A Real bestfriend

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It is the story of a a kid who realized the meaning of "Bestfriend"

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013




"My Bestfriend"  


Harry was on his way to school. Harry has a bestfriend named Kieth. They have lots great times. Harry is famous in school but Kieth is not really known. Now, Kieth really likes to watch baseball games and so is Harry. Kieth never saw a baseball game live he only watch it on the television, so Harry gave him a ticket on his birthday so he can finally watch a live baseball game. The best part is Kieth will watch baseball live with his bestfriend. In the middle of the game, Kieth caught a foul ball. The next day, Kieth was famous in school and Harry was ignored because all attention is given to Kieth. Kieth was seen on the television and most of the students in their school saw it . Kieth was the main attraction. Kieth was so famous that he would sit to the famous students in their school in the cafeteria while Harry was sitting and eating alone. Kieth was invited to a party because he was really known and he already forgot about his bestfriend. Harry was angry because without him, Kieth would never see that game. Harry was a nobody in school and he wished that he could also catch a foul ball on next week's game. The next game approached and Harry was there but Kieth wasn't there. There were no foul balls so Harry watched the next games and still, he haven't caught a foul ball. Kieth brought the ball to school but the next day he lost it. He realized then that the only thing people loved about him was when he had the ball with the signature of their favorite player. Kieth was sad and lonely so he sat alone in the cafeteria during lunch but Harry went to school the next day carrying a baseball with a signature of their favorite player because Harry already caught a foul ball. He saw Kieth sitting alone so he went near and said, "Hey, I wouldn't do the same thing you did to me". Kieth apologized  and the next weekend they watched a baseball game.

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A Real bestfriend

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