her chin on his shoulder. "No matter how many possessions you have. I will always stay with the man that love."


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