A Review of Evermore by Alyson Noel

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a review of the novel evermore, more like an opinion based rant. looks at the somewhat theme of the novel and explores it, in a not so clever or fun way.

Submitted: January 17, 2016

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Submitted: January 17, 2016



Commercial Fiction is how I would like to start this statement when analysing the ideas presented in the novel Evermore by Alyson Noel. To be frank, due to this novel being so informal I find it appropriate to meet it with the same informality and preface this that I received this book through the libraries program of, A Blind Date with a Book. Being that it’s the only date I’ll be getting in February I thought I should be honest, give my honest opinion while at the same time looking at the theme and how that affects my impression of the novel itself.

The quickest run down is a story centered around Ever Bloom, who after surviving a fatal car crash of her family experiences a kind of psychic connection with anyone who touches her and  her dead younger sister. In the course of the book she runs into Daemen who is an Immortal and the soulmate of Ever Bloom, yes it will be one of those books. Bare with me. While at first impressions this young adult book seems simple enough, I find the devil is in the details due to the topic at hand beyond all of the romance, which is the reoccurring theme of the will of survival and what defines living. Course this could be merely an argument of justification on how wasting one’s time on young adult fiction could be beneficial, really just depends what’s the month's flavor. Yet at the same time the truth is that it’s far superior than other young adult novels I’ve read, that being said it isn’t amazing.

Now interestingly enough when trying to delve into the meaning of life this novel has an interesting bargaining point, immortality to the majority seems desirable and ideal, yet the picture painted from the point of view of Daemen is almost akin to limbo. This is not a verdict sentenced lightly, first of due to the totality of the reincarnation process it seems that the likelihood of ending up with Ever Bloom decreases exponentially alongside the fact that, although not complete the case here, the idea of an ancestor, even in spirit, of having the same reaction to him is chances worst than the Powerball. This, is then juxtaposed against Ever, who feels deprived of a life at all due to this psychic ability, she distance herself. Now without completely losing sight, it is an established fact that social animals, such as people, who are deprived of a community or interaction will eventually experience depression alongside many other issues even going so far as dying due to the lack of connections. So the concept at hand becomes, who has it worst, a person who can never truly live but continues on longing after a soul hopping girlfriend, or a girl who can’t emotionally deal with the loss of her family due to her new found ability of almost becoming empathic.

This concept, rings very close to the culture created now in the United States with the advancements of technology, seeing at the more advanced we become a greater spread between generations is created and less of the younger generations interact in the necessary social settings. See, advancements in technology whether it be cellphones, social media, television, or robotics are, in its purest forms, a clever innovation to create stepping stones eventually leading us to medical, technical, and etc advances that help societies. However, the problem at hand becomes that we use our technology as a crutch. For example, with the rise of social media we find that connections in the business world are easier to keep and for leisure purposes we can connect with family members and friends we might not even here from, yet we take this one step further and begin believing this is all the interaction required to fill our lives and consider it healthy. This is certainly not true, because as we continue on this path people begin to raise generations of people with less and less social skills, essential leading to a de-revolution. So again, looking at this on a social scale it could be seen as a social commentary about how people no longer live the way we used to in the old days where social interaction was normal and internet shopping was nonexistent. Or it could be a novel about how boys are all you ever need in your life, but I digress.

Now, referring back to the “Will of Living” I want to constrain my personal definition. To me this is referring to whether a person choose to interact with the world and take an active part in forming their future or whether they allow what may come at them to define how their lives take place. An easy example is for me, the difference of my friend and I. I am very ambitious, and have always known exactly how and what I’ve wanted to do on a career basis and look at the most time and cost effective way to achieve my goals, while my friend is more about how the wind blows is where I will be. I find it to be both beautiful and incredibly stupid. I would not mind if he felt this way about his social life but in relation to a career I find it nerve wracking. I’m sure everyone knows that person who just sort of let life dictate their own path and never fought for anything only to end up where they are now. To preface, if you live that way it’s fine, so long as you don’t care but for someone looking for something impractical, I don’t recommend it. So, as I was saying this in relation to the novel becomes the issue at hand. The issue that all young teen girl books have, the idea that life is focused on love. Ever, a girl who lost her family was uprooted and now has psychic powers, leads a life of solitude she’s angry and lost, yet when Daemen comes into her life everything brightens. Just like Twilight. I find it, on a conceptual basis frustrating, and on the basis of a young adult upsetting. I don’t care that this is suppose to sell copies. I don’t care that I sound bitter about love, I don’t think that falling in love, especially romantic love, is the end all be all. For me, I would have been more impressed if the will to finally live, to finally be Ever again, was that she felt secure on a psychological basis. Even if her justification was due to love, it wouldn’t matter, so long as it was because she willed it. Yet everyone of these novels makes it the other characters responsibility to move them. To send them into action, and I don’t feel that this is accurate nor real, people change because of their emotions it's a fact but it never truly is the work of the other person but a cooperative act of consenting to whatever the action is. Now that doesn’t apply to every situation, but for the most part it's true, everything has a cause and effect relationship, even if it seems like it’s a miracle or spontaneous usually everything has a cause. The reality is that sometimes the cause is unseen, sometimes the effect is never felt, but regardless it's there.

So after looking at the facts of this novel's themes, my honest opinion is that I did enjoy reading it for the romance and such, but for a reader who looks for depth, reality, and perception into the human mind even among dragons and supernatural acts of wonder, I would not recommend this. I liked it, I enjoyed the characters, the emotions that came along with it, the overall feel of the ideas presented. Yet it did not fill the need for literary entertainment, did not cause me to look inside and question my own reality.

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