Give In To The Beast

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Simply put, it's a poem about anger.
It's more of just a string of thoughts than an actual poem though.

Submitted: July 20, 2011

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Submitted: July 20, 2011




Building up

Growing stronger

Over taking



I'm not me anymore

I'm wild passionate beast

Stay away from me

I can't control myself


Hate and anger

I'm, full of rage.

I'm too far gone to see reason

Everything Is a red haze 

Stay away

I'm like a bull that's seen red

I'm like wolf defending my rank

I'm like a mother protecting her children

I'm angry and irrational

Stay away

Don't try to calm me down

The anger likes that 

It will lunge at you 

Trap you

Best for you to keep a distance

It will die soon

It overwhelms

Takes control

It's a fierce force of nature

But like all things it never lasts

It will get tired 

It tries to hold on

It fades away

Too weak now

I take control

I chain it up far deep within me

And I'm me again

But for how long?

When will it come back?

I want it to take over again

I love it 

I am one with it

I can't take it's absence

I completes me

Once again I embrace it

It lashes out

Strikes it's fist victim

Poor girl

No help for her now

Even I can't help her

I've submitted to it




A fierceness take me over and I lash out at her

I won't regent it

I won't be me again to regret it

I love the heated angry passion

I'll never leave it

And so it's me

And forever will be

But please, for you own sake

Stay away

Now I'm a tornado

I'm an earthquake 

A storm

An unstoppable force of nature 

I'll attack without thinking

I'll attack without seeing

I'll attack without feeling

But I'll attack

And the beast, my anger, loves the attack

It loves the hunt

The chase

The violence

Oh how it loves the violence

Violence is ecstasy

It is it's drug

And it's hooked

And I'm hooked on it

My anger

My beautiful ravenous anger

I may not play nice- the rage won't allow it

But don't knock it 'till you've tried it

'Cause this anger

This hate

This rage filled aggression

It's wild



But the rush- it's amazing

It takes over

Lets you give in to your impulses

And another thing- you won't regret it

You'll end up just like me...

Unable to live without it

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