My Life Is Nothing...

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A poem for "dark days; revenge." from Sky's perspective. It's about how she feel about the way Sean treats her. It's more of a list of her feelings than an actual poem though. I think it's rubbish but I was was bored so I just wrote it. Hope it's not as bad as I think it is. Comment:)

Submitted: June 18, 2011

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Submitted: June 18, 2011



My life is nothing but emptiness because of you.

You defile me.

You use me when you need me and then you throw me away.

You make my life a misery.

My life is nothing but crap because of you.

It hurts the most when you make me feel like trash.

The tears fall from my eyes as I stare at the door you've retreated from.

Your nowhere to be seen.

You make me feel like crap;

Like a slag;

With you it's just bash and dash.

My life is nothing but sadness because of you.

I want my old life back;

The life I had when I was happy;

The life I had before you.

My life is nothing but confusion because of you.

I always wonder why you rape me.

Have I ever done anything to you?


Did I do something you didn't agree with?


Are you just sadistic?;

Does my pain fill you with glee?

My life is nothing but twisted sadism because of you.

But every time you abuse me,

You don't realise the emotional pain you cause me.

I take the pocket knife from the drawer.

I flick it open.

The sharp metal shimmers in the moonlight;

It's a beautiful thing.

I slide the blade across my wrists;

Careful, marginally, not to damage a vein.

The blood oozes out in straight crimson line.

Captured by it's beauty, I stare mystified.

The blood trickles down my wrists.

This is my way to deal with the pain;

My way to deal with the pain you cause me;

Because my life is nothing but pain because of you.

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