A Vengeful Earth.

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I really don't know what made me write this but I did anyway.

Submitted: June 23, 2011

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Submitted: June 23, 2011



As a tear falls from my eye,

It crashes to the earth.

I stare at it.

Watching as the Earth soaks it up and takes my pain with it.

I thank it.

Odd as it may seem, the Earth, she cares for me;

Always comforting;

Always there.

Mother Nature takes my pain and brings showers of happiness.

I take out a cigarette and light it.

The rain falls but it falls right past me;

Avoiding me.

I stare up at the sky,

Wondering why the rejection;

Why doesn't the sky want me to be happy?

I look at the cigarette in my hand,

And I hear wind whisper an answer to my question;

\"Because you contaminated me\"

I sit under a tree.

It keeps me safe;

My protection.

I am sheltered from the hateful sky.

I start to rip the grass out of the Earth.

The tree's branches get me back-

They rip my arms off.

I look up at the sky and scream to the clouds to forgive me.

They don't listen.

A gorge opens up and the earth swallows me.

I am gone;

The Earth took me.

It kept it's promise though- it took my pain


And it punished me for harming it- it made me an early grave.

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