Franny Fomage

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
A geek talks to a girl on a webcam.

Submitted: June 08, 2011

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Submitted: June 08, 2011



Webcam Girl:  Hey! What’s your name my love?

Franny:  Hi there! My name is Fran, but my classmates call me Franny. My mom says that it is not the appropriate name for a guy, but to me it sounds kinda cool and I love it. No, I am not a g .. ga .. g [stumbles and mumbles], oh, you know somebody who likes guys.

Webcam Girl:  Haha … I know what you mean. Cutie, tell me more about yourself! What are you in to? MMF, FFM, CD, DP, DT, SM or toys?

Franny: Humm … that is a tough one. I don’t know where to start. Well .. I have many interests.

Webcam Girl: Ohhhh, god! I love you already!

Franny: I collect stamps and I like math .. and physics.

Webcam Girl: Ugh you dirty boy!  You turn me on .. don’t stop, please. Tell me more!

Franny: My mom bought me the stamp of the D-day battle from the 1920s. There are only 10 left in the whole world and there is one in my collection.

Webcam Girl: Oh, Boy! I love the things you do with your tongue. You can stamp me at any time.

Franny: Every night before I go to sleep I gently touch it. I can feel its rough edges and texture through the skin of my fingertips.

Webcam Girl: Uhh, yeah  .. you recalcitrant slave master!

Franny: She is the embodiment of perfection, she makes me horny.

Webcam Girl: Bad, bad boy! You deserve a punishment!

Franny: Oh, god! No, I didn’t mean that. Horny, you know? Like excited .. when the excess amount of blood pumps into the certain parts of the body!

Webcam Girl:  I want to pull your pants down and whip your butt cheeks so hard that both of them become red.

Franny: No, god! I didn’t mean that. Holy smokes!

Webcam Girl:  Too late my son. Mama anticipates some pain for you.

Franny: No, please, no! I’m better than that! Here in Placentia, Newfoundland, everybody knows it! My mom can confirm that too.

Webcam Girl:  I’m fed up with your excuses. You behaved badly and you deserve a penalty. Pull your pants down, now!

Franny: God, I don’t want to cry again. No, I’m not a loser. Bob Silverballs was wrong!

Webcam Girl:  Huh, baby! Silverballs? Jeez, it feels like my lips will be busy for a while!

Franny: No ..  please, don’t tell him anything. If he sees me crying the whole school will know.

Webcam Girl:  Unruly boys is my specialty, I make them cry.

Franny: [turns away from the webcam and whispers] Franny, remember what your mom says: be strong!

Webcam Girl:  Right on! Now, stand up, pull them down and move closer. Mama’s whip is ready to leave some scars.

Franny: [blows his nose] Just a sec! I will wipe my glasses. I can’t see a thing through them anymore. [wipes his glasses]

Webcam Girl:  I am on the same page with you. You must see the face of your faith clearly.

Franny: [puts glasses on and turns to the girl] Thank you miss for your patience.

Webcam Girl:  Spank you my son! Do you want to see my twins?

Franny: I didn’t know that you have twins!

Webcam Girl:  Oh, well! You can call them as you want – two old bags, socks or whatever, but mine are special. Firm, big and pointy! Look at them! [pulls her naked breasts out of the blouse and moves them straight into the webcam]

[door opens and Franny’s mother enters his room]

Franny’s Mother: Sweetie, I brought you apples. Your skin is pale, you need some vitamins. Sweet Jesus! [she sees the naked breasts on the screen] What is that????

Franny: [mumbles and stumbles] T.. w.. i.. n.. s..

Franny’s Mother: Son, at least you are on the right path!

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