its L O V E and its Fucked!

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I wish I listened to my own words! Hahaha hope you enjoy this one:)

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



Its L O V E Yo, listen to me L stands for let down Love is bad, it'll make you frown

O is for over rated Love in itself is over rated I found that out with the last guy I dated

V is for venomous Love spreads like a venom It'll leave you shameless And kill you slower than poison!

E is for evil Love is from ther devil You fall in love only to face heart break Don't fall in love it would be a mistake.

Love is a let down Baby, you wallow in your sorrow and in it you will drown. Its over rated. Its the worst possible emotion that couldve been created.

Love is venomous Its bite is poisonous. You'll be left alone, dying. You'll be screaming and crying.

And no-one will hear you 'Cause love is evil I swear to you Its like its beeen created by the devil.

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