Escape From the Lab

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Escape From the Lab is a short allegory for Alcatraz prison escape

Submitted: April 27, 2015

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Submitted: April 27, 2015




Escape From the Lab

There once was a laboratory, full of animals.  It was a dark and unhappy place.  A lot of experiments were done at this laboratory, terrible experiments.  Some animals got burning chemicals put into their eyes.  Some animals were poked with needles again and again.  Some animals had to eat strange things, and they often felt horrible afterwards.  The animals heard rumours that the experiments were for scientific purposes but they didn't know any other details.  All they knew was that they wanted to escape.

Some of the animals maybe deserved to be there.  For example, the Anglin brothers, a pair of raccoon brothers, were always looking for trouble.  They used to live in the suburbs of the big city and they loved to attack the dogs, cats, and anyone else in their neighbourhood.  After many dog and cat owners complained to the police, the Anglin brothers were eventually found, caught, and sent to the lab.

Then there is Frank the Weasel.  He wasn't as rough and tough as the raccoon brothers but he was also a trouble-maker.  He was always stealing food from people's garbage cans, back yards, and even from the houses.  Again, people complained and Frank was also caught and sent to the lab.

There is one more animal in our story.  Allen the Sloth was trapped in the laboratory with the other animals, but he was much gentler than any of them.  No one even knew why Allen got caught and put in the lab.  He mostly kept to himself and did not bother the other animals.

The brothers were kept in one cage together.  It was made from hard steel and it was locked, of course.  Next to the cage, was another one just like it, and this one had Frank and Allen in it.  Frank and Allen were not brothers and they weren't friends either.  They were the only weasel and the only sloth in the place, so they shared a cage.

The Anglin brothers were a couple of bad raccoons, and they were also very impatient raccoons.  As soon as they started living at the lab, they were looking for a way to escape.  Frank the Weasel, who was always thinking of sneaky plans, heard the brothers and immediately joined the conversation.

"So," said the weasel, "looking for a way to escape, guys?"

"Of course we are!" snarled both brothers.  "We hate cages!"

"Well, I think I have the perfect opportunity for us three!"  The weasel then told the Anglins about a place in the wall of the laboratory.  This place was behind one of the desks that the scientists sometimes sat at.  Here, there was a crack in the old wall.  Behind the crack, the inner part of the wall was pretty soft.  With some work, a tunnel could be dug right out of the lab!

"I've had the idea for weeks," said Frank, "but I can't dig the tunnel alone.  I've been waiting for a couple of partners who can help me.  We will need to dig for at least a month, each night, but the three of us can do it if we work together."

"We'll do whatever needs to be done!" said the raccoons, confidently.

"What about me?" said a sleepy voice.  It was Allen the sloth.  He had heard every word the other three animals said but he was too afraid to speak until now.

"Oh… yeah.  You," said the weasel unhappily.  "Um, yeah.  You can join us too… but you better not slow us down!"

"I won't!  I won't!" cried the sloth.  "I can dig really good, you know!  I will help and we can all get out of this terrible place!"

The other three animals did not look happy to include Allen in their plan, but they couldn't see how they could exclude him.  So the four animals got to work.  The weasel told them that all the digging work had to be done at night, when the scientists were away.  The weasel also knew how to keep their cages unlocked.  He told the other three animals that when a scientist opens a cage to feed them, the animal had to slip a tiny wood chip from the cage into the edge of the cage door.  When the scientist closed the door, it wouldn't close and lock properly.  After the scientists left each night, the four animals were able to simply push their cage doors open.

So, each night, the four animals continued to work on their tunnels.  The raccoons were the strongest of the four so they helped a lot with the work.  The weasel was very sneaky so he usually watched for any guards or other problems.  And the sloth was very good at digging, just like he said he was.  After over a month of secret digging, it was time to make the escape happen.

The animals decided to escape on a Friday night.  Frank told everyone to extra sure their cages didn't get locked.  They were all supposed to pretend to sleep until midnight.  After that, the plan was simple to wake up together and quietly escape into the night.  This was the plan but there was another secret plan, too.

The scientists were now gone for the night.  The lab was dark.  It was only 11 o'clock but Frank was already up.  The raccoons were sleeping lightly.  Allen, as many sloths do, was sleeping deeply.  Frank, silently and sneakily, opened his (and Allen's) cage door.  He did not wake Allen and went to the brothers' cage.

"Psst!  It's me!" whispered the weasel in the raccoons' ears.  "It's time to go!"

"What time is it?  Where is Allen?" asked the brothers.

"Shh!" said the weasel harshly.  "You'll wake him up.  Listen, do you guys know how slow sloths are?  After we get out of the tunnel, we're gonna have to run!  Do you think Allen can run?  No way!  We have to leave him behind."

"Yeah.  Makes sense," said the raccoons.  They were mean raccoons and they didn't care about Allen and they didn't care about anyone else either.

"Then let's go!"

The three animals silently left the cage and went to the tunnel.  The dark tunnels was completely finished except for the wall at the end.  The raccoons and the weasel got to the wall.  Using their combined strength, they pushed a hole through the wall.  What they saw outside shocked them.  They were hundreds of metres in the air!  The lab was high up in a very tall building looking over the sea.

"Wow! I had no idea we were up this high!" cried the weasel.

"Hmm.  Well, it doesn't matter," said one of the Anglins.  "We raccoons are good at climbing.  Aren't you weasels good at it, too?"

"Yeah, I guess," said the surprised weasel.  "Let’s go."

The three animals started the long climb down.

Meanwhile, Allen was just waking up.  Frank and the raccoons were gone.  "Where are they?" cried Allen.  He went to his cage door.  It was locked!  "Why did they leave me?  I was always honest with them!  Why?!"  The poor sloth sat down and cried all night.

The next morning, there was a dead raccoon on the street at the bottom of the tall building.  People on the street were surprised to see the dead wild animal in the big city.  Where did it come from?  Rumours started and the rumours grew and spread around town.  It turns out that the laboratory was a secret one.  The experiments being done in the lab were not legal ones.  More and more, the public became angry about the situation and the government shut the lab down.

And what happened to Allen?  The poor sloth became a lucky sloth.  After the lab was closed down, Allen was moved to a huge national park somewhere in South America.  He was able to meet other sloths and make some real friends.  As for the missing raccoon and weasel, no one knows what happened to them.  They may have fallen into the sea.  They may have escaped to somewhere far way.  No one knows.  What Allen knows is he is happy to be out of the lab forever..  


© Copyright 2018 Nawaf Alsaleh. All rights reserved.

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