Love at first sight (a twisted tale of love)

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The story of a man, Joshua, who moves form girl to girl in his nasty quest for love... will he ever find his true love?

Submitted: June 03, 2009

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Submitted: June 03, 2009



Eventually a long arm emerged from under the blanket and a palm dropped on to the top of the clock and the awful din subsided. Naina really wanted Joshua to do so.
Joshua hurried down to his car and shrieked out in excitement for Naina to join him. “Hey it’s A. R. Rehamn, your favorite!” Joshua informed Naina.
“Oh! So sweet of you honey, but I have to get Arnold ready.” And she returned upstairs. Joshua called up the time they met in the metro. It was late in the night when Naina was returning from Andheri west and was drunk. Most Indian chicks avoid drinking but when they do, they beat hollow the Europeans! Joshua eloped with Rosemary from his native land to India. But soon they got divorced and started living on their own. Naina was not one of those typical Indian girls, who were not allowed any night-outs rather Naina’s mother advised her not to step out in the sun to avoid early aging! Naina, unable to board, remained in the platform while Joshua, who had been to the metro to drop one of his friends, was waving frantically to him. The train left, leaving behind the two souls alone on the platform. Joshua turned to look at the girl standing next to him, tipsy but teetotal yet! Her beauty was so enchanting, refined, eloquent and divine. Her face was sweet and her eyes so hypnotizing. Her skin was white delicate and smooth. She was a figure so feminine, pleasing and delightful, needless to mention Joshua fell in love with her at the very first sight! Joshua, no lesser, would have been a delicacy for the eyes of any young lady, looking for something more permanent. Joshua smiled and held her as she was about to drop! She returned it. According to Naina, Joshua had the warmest pair of eyes and the kindest smile. She too fell in love with him at the first sight. Since then this European never left India. 
“Joshua, Arnold’s ready and I am too!”“Hello…! Hey Joshua! What are you dreaming of honey? Let’s go!” Naina placed Arnold with great care at the back seat with his pram and sat beside Joshua. “What’s going on?” she asked again. “Oh! Nothing sweetheart…just…just thinking about the night we met at the metro…it was the first time I fell in love with someone.” Joshua said. “Oh! Really! And what about Rosemary?” “Yes, undoubtedly I loved that slut…but no more…and of course not as much as I love you! You know, she besmirched my irrefutable trust. She was in and out… of almost all the bedrooms in Europe!” Joshua was very fuming at this point. His eyes were matching the color of his red BMW Z4 coupe`. Somehow, gathering enough fervor Nania said “And what about your Naina?” “Oh she’s just freaking awesome!” Joshua said and started laughing hysterically, managing to bring Naina at ease. “No, I mean it! Do you love me?” “Of course sweetheart…the day I met you…I met an angel! I am completely besotted with you!” Joshua gave a brief cuddle and kneaded her back, always guaranteed to elicit a smile. “Okay now, concentrate on your driving sweetie.” Joshua, trying to flaunt his dexterity at driving, speeded up but that only managed to yield a scream from Naina and he ended up slowing down again.
They were heading towards Pune, as Joshua had some official errand to tackle. “How much time will it take?” inquired Naina. “Well, whenever you want it to be.” said Joshua. “Are you nuts? When will you learn to take your wife seriously? I guess never, right? Anyway, I need a book…let’s issue it from the CTIC Bandera Library…otherwise I’ll be bored sitting there for hours.”
“Good morning! Mr. Thompson. May I help you?” said the librarian. Joshua Thompson was his full name. “Nope, I just need a book for my wife, I’ll manage it…thank you!” Joshua, straight went to the aisle where books for women were shelved. He picked up ‘Emily’ by B. J. Carter for his picky wife, thinking that, obviously she wouldn’t have made any better choice. Placing the book circumspectly on the librarian’s desk he went to check out the latest issues. While Naina waited desperately for her husband’s return, inside the car.
“Excuse me…!”Joshua said to a white faced woman, trying to be friendly. “Hi! I am Rachel…here on my business trip.” She said in a voice sexy enough to captivate Joshua’s flickering attention. She was not as attractive as Naina but was obviously more in shape than her, as Naina seemed to have gained a few extra pounds after Arnold’s birth. But she was sexy, really, her auburn hair…soft green eyes…were sensuous enough to browbeat any married man to have an extra marital affair. They were lost in each other when Naina was forced to get inside and drag Joshua from his sleeves to the car.
“Honey…your book…its inside!”
“No I don’t need it anymore…I asked you to get a book for me, not a new girlfriend for yourself!”
“Honey…we just met…I don’t even know her.”
“That’s what I am worried about…too often you start talking to women you don’t even know…and then you try to know them…then we have a bad-mouthing and I make off to mom…and the story keeps on repeating!”
“Oh! Jesus! I love you the most and I would never leave you!”
“Just shut your kisser up and get into the car you’re getting late…otherwise that awkward cunt would come here searching for you…and ask you your phone number…and I know…you’re too sissy to deny a hot woman.”
Joshua drove in silence for an hour until Naina said with tears in her eyes “Joshua…I love you honey…and I am very possessive when it comes to you…I can’t stand you and any other fucking woman of the oldest profession together! I just can’t and I know that’s my weakness.” Joshua said nothing but they both kissed each other. Joshua felt guilty about the exchange of phone numbers and mild pecks with Rachel but in life, which is so long, a little distraction doesn’t seem to make any difference.
It was night when they returned home…everyone was dead tired. That night there was no activity after lights out in the Thompson’s residence.
Joshua worked as a sales executive for ‘The Reliance’, a job offering sound remuneration but lucky fellow, Joshua, got the job…because he hailed from a foreign land, without showing any serious skills.
He phoned Rachel from his office. “Hello Rachel, its Joshua Thompson.” He said wondering if she remembered.
“Hey, what a pleasant surprise…baby!” said Rachel. ‘Baby’ was a sort of overstatement and a bit too good a start for Joshua.
“You wouldn’t be free for luncheon on the Thursday by any chance?”
“Let me check my diary.” Joshua could hear her flip pages over the phone and he thought how lucky those pages were to be fondled by her delicate fingers.
“Yup, that seems to be fine.”
“Fantastic. Shall I pick you around one?”
“Okay then, I’ll look forward to see you honey, goodbye.”
“Goodbye and have a great day!” and they both hung up.
“How was the day at office honey?”
“Fine…sweetheart.” Joshua said kissing Naina’s forehead. “Dinner’s ready? I am famished!”
“Lot of work load?”
“Yes…a bit tiring.”
“C’mon Arnold lets go down…honey…your dad’s home.” And she came down with Arnold. And they had their dinner peacefully.
“Hey…Naina…come here fast…he calls me ‘da…da’”
“Oh! Arnold repeat it…baby…say ‘ma…ma’” “Really…Joshua, I heard him stammering words…when you were not at home!”
“Just one more month Naina…I bet he’ll win a gold in the national declamation!” and everybody laughed (including Arnold).
“Goodnight Naina and Arnold goodnight baby!”
“You heard what he said honey? I told you he stammers out words!”
“Oh we love you Arnold!” they both said in unison.
“Sam got to leave early dude!”
“Whoops! You keep off…I’ll manage!” Sam said to Joshua, hustling him out, as Joshua spilt the coffee on him with excitement.
“Got some serious…homework?”
“Almost dead-serious”
“Better luck!” Sam said, as if he figured out Joshua’s two-timing with Naina.
Joshua drove straight to Hotel Taj. “May I help you sir?” asked the receptionist.
“Well…Rachel, Rachel Simpson. Room 307, here on a business trip from Austria”
“Your personal details…sir. I am sorry but that’s what we are supposed to do. Fill in here.” The receptionist said pointing towards a bulky guest book with numerous columns.
“No…I am not bothered…I know it’s important for security.”
Moments later, Rachel Simpson and Joshua Thompson were coming down from the fifth floor in the elevator. Rachel, kissed Joshua on his cheek but Joshua withdrew. “Hey! It can be seen form there…and moreover I am a married man!” “Oh! really? then what is a married man doing with another woman, away from his wife…two-timing, I guess?” and they both started laughing wildly over Rachel’s statement. Taunting but unvarnished!
They got into Joshua’s car. “Nice car! I am impressed.”
“Thank you!”
“No formalities please! Whose choice? Naina?”
“No way, she can’t afford to have a good taste ever on earth! You know what she chose? That fucking ‘Honda Civic’”
“C’mon…I must interrupt…and I disagree with you…she has a great taste she chose you…and you’re mind-blowing!”
After a moment’s silence, Joshua chose to take the initiative. “Who’s your choice?”
“Well I must confess I have a choice as good as Naina’s.”
A heart broke! “Who’s that lucky man?”
“Well, it’s you!” and they started laughing yet another time.
“How about a movie?” Joshua asked Rachel trying to be more cuddly and convivial.
“Which one?”
“Who’s bothered? I just need to spend sometime with you…anyone!” Joshua was flattered.
After the movie which was a classic bore, they were traceless about what they should do next. It was around six in the evening, time for sunset. And Joshua knew there was no place a cut above than ‘Juhu Beach’ in Mumbai, which may turn out to be a superior possibility.
“How about beach?” Joshua asked Rachel almost getting over on her.
They reached there and were mesmerized by the beauty of the setting sun.
“Would you like to have ‘Puchka’?”
“What the fuck is that?”
“Well, that’s really very zesty…tangy…mouth-watering, toothsome …un… and … and mind-blowing!”
“Ha that’s temptation enough!”
“My wife’s favorite!”
“That hurts!”
“Nope…not at all…it just has got few facetious names…like…like… ‘Panipuri’, ‘Golgappa’ and that’s it!”
“No honey I am not talking about that.”
“Then what else?”
“The fact that you’ve got a wife…she loves you and you love her…it hurts me.”
“No, that’s not true! I mean, it’s not an easy going relationship…we have more sufferings than you would ever know…she’s not what she feigns she is…I don’t trust her…anymore. The day I met you, I met an angel. I fell in love with you at the very first sight! And of course I am ready to ditch her!”
“Same with me honey. The day I met you in the library, I was in love with you…Since then…each moment you have been on my mind. I was just not able to figure out the right words to let you know what I feel for you, to speak my heart out. You know when the heart is overflowing, you just can’t explain! But deep down inside I’ve always felt the same warmth in your eyes…and I knew I was in safe hands. All a woman needs is security and love, and with you I feel each moment more and more secure! I love you!” Warmest pair of eyes, the only thing Naina was able to figure out correctly about Joshua.
“I love you too! But got to go…we’re getting late…it’s ten!”
“Everything okay?”
“Yes…what’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong? Every fucking thing is wrong! Look at the time you’re in. I was trying to call you since three in the noon…it said you’re cell phone was switched off…I called Sam…first he said you were too busy to talk to me…then at around five in the evening…he told you’ve left early! I’ve been waiting here at the door…for you…and here you’re arriving at around ten! And the worst part is Pinky told me you were kissing that slut at ‘Juhu Beach’. She saw you while she went jogging with her mother-in-law!”
“You told Pinky about me and Rachel!” Joshua said, showing a seething red face.
“Oh I see that brothel born is named Rachel!”
“Mind your tongue!” slap…slap.
“Joshua…You slapped me for that stupid cunt! I loved you…and I thought you loved me…but I was wrong!”
“Yes…to your amusement you were wrong! And just stop bad-mouthing her! I expected you to give me a chance to explain…what exactly is going on.”
“Explain! What would you have explained, Joshua? I wonder! Your blooming relationship with her, I guess?”
“I need some rest…I am tired!”
“Don’t cut the topic…Joshua.”
“Do what you want to do…I am going to bed.”
Joshua went to sleep while Naina stood sobbing near the door till the sun rose above the horizon the next morning. She really loved him.
For a week or so they didn’t talk, trying to avoid each other as much as conceivable. But that fine morning Naina had had enough of it. “Enough! Joshua…honey I’ve pardoned you…we just can’t get over each other…I love you still…it hurts me when you avoid me…let’s sort it out.”
“So you think you’re obliging me? Am I right?”
“When did I say that?”
“Then what the fuck do you mean by…you’ve pardoned me and you still love me?” “I don’t care even if you don’t love me! Just go to hell!”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Listen…let’s really…really…talk it out. I…I…I need divorce.”
“What!” she froze where she stood, she was numb for a while…and then she…started sniveling…Joshua made a futile attempt to calm her…but she cried on and on.
“Listen Naina…there’s no reason to ham it up! I just want you to sign the documents…and that’s all…I don’t need Arnold, you may keep him!” “Hey say something…just stop…just stop being so…so nincompoop.”
“Do you think Joshua I am being really dimwit? I mean…this is not a matter of joke…just stop fooling around!”
“I need divorce…and I am serious.”
“No! Honey no! You shouldn’t have married me baby. What will I do after you’re gone? Think about…think about Arnold…don’t you love him? What’s his fault; he’s just such a little baby! And moreover I am expectant! May be you just care two hoots about me…or our Arnold…but for the sake of the baby I am carrying…I implore you…don’t leave us sweetie! Arnold needs you…I need you…we all need you! Don’t… just don’t!”
“Oh fuck! I don’t care…I just don’t care whether you’re with a bun in the oven or not! I don’t care about you…your Arnold and even that fucking motherfucker in your womb! My decision is firm and it won’t change…the sooner you realize…the better it is for you and your orphans!”
“I am still here for them…even if you’re gone!” she shouted at the top of her voice. “Joshua…if you’re determined to leave…you may do what you want to…but come what may…I won’t sign the documents…because I don’t need divorce!”
“You have to!”
“I won’t…do what you can.” She fainted and collapsed.
“What place is this? Where are we?” she asked Joshua when she’d regained her consciousness. “Where is Arnold?”
“He’s safe in the back seat… we are on the way to ‘Khandala’…honey…let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a guy named Joshua Thompson…yes you guessed it right…that’s me! Well, to begin with…at the age of seventeen that guy fell deeply in love with a sophomore of his own school…no need to mention her \\name…as I don’t seem to remember it. That was a love-at-first-sight case. And then as years swept by, he met Rosemary at the very first day he joined ‘Radio 76.3’ as a R. J and then again he fell in love with her at the very first sight. But this time he was lucky enough as Rosemary was ready to return his love. They became best of friends and as they say, good friends often end up into lovers. They decided to elope. But that bitch got her brainwashed by her father and said she wouldn’t marry Joshua. He hated the idea…and then…”
“Then what…?”
“Then I murdered her…and I came to India…and settled here.”
“Gosh! I never knew! You are a slaughterer! I have been living with a murderer?”
“Just shut up…I am not yet finished with it!”
“But you told you eloped with her to India…and then you got divorced and you both started living on your own?”
“Oops! I must confess I lied to you. Now c’mon, obviously I had to cook up a lie otherwise you would have informed the police and I would have been sent to the gallows…you were so innocent and supportive…I want to thank you…”
“Wow! Sounds crazy! Then Mr. Thompson settled in Mumbai, he got a job in ‘The Reliance’, and his social life was going great guns…and then he met Naina, Naina Saxena. I am sorry…Naina Thompson at the metro and yet another time he fell in love with her at the first sight. By now he had had enough of relationships, so he married her and they moved into their own apartment…he had a child named Arnold…who, with God’s grace, is still alive. And then again, the one and the same story repeated…the man in the story met another girl in a local library…they both fell in love…and yes…at the very first sight!” “So he thinks he’s finally found his real love…and thus he decides to two-time with his wife…but his wife doesn’t seems to get well with the idea…so he very kindly asks her to sign the divorce papers. And the bitch refuses. So he decides to fly up to Austria with Rachel and settle there. The End. No clapping please, any last wish?”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s simple enough…I would first push you down the valley then Arnold and then my lovely car. Goodbye…honey.”
“I love you…”
“Even I used to…”
“Then why are you doing this to me?”
“Now I love Rachel!”
As her last wish Naina grabbed Arnold. “Momma, Daddy!” Arnold was much better than before. Isn’t it? She moved towards Joshua and looked into his eyes; they were all the same but were cold. He said nothing, what he could have said? She asked nothing and jumped off the valley with Arnold in her arms, what else she could have done?
They waited for their flight to be called.
“Pan Indian announces the departure of their flight number oo5 to Austria Saalbach. Will all passengers please proceed with their boarding passes to gate number seven?”
Rachel was on cloud nine.
“Wow I can’t believe! The most awaited moment in my life has arrived…let’s go Joshua. Wowee I love you!”
“I love you too!”
Who’s next?

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