Dead Earth

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I took a walk around town in desperate mood to breath.I walked and walked and not even sign of nature around me.The sun fell and all I could see was buildings and dirty water.Oh!And foundations for new buildings of cource.Parks destroyed, beautifull trees cut to the ground, cats literatly carpeted on the street from the millions of cars stepping on em and...Unexeptable.

Sometimes I feel as I am the only one who cares (who sees) and when I talk to people about it all they know to say is ''Be positive'' or ''You are an Emo''.
''Yes I may be an emo but you are imature and ignorant''.
How can we behave like that to
Even though this poem is more intended to be lyrics for song on guitar, I desided to put it here...
Lets face it.I sing like a duck.

Submitted: October 02, 2011

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Submitted: October 02, 2011




I gave you an apple

that you took and burned me down.

I'm stuck on the ground

and I cant move.

I dont know how.

Please help me put it down

because it hurts.

I'm thinking of destruction,

sitting on the last green cliff left.

Under the burning sky all by myself.

What am I looking for?

What is it, what?

What else is there to take in this land?

I'm begging you to stop.

Bring back everything you got.

Lets get this from the start.

Whose gonna take some action...

Our countdown has began.

She's dead and dry.

Mother are you there?

Coz I can't hear you cry.

I've regreted it, now that it's late

YOU've regreted it but it's late.

We've waited for this day.

We can't save this with a pray.

Will you beat mother earth's funeral on saturday?

It'll be the last.

Come to the last green cliff left.

I'll wait empty handed.

Breathing flowers are dead.

Here we-we will always cry and wait for the end.


Once you took an apple and burn a tree to death.

Today you'll be the one to choke,

and fight to get your breath.

We hold on to each other.

We'll go to sleep and never comeup again.

Streets are full of unburied dead.

Night will fall.

Morning will rise.

Everything will stay the same.

No rain-no voice.

Just a song that comes to an end.

Life here has come to an end.

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