The Girl Who Was Defined as Nothing

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Self expression at its best.

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012



The world is around me, swallowing me and yet spitting me out as the rejected victim of difference.
Treacherous, well determined as ugly.

I hate myself, I hate my mind, I hate myself, I hate my life.
I manifest this pain into the palms of my hands,
scars tracing over themselves with new knives of woeful suffering.

I am a darkness in the light,
I am invisibly outlined as the freak that exists of nothing,
Slow moving agony down the spines of all that dare see me.

I am the difference between the darknest corner and death,
Death better than living in the darkness which begs me to dwell.

A ghost of nothing,
Characterized sharply as a being of corruption.

I vow to you I am something,
Something defined as nothing.
Nothing in the eyes of all that are too blind to really see me,
Understand me,
Comprehend the being I wish to really be.

Illistrate the deepest cut,
The deepest scourch of flame that burns the skin of those who actually bother to notice its burn.

I will vow to you my life is not worth living,
Promise the breath I am giving isnt worth breathing.
I will die a perishable death by the hands of those that deny me most,
Denied by the invisibility that is portrayed by loneliness.

I will die as the person I am not.

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