A Slave Girl

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A poem about a young girl during the slave days of America.

Submitted: May 31, 2015

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Submitted: May 31, 2015



Waking in the early morning

From the sun in the window

The birds “chirp chirp”

Getting dressed as my eyes are still sleeping

My family whisper and mummer with the younglings

I chase around my little brother giggling

To be scolded by my ma

My stomach is growling as I walk to breakfast late

The sweet smell of peas and cornmeal

Heading to the fields as early as I can

Yet, nothing is early enough

So I am yelled at once again


“Way down south where I was born

Roll the cotton down

I worked in the cotton and the corn

Oh, roll the cotton down”


The sun as hot as an oven

Sweating salt in the fields

The smell of cotton and tobacco lingering in the air

I sing with all my might

Listening for the caller’s next move

Cleaning clothes in the muddy river

I sew a blanket on the porch

Being yelled at for doing it wrong time and time again

I try again still frustrated

I have the urge to yell “No more!”

To be yelled at once more

Tears now stream down my face



“When I was young and in my prime

Roll the cotton down

I’d thought I’d go and join the line

Oh, roll the cotton down”


Finally am done and now on to cleaning

This room is messier than my master left it yesterday

The stench is quite revolting

Clean and clean and I am still not done

Till the kitchen is cleaned no dinner is started

Its past dark and I’m still in the kitchen

Finally done hours of pitch darkness already gone in rage

Dishes I clean into the middle of the night

Getting to bed a few hours before sunrise

Waking again in the early morning

Sun in my window

To start the day all over again


“And for a sailor caught a shine

Roll the cotton down

I joined on the ship of the Black Ball Line

Oh, roll the cotton down”



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An online book that spoke of work songs and the beginning of jazz music


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