Their Fingerprints

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Who are we truly becoming when we look in retrospect? If it weren't for others, we would be someone else.

Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



We can not change who we meet. Everyone leaves fingerprints embedded on our skin and it is up to us to determine what we do with the memories we have with others. I have chosen to appreciate everyone who passes by, even if it’s just to say hello. Even if it’s just to make scars. Everyday, we are slowly changing; we get chips in our nails, we deepen the creases in our hands. We're constantly creating a new vision of what tomorrow should look like. And when we wake up, we're dissapointed because our realities don't match up to our fantasies. Those fingerprints belong to those special someones. Don't deny it, a couple of names popped into your head. You'd think that we have a choice in selecting who we want to be. Well we do. But we don't. Our friends, our families, our teachers, our lovers, our pets, our enemies, the mailman, the gardener, the bartender; we might not consider them, but they're crucial in our creation. It's really funny, if you ever happen to have time on your hands (what is the concept of time, is it just a line, or a series of phenominal events all happening at the same time in parrallel universes?) look at yourself. Really look at yourself. You'll see that your little actions, your mannersims, if you will, come from the people you love and admire. I hold the pen like my father. I have a sweet diction because my best friend thinks she's a princess. I curse like a sailor because I can feel his frustartion in the world like a bird feels a storm coming on. Terrifyingly amazing. The actions of those around us greatly influence us as much or as little as we let them. These actions are as indeffinite as the stars in the black sky that hangs above us, they are as lethal as the lies that harm the global awareness of the universe. Every action puts us into perspective with the world. If it weren't for my parents divorcing, I wouldn't be the silent rebell that hurts others in the noon of day. If it weren't for my friends, I would be a saint wanting to please every written word that does good for others. As for my insgnificant others, I thank them because evryday they teach me what I loathe and would deteste to become. And for once, I know where I belong. I have nothing left to lose.

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