My gift to you

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I wrote this story 2 days after a suicide attempt. I hope it means something for any of you that are feeling down about a girl, a job, a drug addiction, a family member, or themselves.

Submitted: December 17, 2007

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Submitted: December 17, 2007



Take a look at yourself,
Are you pleased with what you see?
HAve you ever been so low you feel there's nothing left for me?
Take a look at yourself,
Have you lost your hope?
Are you hating it all so much that you want your fuckin pain to stop,
Take a look at your friends,
Youve all been through enough,
Do you really think they want to see you in a casket locked up?
I took a look at myself,
And I hated what i seen,
I tried to end it all at the age of 19,

Now you got the choice,
To fuckin make it through,
Open your mind and make your lifes dream come true,
Cuz you can,
You got everythin you need in life,
Do you really think shits gonna be better on the otherside?

I seen my death, I seen my corpse,
Ive seen things that i never ever thought,
I wasnt goin to hell, But I wasnt goin to heaven,
I was goin to nothing, and that was worse than livin,

I was drunk and depressed, I put in the hose,
Closed all the doors and lit me up a smoke,
The carbon was thick, And the car cab it spun,
The last face I saw was that of my mum,

I swept through darkness, Through a lingering sleep,
A spek of light was open but it was closed to me,
This darkness was cold, So lonely and so sad,
And my soul felt as if it was withering into black,

I was then walking towards a car
Covered in mud to the sills,
In a different voice I cried,

Suddenly I felt as if i was forced into the light,

I heard a ghasp, And i could smell the CO,
I sat in my car, dazed and alone,
My car wasnt runnin, I dont know how that came about,
But if the honda hadnt stopped, I woulda fucked out,

2 Days in hospital and my family scared to death,
I look at my life now without sadness nor regret,
Past is the past, and you can only look at the future,
My future is brighter more now than fuckin ever,

Now let my experience be your tool,
To use it if you wish,
To think about lifes gift before you choose to blitz,

Nothins too bad that you gotta go huff some gas,
Nothins too bad that yah gotta go get trashed,
Nuddins too bad that you gotta cut your wrists,
Any cunt that hates yah can go and eat shit,

Cuz you got alot to give, be it small or big,
There aint gonna be nobody like yah again so why fuckin quit,

I see old buggas that want to keep on livin,
I see sick youngins that cud be fuckin givin,
But they cant, theyre disease has taken hold,
But you been givin the gift of health,
Of strength, intelligence and life,
Dont let your sadness and despair take away that life tonight,

Straight up mate

- Necrolatry

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