He came to me in a Dream

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This poem was created after dreaming about him coming back. In that dream, he was sitting next to me like he always do, looking up at me when whenever he felt I'm looking at him. After i lost him to forever, i've been in a dream state where he was right beside me,but after i dreamed that dream, somehow, the pain seemed to have been reduced.

Even though it's gonna be a year already,I still can't seem to forget him. He will always be in my heart and no one can ever take his place.

Right, "Z"? :)
Zero, my cute little puppy, I miss you so much..

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011




He came to me inside my dream,

Like lightning after thunder.

He still feels the same

As I rubbed my hand on his mane.


Oh how lovely to know your back!

You’re cute and charming as always, may I add.

You smell like your usual you

And act like you normally do!


I’m happy! I’m glad!

Yet why do I feel so sad?

You’re here with me now,

So why this feeling of goodbye?


Hey, what’s wrong?

Are you alright?

Come and sit by my side,

I’ll cure any sickness that you hide.


What? I can’t hear you!

What are you saying?


What’s that again?


Hey, wait a minute!

Where are you going?

What?! I can’t hear you!

Come a little closer and let me hug you.


Wait! Wait for me!

Where are you going?

Don’t leave me here! I’m lonely without you!

Please, come back! Please!


Huh?! What’s happening?

Why are you suddenly aglow?

What? I can’t really hear you!

Wait up! Tell me!


I stretched my hand but you are too far. Much too far.

I cried out your name again and again

But you still didn’t stop walking!

I got up and rushed to you only to fall with a thud.


Huh?! What happened?

Where am I?

What’s this place?

Then, I remembered.


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