An Angel's Wings

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this poem was created after i saw a fascinating thing across the sky! it was so beautiful and cute that it made my heart go '-doki doki-'

i admire cuteness when i see one and i admit i created this poem with haste :) hope you like it!

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011




Upon the vast ocean of the sky

I saw an angel fly by.

Like the air upon my face

It felt so dazzling like the maze.


I never felt like this before

Like a button on the ocean floor

Still it amazes me to think,

That they can fly within a blink!


As though startled by my gaze

He left in a hurry and left a pair

So stunned I was when I saw him flew

And left me his morning dew!


Still I wish at least said ‘Hello!’

But how can I since I’m far below!

Time may pass but still I’ll sing

The day I saw an angel’s wings!

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