An Empty Tunnel

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How far can the emptiness go...

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



A field of hollow forms exist through the empty discrimination of human kind,
Set forth to defeat me in a path of self-destruction,
Causing me the pain of pure morbid rejection.

This world reflected not in their eyes,
What are black and lacking life itself,
Dying to get a hold of what can no longer be reality.

Take the path of darkness,
A creative chaotic light only to lead our way
It glows dim like no other light seen before.

It is a light of shadow,
No reflections across the surfaces of what it passes.

It is a leader of an endless tunnel,
What tunnel is to be described as the tunnel of oblivion itself...

Never-ending, those who enter this cave of numbness
...Never turn back...

As the emptiness inside the pits of their stomach
Doubles in knots by the very second as they breathe.

Why bother to breathe?

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