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Just wrote something,i was not satisfied though,pleasee do tell how is it

It was just another day,
In my locality,
I hear the cries of a lady,
I hear the anger of a husband,
I could see people gathered around,

it's like my morning alarm,
I wanted to stop it,
I was angry,
I wanted to 
Slap the husband,
But wait
Someone just did that.

He just did that,
He is speaking,
I see his eyes,
His eyes they had the courage,
Courage to stand for what is right,
Felt it was my reflection standing there,
Except with courage.
In a few minutes 
People start to leave,
For the first time i felt
Something else other than anger.

It was night,
My dad was again harrasing my mom,
Wanted to pull her out,
But i had no courage,
Couldnt see her cry,
I couldnt take it anymore,
I had no courage to stand up for my mom,
So i go away from this,
With a load of tears in my eyes,
I start to make my way out,
Just feel ,
I have to Sta...

"Stand up for your mom",
"Before it's too late",
He tell's,
He does reflect me,
Except he has courage.
I am just looking at him,
Wonder from where he get's his courage,
Am still looking at him,
He want's to tell me something,
Just then i hear my brother calling me,
I go into my home,
I see him from my balcony,
He looks at me smile's,
 i felt something else other than anger.

I don't see any fight's,
I decide to take a walk,
I see him again,
He come's near me,
"MY name is Ram,And i want to marry you."
Now i know,
I feel love, other than anger.

Ram he was shy guy,
Always used to sit at the last bench,
He was bullied constantly,
I could see the anger in his eyes,
His mom had  killed herself,
Not able to bear her husband,
After that he ran away,
After two years,
He came back,
It was like,
 he had  Learnt to lead life the hard way,
He came back with courage.

"My name is RAM, and i want to marry you",
"I am going to the city tomorrow,Am never going to return back",
"I want to take you",
"I LOVE YOU ",he told,
I wanted to tell yes,
But just then i hear my brother shout,
"You dog,"
"What are you speaking with my sister"
"I am asking her if she want's to marry me"
He told,
He did have courage,
Brother was angry,
Father came,
People gathered,
I knew the situation was going to get worst,
My dad was scolding him,
He was just looking at me,
Felt like he was telling me,
"Just tell yes,and i can make him to shut his mouth",
I decide to tell yes,
my dad shouted,
She's a  Muslim.
Then i realized for the first time,
He was a hindu,
I was a muslim.

My mom take's me into the house, 
I was crying,
For the first time i was crying
For love,
Because i was helpless,
Because i had no courage,
And not because i was angry, 

Sun ray's fall on me,
Am still awake,
I did  not sleep,
I don't know what had happened to him,
He's gone,
That i knew,

I was starting to feel something else other than anger,
All i had seen in my childhood was my mom being harrased,
Other ladie's being beated up on the streets,
People fighting for money,
All i had seen were fight's,
All i had was anger,
Never knew anything else other than that,
I was just beginig to,
feel something else other than anger,
It was love,
It made me happy,
It made me sad,
Amazing how someone can make you feel sad and happy,
My mind was going through these thought's 
When my mom came near me,
"Don't lead your life like me",
"He's a good person",
"Go be with him"
MY mom spoke for me,
MY mom told her opinion in year's.

I see my dad standing,
He was angry,
He start's to beat my mom,
I couldn't take it,
For once i got up,
Pulled my mom out ,
"Just stay where you are brother",
"Don't even think of beating my mom again"
I shouted at my dad,
My dad come's to beat me,
He beat's me hard on the face,
I fall on the ground,
struggling to get up,i shout,
"All these year's i was quiet,hoping you'll change....
he slap's and kick's me hard,
 am on the ground,
I get up,
"Now i know you'll never change",
Again he come's to slap me,
I hold his hand,
"Animals should be kept in cage's",
i slap him,
He stand's there ashtonished,

I took my mom to the police station,
Gave a complaint,
My dad was arrested,
He was never my dad.
That night RAM was my courage.
After two years,
Me and my mom stay at the city,
It was just another day in the city,
The traffic,
I see ram,
In the bustop,
I ran toward's him,
"My name is muntaz",
And i want to marry you",
That was the first time i spoke to him.

Looking at the picture's of our marriage,I can't imagine my life without him.

Submitted: October 17, 2013

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