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This is a poem I wrote years ago and it is about love.
I hope you will enjoy it and thank you for reading.

Submitted: October 07, 2015

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Submitted: October 07, 2015





She is the power that makes the planets revolve around me,

Always shinning always bright like the never resting suns.

We dance on these floors of eternity.

Her crinoline dress made of cherry blossom,

Held together by nightingales,

Illuminates the universe.

My face becomes a hole.
Tell me,
How many moons have lost their reflections?

How can you be so lost in my perfections?

I am the idol of illusionist.


Wormholes hide me from her
From this heliocentric world.


There,I deflowered countless orchids,

Exchanged money for cheap lips and relaxed jaws,

And drank the magnificent essence of delirium

Until I devolved into something crawling on four legs.

She bears the sailor’s curse, the ones in old tales,

While I know she loves me more than anything,

More than anything.


She moves away from my arms,

And her dress shatters as glass bones.

The birds lament in pain.


The suns scratch me with flaring tentacles

Multiplying, bulking up,

Violently resonating, ready to explode.

’It’s over’



I cough up the cosmic dust

That I inhaled since first time she caught my sight.

I am feeling a bit crumbled, this place crumbles.

I cannot see any wishing stars anymore.

The glowing ashes die out like my image in her heart

Serpents with celestial gears formed my shape of death devoured me


I cannot see her anymore.

And thus the universe is covered with blood and remains.

Painting a portrait of you

In this silent void

Damaged and abused,

In crystal tears.


Love is finite.

As you sleep in my heart as it is your tomb.


© Copyright 2017 nbttung. All rights reserved.

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