How are criminal's created

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Inspired by a true story,saw in oprah show,just wanted to tell that we are what our childhood is.

"That anyone can make out,
my question was,DO you have any guilt?"
I asked,
He was smiling,
Like it's the first time,
He's even thinking of it,
"Did my mom have any guilt?",
He asked,suspiciously,Turning his head left and right,
HE Bang's his handcuffed hand's on the table,
His eye's were red.

STANDING there i ask,
"Why criminal's exist",
"Why serial killer's exist",
"Why psychopath's exist"
"Because of we"

I was lying on the bed,
Now a day's i prefer to be in my room,
I feel ashamed,
My last book was not received well,
Not at all received,
"I say Norah sit at home,instead of torturing people with your novel's",
A critic had written,other's too sounded the same,
Those were the same critic's who applauded me once upon a time.
Just then the door open's,
It's my daughter,
give's me a note,
"Parent's and children cooking contest",
Which stupid school is my daughter in,i thought,
"Take daddy",
Suddenly she has a frown on her face,
"ok ok I'll try to come",
Still she has this frown,
"ok I'll come",
She looses her frown,now i have a frown on my face,
"Go and do your homework now",
"Ok mommy".

Am lying in my room,
At last peace,
The phone ring's,
Come on!!!,
"Tell James'",
"How about you write your next book,on some real life incident's",
"I know you are not interested but just listen",
Don't know why but at the end i was interested.

I knock the door,
"The boy was adapted by his aunt",told James',
A lady open's the door,she recognizes me,
Her eye's ,it was like she was scared,
"HE should be here in a few minute's",
She told,
"Boy's name is Clayton,....."
"They say when they rescued the boy,he was scared,scared of even looking into people's eyes",
Clayton come's,
Head straight,Confident,....
"hello",he give's a firm handshake,
"How are you doing",i ask,
"Out of darkness",he tell's
"He was tortured by his father",Told James'
It made me think,
How can the only person who has to love you,
Torture you?,
"Am 18 next month" he tell's
"He was tortured when he was 6 year's old",Told James'
Twelve year's,Past it,
How did he come out of it,
I asked myself.

"I love your book's Except for the last one",
Not you too,i thought,
"Maybe if you had put a little bit of feeling's into it,it would've been better",
The best part is atleast one teenager was interested in my book's,
"So the first question i want to ask you is,why now,why are you ready now to tell your story",i ask,
"I want to move on,so",
"SO tell me what you remember",
He take's a deep breath,
"I loved my dad",
"My biological mom was on drug's",
"She was leaving one day",
"She promised me she'll be back",
"Am waiting,waiting to even this day",
He look's at his aunt,
"After that my dad married another woman",
Anger,i see anger in him,
"It started from then",
"All i remember was darkness",
"A small cupboard,and  a fence",
"Couldn't stand,couldn't sleep",
Did you ever think why they were Doing that to you,I asked,
"I alway's used to think that",
"Why me?,Is this what all other children also experience",
All i remember when i was six year's old,was,
Family dinner's,
Disney land,
Ice cream,
And fighting with my sister,
"How many month's were you in that cupboard",
" I don't remember......i don't know...
"Six month's straight" his aunt told,
Six month's ?? i did not know what to tell,
"I mean what about food,and...other thing's",i asked,
"Sometime's i used to eat paper",
Suddenly i remember this day when my dad bought two boxes' of my favorite candy....
"I Had to do everything in the cupboard"
I still remember my mom telling,that it took me a lot of time,to know how to use the toilet.
"They used to make me drink dish water",he tell's
My mom used to force me to drink milk,which i hated,
I had this rashes near my throat because of drinking it,and rashes' under my arm's because of the fence,He tell's,
I alway's used to get hurt,some mark's are there even to this day,
"They used to take picture's of it",
"Picture's of me getting tortured",
"Have you even heard something like this misses Norah",
"no",Suddenly i remember this picture that i had ,a picture of my dad me my mom and sis at the beach,I was just so happy,that day,
"I alway's used to cry",
"And he alway's told that i was similar to his mom,I think that's why he hated me",
My dad used to tell that i looked similar to his dad,and he loved me more for it
"He used to pee on me,throw shit on me",
"If you don't know the taste of urine and shit misses Norah ask me ,i know it",anger,he was starting to get angry,
The only question i had was,how was he rescued from this hell,

"The boy was rescued by An officer named Franco",James' had told me that in the phone,
The door open's ,someone came,Clayton face lighten's up,
It was Sheriff Franco,
"Nice to meet you mam",He give's me a handshake,
When i was small i was scared of police officer's,
Clayton get's up,Give's him a tight hug,
"How are you doing my boy",asked Franco,
Good sir,doing good,Tell's Clayton,
Clayton was just more than happy.

"So what made you suspicious officer",
"Actually i was his Clayton,i hardly used to see him",
"He never used to come to the b'day parties'",
"I hardly saw him once in six month's,or not at all",
"This was continuing for some one and a half year",
"And people used to tell they hear sound's of a child crying very badly",
"So naturally as an officer i had a doubt",
"One day there was a wedding in the neighborhood,and i had a hunch sure his parent's would come",
"To my suprise Clayton also had come",
"So i thought it was a perfect time,and it was clearly visible that the child was tortured",
"So i ask his parent's i want to interview him",
"First they hesitate but i somehow convinced them",
"You remember that", i asked Clayton
"YA like,they told me to tell all lie's about how i got these rashes' and all,they told something and all which i was not getting",he told,
"Did he take a lot of time to tell the truth",I asked Franco
"YA three hour's,At the begriming i gave him some pancake's......And you ate a lot of pancake's that day",He was looking at Clayton,he was laughing,
"In the beginning he told nothing,he was not speaking,i told him that your dad want's you to tell the truth"
"I still can't forget that look,it was like suddenly had hope",
"And slowly,he told me everything",
"I recorded the conversation,and i arrested his parent's the same night",
"You remember anything else Clayton",
"YA my dad was handcuffed,he came to me and told look what have you done to me,I never understand to this day what was my mistake",
He look's down,
"And then i adopted him"his aunt told,
"So was it difficult at the beginning",i asked
"It was,He used to have this hallucination's,at night,he was scared to go near to his uncle",
"The only thing i wanted was him to be a  normal kid",
"And i want to give full credit to Clayton,because he did not take it in the wrong way",
And then they show me the picture's ,article's,
And the recording's,
Such innocent voice,
Such innocent age,
How can anyone think of doing something like this

It was night 10'o clock,i had got everything what i wanted,
"I do know that you'll present it in a good way misses Norah,i trust you",Tell's Clayton,
I get up,tell goodbye to everyone,his aunt give's me a tight hug,
Like her pain just went away,
I was on my way to home,i called James'
"James' i also want to interview the  father",
"Father??,why,i mean wasn't the boy's enough",
"No,i want to ask him why he did that,what made him do such horrible thing's",I was angry
"Whoa whoa cool down,don't take thing's so seriously",
"Can't do anything,if i put my heart into it,it's going to be serious",
I open the door,
I see my daughter sleeping on the sofa,maybe she was waiting for me,
I put her to the bed,
All i see in her was innocence,
How did that man even have the thought to torture him,

After a week James' call's.....
"IT's done you can meet him tomorrow at 8",
I don't expect any reason to justify what he had done,
But i did need an answer for it,
He was given 5 year's of imprisonment.

The next day,
I was sitting in this room,
I was given two hour's,
Being a known author has it's advantage's,
There were two police officer's in the room,
He come's,
I can make out he was arrogant,
Long hair,tattoo all over his arm's,
He sit's,
"So you are the mad lady whose writing a book on how i tortured my son",
"And you are the mad father who tortured a six year old innocent",
He give's me a wicked smile,
"Your good with word's",
"That's why i am an author",
"Small correction too good",
"Let's get to the point,i only have one question for you",
"Do you have any kind of guilt,to what you did to your son",

"That anyone can makeout,
my question was,DO you have any guilt?"
I asked,
He was smiling,
Like it's the first time,
He's even thinking of it,
"Did my mom have any guilt?",
He asked,suspiciously,Turning his head left and right,
HE Bang's his handcuffed hand's on the table,
His eye's were red.
"Why are you getting your mom to this",i asked,
"Because my mom was doing the SAME,INFACT MORE THAN THAT,
He bang's the table again,
"So am i guilty no,never,not at all",and suddenly he laugh's,putting his head down,
"SO you hated him because he was looking like your mom",suddenly he lift's his head,
Fixing his eye's into mine,he tell's 
"YES","And my second wife realized that",

STANDING there i ask,
"Why criminal's exist",
"Why serial killer's exist",
"Why psychopath's exist"
"Because of we"

So i sit in my home,to start my book,
Next morning ,Patricia(Norah's daughter),
Open's the door of her mom's,
As usual she does not find her mom,
She was disappointed,today was the contest,
With a frown she make's her way to the car,
She see's vegetable's,oil, and some grocery item's in the car,
She see's her mom,
"So let's do some cooking today",Tells Norah
Patricia hug's her mom,

Clayton was tortured because his father also experienced the same thing,
Does it justify why Clayton had to undergo that torture,
Maybe if i interview canyons' grandmother,
maybe my question's will be the same,maybe the answer's will be different,
But what is the solution to this ?....
Will Clayton become like his father?,
I just understood what they mean by telling,
"You are what you are childhood is".

Submitted: October 19, 2013

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Criss Sole

I heard a story of the boy who spent several years chained up in a closet by his parents. It's stories like this that make me so speechless. I was happy to see that you wrote about it, because more people should be aware of what is happening.

Thu, October 24th, 2013 1:47pm


Thank you.:)

Thu, October 24th, 2013 6:50am

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