Nevah No Worry Lyrics from album "The scourge of the pataua Swamp" by Chemical Posioning

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Alot of shit can go wrong in yah life, but nevah no worry mate

Submitted: December 19, 2007

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Submitted: December 19, 2007



Yah girl just broke up yah,
Yah lost yah bloody job,
The bills are stackin up
and yah got beat up by a gay named bob,

The cd player set on fire
Yah car just failed a warrant,
Yah got too drunk one night,
and now yah got a bloody child,

yah guts are pokin out,
yah eat too many pies,
yah runnin out of dak,
and your addicted to french fries,

The mongrel mob is after you
and you owe them p money
yah lifes turnin into shit,
but rememba mate,
never no bloody worry.

Never no worry,
Never no bloody worry mate.

yah dog bloody hates yah,
Yah mum just died in bed,
The police are after you,
yah wished that you were dead,

Yah cats got fleas,
yah growin man titties,
yah lungs are fucked,
and yah got a shrunken willie,
yah house is a mess,
your clothes are all stained,
yah father just died walkin in front of a train,
and the funeral bill is on you,
thats a fuckin shame,

if you dont know what to do,
just think everythings gonna be ok,
if yah listen to this good old sayin,
yah aint gotta worry about yah next fuckin weigh in,
just nevah no, never no bloody worry mate,
never no worry,
never no bloody worry mate.

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