Lyrics to the song sleep on "Scourge of the Pataua Swamp" by Chemical Posioning

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Sleep away the blackness

Submitted: December 19, 2007

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Submitted: December 19, 2007



In a storm
The winds cast chills through the darkness

Death has plagued us all
Eternally in this hell of life
So Sleep tormented soul
Sleep and stand bold,

Raise your head to the skys
Do not extinguish your pride
Sleep your dreams Shall save thee,
From malancholy

Sadness has drained us
Hurt has forsaken us,
Death has been our guide,
But there is always hope,

So Sleep,
Away the blackness,
Sleep, through the storm.
Alas, Your time shall come,

Life is an eery puzzle
that we must solve alone,
Until we are grey and old,
So stand bold,

Tomorrow is ours to keep,
You are worth living for,
You are worth fighting for,
Talent lives in each human heart,
Show the world your creation
Do not depart

Join together and fight,
Show the world your might,
Do not seek the reaper,
He is lurking in the shadow,
For you.

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