To You, For You, With You

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Love Poem

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



To You, For You, With You


When I talk to you, even if it is simple, even if we are telling each other about our pain or sorrow.

I know we are always connecting. It feels as if everytime you speak my heart stops, but not in fear, but in happiness.

For every sigh, or every breath you take, I feel overwhelmed. Everytime you whisper a word, my name, I feel the world stop.

I feel a loss of gravity. I feel as if the world is silent, and your voice is the only one I hear. 

When I am you take that sadness away. Because your voice opened the doors in my heart and le the light in. 

So you see I was blinded before I had met you. I was deaf before I heard your voice, and I was mute before I uttered

your name. You have iluminated more than just my heart, you have brought life into my universe. 

Everyday I hunger for more, I hunger for the voice between your lips, between your thoughts, and within your soul. I want it all 

the pain, the sorrow, the emberrassing stories of your childhood, all of it. Because only when you have shared it all will I be 

truly complete.

Si aun te Amo.


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