Sparta: Our Strength & Our Glory

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This was my first college essay. The prompt, if I recall, was to write a speech similar to Pericles' Funeral Oration; however, the twist was to deliver the speech to the people of Sparta as Sparta's general.

It was a simple topic, and I bet you can see the inspiration I drew from the movie "300". I received a 94. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Submitted: April 21, 2008

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Submitted: April 21, 2008



Sparta:Our Strength & Our Glory
Welcome! Today, we the people of Sparta assemble among the Gods to acknowledge our elite soldiers who died in all their glory.We bring back to Sparta, your men on their shields.There is no disgrace today, or any day.On this day, the Spartan values shine brightly upon Greece and all of her city-states like the sun and its eternal light.And with that light, I hope that I can enlighten and inspire you all today without creating falsehoods.Now let me begin, with few praises, and reminders of who we are and who we are not.
There is no neighboring state that can match our elite society, not even Athens.It is not our complexity, but our simplicity that makes us the ideal society.Our militaristic ideals create mountainous strength of a God, that no man or state shall be able to diminish it. Sparta knows no greater strength than the people who reside here.As children, we are raised to be “Spartan” (Two Faces..).Our boys especially, endure heavy military training starting at the age of six.Our schools teach toughness, discipline and most importantly survival skills.We give them little food; therefore they must learn how to steal food in order to stay alive.We do not shelter them from harm; it is harm that we seek to inflict on them in order to determine if they can truly be the elite.Although these methods seem a bit intense, we do teach our boys to be respectful of women and the elderly.At the end of their training, the boys are placed into the military as young as 20 years old.From this point on, the boys are dedicated to the state until they retire at 60.By choice, we are the creators of the most fearsome beings the world has ever known. It is our ideal and of utmost importance to create supreme soldiers to fight in the name of Sparta and her defense.We seek to create soldiers who are afraid, not of death, but of dying an inglorious death.The soldiers that we train from childhood are the very soldiers we honor today.
Although our girls do not go through military training, they are still very skilled from reading and writing to gymnastics and sports.In Spartan society the women are free, unlike women in other city-states.We treat our women as equals, and expect no less from any Spartan.We give our women control of their own land when their husbands are in battle.Our goal is to “produce women who [will] produce strong, healthy babies” (Two Faces..).From the women’s womb comes a Spartan baby, and that baby could be our next King.Women from any place other than Sparta are less than women, because they do not have the respect from their state.The fabric of our society is woven so that both husband and wife contribute equally.
Now more than ever, it is crucial that we separate ourselves from our enemy.It is important to know why we must defeat Athens and her threat to our society.We do not share the same values as the Athenians.We do not embellish monuments or buildings.The only thing we embellish is our honor.It is our duty to fight for Sparta.We do not seek admiration like the Athenians nor do we own any ornaments of luxury or adornment- we are Sparta - the strong and the fearless.In regards to the Athenian government, the Athenian general, Pericles, believes that “[they] are rather a model to others than imitators [themselves]” (28).We are not followers of Athens.If anything, Athens wants our glory!They justify their losses with “a death so glorious,” but glorious for what?For their women who are treated like slaves, or the glory of preserving statues?Our soldiers’ sacrifice is the only true glory, for the militaristic ideals that Sparta stands for.Pericles also claimed that “[they] throw open [their] city to the world, and never expel foreigners from any opportunity of learning or observing” (29), yet he failed to mention that Athens has barricaded itself from the Spartan elite, cowering in fear that the city will fall at the hands of a superior soldier.We are ready to tear down the walls of Athena’s city and claim our victory as the world’s most glorious, Sparta!
Today we gather among the Gods, and soon we shall have testament of our glory to the Gods.We must not mourn our fallen sons, for they fulfilled their duty.By fighting for her and spilling their blood for her, it is the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Sparta and her people.Every man, woman and child gives our Spartan elite strength on the battlefield and it is this strength that will help us overcome during this battle with the enemy.As these men, your husbands, sons and fathers lie here on their shields, the very shields that protected the common good of Sparta, let it be known that these men died for more than glory.These men died for the continued strength of Sparta after her defeat of Athens.
I hope that we all remember our values today and for all time.Our militaristic society breeds the strongest of Greek men and women, far more skilled and stronger than that of our neighbors.May our society live and breathe through the honor of the deceased, in hopes that the future shall bring more honorable deaths in the name of Sparta.And so I leave you all with one last word.Since birth, it was our strength that kept us alive and away from the hillside.It is that very same strength that will ultimately lead Sparta to become the head city-state in all of Greece.
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