Mr. Linden's Library

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This is actually pretty old, made it in grade five as part of an assignment. But I had sooooooooo much fun writing it! I think I might edit it and re-post it later.
When doing the assignment we were given a picture and then we had to write a short story off of it. Mine.... Ended up being a lot longer than the other students... But the font was bigger back then.

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011




Mr. Linden’s
Chapter 1 
One day Alison Pierson was on her way to Mr. Linden’s library .She had heard many, many rumors about the area from her friends, but she would never believe them.
So now she is leaving, off to the library, so she can prove her friends wrong. Now Alison is entering the library…. and it’s HUGE! When Alison saw it from the outside, it looked like a little run down shack between to large apartment buildings. But on the inside, it was a giant and elegant, spectacular, glorious library. And now, as Alison stares wondrously through the library, she starts to feel suspicious on how this place works. Because this definitely does not happen in real life.
“Hello! Is anyone in here? Heeelllllloooooooo!” Alison says as she wanders in and out of the isles. Then, out of nowhere a little man, about two feet tall, magically appeared at her feet. “   Shhhhhhhh! This is a library, you should not be yelling so loud! “The man said angrily.” Oh! Apologies. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Henry Linden, but you can call me Mr. Linden.” “Okay. And my name is Alison Pierson. But just call me Alison. And sorry about the yelling, Mr. Linden,” Alison says apologetically.“It’s okay. You know Alison; you’re a very nice girl. So I must warn you. Please, oh do not take any of the books here, for they are cursed, and if you read them you could even DIE!” Mr. Linden pleads.
Alison nods her head. But she doesn’t really believe him, so on the way out she secretly snatches one of the books from the last isle.” Huh, there’s obviously nothing wrong with this book,” she opens the book. “Nothing. So that means that I was right. Yeeeesssssss! I   definitely have to rub this in every one face—tomorrow. Because it’s getting late.” 
“Ahhhh” she sighs, as she is finally in bed. Then she remembers that she still has that“cursed book” in her bag.
“You know I went though all the trouble getting the book, so I might as well read it.”  She said to herself as she opened the book.
And when she opened it, these vines started to grow out of the book“Help! Somebody help me!”  She yelled desperately, when one of the vines picked her up by the waist. Then it threw her on the bed, making her lose consciousness. But soon after, another one of the vines started to speed towards her, ---- towards her heart!
Then all was silent and all was dark. Alison thought she was dead, but really Alison was in a cave.
Chapter 2
“Where am I? Where’s the book! “Alison said as a rock fell and hit her head. “Wait, I’m not dead! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. OUCH!”  she cries.“I need to stop. Right now the only thing I need to do is find my way out.”  So Alison stands up and explores the cave. And I know what you’re thinking.” I thought Alison was a very stubborn person, that she couldn’t do things on her own. Probably a weakling”  Well you’re wrong. Alison can be stubborn from time to time, but she’s a strong girl that can think for her self.
Actually she’s a genius. But she has never told any one about it because she thought that if she told anybody those people would use her. And she didn’t want that. And because of that she never showed her smarts to other people. Even her own mother.
So now she is wondering inside of the cave hoping she’ll find her way out .When all of a sudden she bumped into some thing that was about her size. She stood up, wondering what she had bumped into. But when she stood up she saw nothing….. Until she saw a rock started to quiver.
“Um… Is anybody there? I don’t mean any harm,”  she said as she cautiously walked toward the rock. But then the rock started to shine. Then, after a while it started shining so bright that Alison had to cover her eyes.“H-h-hi. My name is Rhinnon, w-who are you?”
“My name is Alison. Do you know where we are?” Alison asked in curiosity.“You read a book from Mr. Linden’s library, right?” Alison nodded. “Well that book you read really did  have a curse in it.”
“So what’s this curse about!” Alison really wanted to know.“
”What happened was that those vines took your soul and put it inside of the book……”
“Whhhaaaaaaaatttttt! How are we going to get out! How am I going to get back home?! I’ll never see my family again!” Alison said with tears stinging her eyes.
“Don‘t panic. Maybe if we work together we could find our way out. Deal?”  Rhinnon held out his hand.
“Deal,”  Alison said with a smile, shaking his hand in agreement.
Chapter 3
“So what was with those bright lights, Rhinnon?”  Alison said.  
“Oh. I’m a shape shifter, so when I change back to my original form a bright light comes,” Rhinnon said shyly hoping that Alison wouldn’t be weirded out by him. But Alison thought it would help them later on in their journey.
They asked each other questions about their lives, before they got stuck in the book, and about how long they have been in here. Turns out that Rhinnon has been in here for two years already. Also that he was kind of glad that he got stuck in the book, because where he lived, nobody liked him, they called him useless. His parents were the only people that cared for him, and he missed them terribly. He was hiding in the library when he started reading. So nobody would know where to find him.
“Rhinnon, why doesn’t anybody like you? Shape shifting sounds really cool.” 
“It’s probably because I can’t do much with my gift. They think I’m a freak of nature. And because of that, I almost never left my room. I only leave to get books. I really love to read, it makes me feel like I’m in a different world where people wouldn’t hate me, because I am usually like the character.”
“I don’t think they hate you, I think they’re just jealous that you’re the only one with this gift. Either that, or they just don’t get how special your gift is,” Alison said hoping it would make him feel better about himself.  Then all of a sudden Rhinnon said.
“Look! It’s the end of the cave, c’mon!” He started to run toward the exit. Alison fallowed.
Chapter 4
“Where are we Rhinnon? I know we’re in the book, but this place has something, something that make you want to hide.”
“I don’t know, but I have a feeling something’s wrong. Let’s investigate.” Rhinnon said, sounding a little scared.
Then Alison saw a person walking by. “Hey. Maybe we could ask that person over there, if they can help us out.”
They walked towards the person.
“Um…….Sorry, but could you please tell us where we are?” Alison asked
“You’re in Creeps Ville miss.”
“Why is the town called Creeps Ville?” Asked Rhinnon.
“Our leader was a very nice person…..Until the evil dragon Fred.”
“Fred? That doesn’t sound very scary,” Alison said.
“I know, not a very intimidating name. That is why he tells everyone to call him Fredrick, or else he get’s very angry. ----- Any ways, as I was telling you before, Fredrick ate our leader when he tried to banish him. Then he renamed the town Creeps Ville.” 
Then Alison got an idea.
“Is there a library any where?” Asked Alison.
“Yes there is. Mr. Linden’s library is down the street,”  said the person.
“Alison we should see if Mr. Linden can help us get out of here!” Rhinnon said, pointing down the street.  “C’mon!”
  “Mr. Linden! Mr. Linden! Where are you! We need your help! M-I-S-T-E-R
 L-I-N-D-EN!” Rhinnon cried.
“Now what did I tell you two about yelling,” Mr. Linden said, sounding disappointed.
“Sorry, but we need you to tell us how to get out of here, and you should know because you’re the one who told us about the book. So you have to help us!”  said Alison with tears steaming down her face. She missed her mom so much right now.
“Alison, please calm down. I can’t get you two out of the book myself. You have to,” Mr. Linden said.
“Us? What are we supposed to do? We’re just kids,”  said Rhinnon.
“You two aren’t just normal kids. Alison you have plenty of smarts to get you out any kind of problem. And Rhinnon you’re a shape shifter you have a gift that can come in handy for many things. Maybe even save a life, you never can know. Both of you together can make a perfect team. Both of you are special in your own way. And I don’t want either of you to forget it,” said Mr. Linden, trying to show them how great they both are.
“Thanks Mr. Linden, but how did you know about our gifts. I don’t remember telling you about it,” Alison said.
“Don’t worry about it right now. I tell you about it later. Anyway the only way to get out of the book is if you defeat the evil dragon, and there’s only one way to defeat him. You have to make him eat a special fruit that is in side of the Death Woods. The fruit is called the thaws berry. Okay off you go now,”   said Mr. Linden  
Chapter 5
“Wow. The Death Woods is very creepy,”  Alison said feeling really scared.
“Don’t worry; Mr. Linden said that the thaws berry is just at the end of the woods. Just relax,” said Rhinnon. Now they are at the end of the woods.
Chapter 6
“Mr. Linden didn’t say any thing about the trees being in front of the dragon’s castle!” Said Alison.   “And their so high up too. What are we going to do?”
“Hey. Don’t worry about it, remember, I’m a shape shifter. I can just turn into a giraffe and get them,”   said Rhinnon. Then she saw the bright light again and before she knew it, Rhinnon turned into a giraffe.
“Here, use the pouch to grab them, because if you put it in your mouth it will poison you,”  Alison said.
“Okay,”  said Rhinnon grabbing the pouch with his mouth and grabbing the berries. Then she saw the bright light again, and Rhinnon was himself again.
“So how are we supposed to give it to him without him noticing?” Alison asked.
“Don’t worry, I came prepared,”  he grabbed a chocolate bunny from his pocket, neatly cracked it open, and placed the berry inside. Then he closed it up and glued it together with some more chocolate. And finally placed it inside a box that was in another one of his pockets. “Okay we’re ready to go, fallow me.”
Chapter 7
Now they are both standing in front of “Fredrick”.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!!!!!” yelled Fred.
“We would like to give you a present,”  said Alison.
“HAND IT OVER. NOW!!!!!”  Fred demanded. Rhinnon handed over the present. As soon as they gave it to him, he put it in his mouth.
“AAAHHHH!!!!!!  WHAT’S HAPPENING TO MEEE!!!! I’’M MELTING!!!!!!!” Then Fred turned into a pile of nothingness. Nothing was literally left behind because of that berry.
Chapter 8
Almost immediately, they got sucked up into the air, and then they were home---- at least Rhinnon was. As for Alison though, when she woke up she was inside a box. She pushed open the lid. Apparently she was at a funeral….. and she was the one in the coffin.
“Ummm. Just to let everyone know, I’m not dead,” Alison said sitting up in the coffin. Then she jumped out of the coffin and hugged her mom.

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