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Withdrawn from two faced coin. I just don't see that thing ever being continued in this decade.

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013




Benjamin was huge. The first time Adam did not bother looking at him directly. It was the vibration of his heavy steps that convinced him to put whatever he was doing on pause and looked up. This goofy, clumsy giant appeared gninning like an idiot. And his hand hovering over his head.

''I am Ben'' intoduced very simply. Adam could not help thinking if he was retarted. Following his rather heavy and irregular walking Benjamin burped and took Adam's hand that stuck out to acquantance. Adam was almost certain his handshake was going to be just as strong as him but instead he felt a pair of warm, gentle hands smoothly coming to seal his inside. Adam's reaction was to open and close his mouth in ''uh...uh...uh...'' several times before remembering his name ''Adam Gontier''. Not only this hanshake was a first in his whole life. He also was impressed by this unusual being in front of him. Eventualy Benjamin opened and releashed his hands.

''I know you man. I know all your songs'' replied thrilled.

Adam heared noise coming from the drivers room and looked there. ''Realy?'' he said in disbilief  ''I'm honored''. Breaking Benjamin, Breaking Benjamin he kept reminding to himself. He had to pretend he had heared a lot about Breaking Benjamin - since they toured together and all - when all he knew was their band name (and now this rather comical looking man). People started pouring in the bus and meating with each other. Adam sighed and pushed himself mentaly to go there. That wasn't exactly something he liked doing. When he looked back Benjamin was still gnining at him like a creep. He felt slightly freaked out.

''Aloha'' cheered someone with huge jowls and a military hat letting shade cover up his eyes. His arms were high and two six packs were swining from each one.

Barry came up to him with convinience and grabbed him by the neck ''Aloha Mark'' shouted. The cheeky person - whose name was apparently Mark - and Barry behaved like long lost school friends who'd just got together in a highschool reunion.

Everybody was so screemy and noisy Adam feared for a headache. So he sneeked up behind his drummer and poked his shoulder. Neil turned surprised. ''Oh hello! Have you met Aaron?''.

Aaron was waving so he waved back ''No, actualy, I haven't''

''He is the guitarist'' said over excited.

Oh, the hell, would you look at that! A quitarist! A guitarist in a rock band. What are the odds of that?

Neil turned around. What did he hear Adam's thought or something? ''Neil I want to tell you something''

''What is it?''

''Actualy...'' before he could start a loud shrill like from microphone echoed in the whole room and everyone turned around, including Neil. Sucks, mumbled Adam. A surfer boy - which was how Adam could only describe him that moment - covered in shark tattoes and confusing shirt was standing in front of the microphone.

''Hello guys'' he began saying. The microphone was still shrilling at times. ''I am Chad - Breaking Benjamin - I am the drummer. Since we're never ending with the acquantacies this way I'll just call everyone's names and then, you know, save us from the confusion''.

Adam nodded.

''Alright. I am Chad'' he began. And by pointing a finger on each one's head (he was standing on the couch) he called the names. Benjamin, Aaron, and Mark consist of the new band. The band Adam knew knothing about. Adam, Barry, Brad and Neil were the people of 3 Days Grace. To those who the presenter, mr. Chad, didn't know the names yet they simply said it on their own.

They continued making up with the new ones on jaming on some music and everything while Adam just went in the room and shut the door behind him. He did a little research about Breaking Benjamin on the google, memorising the basic and then shut the laptop. He was perfectly aware of the social damage he was doing by isolating himself from the others but this kind of noice polution always get on his nerves. Tomorow then things calmed down he would go out and talk with them.

He hit the light switch and lied in the dark just observing with his ears on the noises. There were all kind of voices outside. Once he could recognise his drummers. After all what kind of an ass would he be to not recognise his backvocalist's voice, right? Then someone came who was totaly off tune and made him laugh. Probably it was just on purpose because noone can be that dull. He started thinking of the first person who ever told him his voice was very beautifull. Cassy, sweet, caring, understanding, perfect Cassy. Her memory bloom a smile on his lips.

...Do you know that I could never leave you? And you know I could never beat you? In a fight I could never fight you, nevermind, I will not forget you. Can I stay alive forever?...

Who was that singing? All this time thought had drowned his ears in silence but now...Adam felt the hair on his neck rising. That voice was the voice of an angel. It was perfect. Was that Breaking Benjamin? Thinking of that Adam pushed his hand in the matress and sit up. That noise was just too good to ignore. It was like all his love ever for Cassy expressed into those words and gentle singing. He quickly got out.

...Forever. Can you feel a chemical reaction. Because I feel a hideous attraction. Could we share a poison apple? Could it be maniacal and awful? Can I stay alive forever. Can I stay alive for ever...

Adam walked the trail of magic hypnotised until he stopped in front of this once dumbass, creepy man who was looking an entire different human now. His eyes were clossed. He was singing. Clearly everyone else in Adam's band were just as equaly impressed as him and were just blankly staring towards Ben. Ben looked like he was traveling inside another world now. Nobody else played an instrunment. His hands moved confortably up and down the neck of the guitar. A man who knows his instrunment.

He kept singing. Forever. Stay alive forever. Stay alive forever.

Bringing tears into Adam's eyes. He could feel death standing over his head and begging him with Ben's voice ''Could I please stay alive forever. Stay alive forever''. Until the song ended and Benjamin interupted everything with a stupidious ''hick!''. Everyone snapped off and started praising the man with back slaps and immature phraises. Only Adam found it hard to smile after that. He looked at Benjamin in awe. He was as stupid and drunky as before. Could he have faked such passion for this song?

''Hey Adam, did you like it?'' said Cassy.

Cassy's voice was more than enough to get him out of it odd state of mind. He jumped up and squeezed his girlfriend from the shoulders.

''Cassyyyyy!'' he said happily.''You came!''




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