Oceans of Sadness

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Got depressed last year lol

Submitted: December 19, 2007

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Submitted: December 19, 2007



The day has dawned,
No more tragedy to be written,
Trees sway to the pounding of the ocean breeze,
Death and malacholie my only need,
Pain has been told once,
By many, now none,
This is a world of hate we live in now,
Disgust is nigh forever we die,

The tide creeps in,
A day to remember,
Glee fulfilled my dark heart,
as i swam through the ocean of misery,
Are you alright, he said to me,
I swam away and dived into the cold world below,
There my lungs withered, the water seeped through me,
Oceans of sadness, Forever will be,

Open my eyes, The darkness now gone,
Rays of sun, enlighten my bones,
I am alive now, in natures paradise,
Conjuring my thoughts on a blank tapestry,
My hands pass over the neck,
My thoughts cast upon the strings,
The amplifier sound ringing away forever,
I play now the infernal beast of death,

Perished tunes, Sadness written and forgotten,
Souls burned and ridden through me,
Open your heart, let me pass my darkness to you,
Forever i will live live, I will live through you,
Sounds erupt, my heart does churn,
I feel my very stomach acids burn,
Silence now, only the birds are screaming,
Inside their warm bodys, they are bleeding,

Tradgedys written, nomore pain,
Let the knife be my gain,
I hate life, and life hates me,
My friends are nothing but portraits of misery,
I open the door, to hell i see,

For god has no place in his walls for me.

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