A retaliation, of Sorts.

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Well, see what happened with this particular rap or poem or whatever you wanna call it.. I got bored and I was listening to Eminem's 25 to life and suddenly the inspiration hit me. I love Eminem so to the fans, I'm not really trying to diss him. Enjoy!

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



Heard you said I'm vindictive, is that supposed to be a good? Since I'm so addictive, I guess I'm no good. Especially with all the sacrifices you've made. Who asked you to sacrifice? You did what you did to get paid. Now don't try and make me feel guilty. I gave you a job, thought it would suffice, but now you're turning the tables on me?!? I won't let it be! Yeah, I'm only fifteen years old, and now-a-days I heard you've grown cold.I don't know why I do this, just walk into peoples lives and Boom there's a mess! But right now, I'm not being that fifteen year old, I'm being hiphop! You're serving me with papers? Are you insane?! You're right, this is ridiculous, and I'm a sadist because I'm enjoying your pain! As I smash your heart to pieces with every planet I throw it into.. I'm laughing as the pain increases because I never loved you. How could I when I was an inanimate object?! Fuck that, I'm more of a subject! You said you gave me half your life, when the fuck did I ask you to make me your wife?! Don't try and turn the tables on me! Cause I'm not gonna be guilty! I am hip hop. I never asked you to start and I won't ask you to stop. I don't make people famous, so serve me with those fucking papers. Divorce me. And do it without remorse. But you can't do that, can you? You couldn't then and you can't do it now. Maybe you should have hung yourself and slit your wrists too. You are neither leader nor follower. You lead as you follow. You follow your emotions and that's why you sit and wallow in your soRrow.Yeah, I heard your songs, there's one for Hailey. She's your baby, isn't she? You look into her eyes and it all seems to come all right. Bull shit! That's a bunch of lies. You're just scared to fight! And even if you weren't scared, you couldn't defeat me. Because I never cared, I still don't so don't try and make me feel guilty.

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