Dream sky

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The orange war sky, provides peace and freedom in my soul which I dont want to lose.A day like this I would like to die.

But I cant set myself free when I'm trapped in a room.Only hope and look at a window.Until the mystery is explained in class and recks it all.

Submitted: October 02, 2011

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Submitted: October 02, 2011





Doesnt seem real but its not my dream

I walked with my T-shirt in the wind,

lived the magic for a minuite.

He closed the lights just for a minuite.


Close the lights, you're killing me!

Taking me away.

Stop talk you're killing me.

Dont take away my dream.




Clouds are brown,

little left of the orange sky.

Reminds me of so many.

Reminds me my old life.

Reminds me of the end of the world,

would be so beautifull like this.


I am so afraid to lose it

So scared to lose it.


But here I am in the light

In the room on a chair, chained

In the school, theu dont care.


I wanna go outside.

I wanna go outside.


Only if I strech my neck

i see the tip of a tree

I can see the breaze

I can hear the scream

I cant see the trees again.


I dont wanna play tonight.

I dont want to fight.

I just stand like this, admiring to the sky.


Stop talking-close the light

Let me run under the sky.


And dont explain!Fuck you!

Don't explain my dream!

Dont make it real!

Let me dream...



Dont  you feel the magic?

Dont be afraid to enjoy


Lasts a little (part 2)

and it will reach an end as always

Collors will be back

I take a picture to remember,

something left of all


You think it will be like this forever?

It's raining mud.

I was worried but it's only getting better.


And that time's gonna come.


I was worried but it's only getting better.

God is sad.

Raining mad.

You think it'll be like this forever?


Why not?Why not?

It's so nice.

That's why it wont stay.


It's alright, even for so little.

It should be like this forever.




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