Seriously Pissed Off Tried To Write An Article (Don't. Just Count to Ten)

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An attempt by me to write of homecare for kittens which turned disastrous. I will make a LOT of enemies though this. Just wait and see.

Submitted: September 27, 2012

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Submitted: September 27, 2012



While waiting for connection here I want to write a little something about sick cats. My experiences, bitterness towards dumb people, cats that died, what

do I do and stuff like that. It's not interesting if you never had a cat (don't tell me I never warned you about it) but maybe a cat owner who like in my

situation has been through all this with his feline friend would like to share his own thoughts on the topic.

In order to be writting this you can assume I have had many cats in my life and from these cats many got very, very sick. Usualy they get sick once we get

them in our house and once they get out they seem alright so you can probably sympathise with the constant stress I have to live with every minuite when I

am talking in five newborn kitties, right? Seriously, through all this adventure I've been with cats I have grown a real deep and unforgiving hatred for

mankind in my heart. Things like throwing three kittens younger than 3 week openly to the mercy of dogs and only a bowl of catfood which, by the way,

they can't even chew (you merciless pricks!) realy make me wanna grab a hunting gun and start shooting at everyone who happens to walk in front of me.

Does anyone else feel so angry? I see a bitter old hag in my distant future.

I do all I can the poor cats when they get sick. Usualy it's just one and slowly they stuck each other. I have tried keeping them in seperate room but my

stupid family finds is to much efford to close the door behind them when they leave so soon the cat escapes and, you know, infection follows. It's a tiring

story that never ends. There will always be a cat that is sick. What I always provide to my very sick cat is a place between my legs or on my hands where

it will keep warm and then human food, preferably chicken. I have found out that my cats through the darkest time of their life there is one food to which

will rarely turn their nose up to. Chicken. Chicken has saved many of my cats from starvation and death. There is a common desiese nesting somewhere in

my home from other cats which makes them vomit and shit themselves to death. When I hear the sound of vomit, seriously, my heart skips a beat. It coulb

be the start of a slow and horrible death. One of my cats babies died in that way one night next to my head. It's something no cat owner in the world who

loves his cat would forget easily if he had to live it. Since then whenever my cats throw up I run immidiently and buy the most expensive kitty food and gift

them with as much streangth as i can. Yes, there has been times I was forced to steal for my cats and I do NOT regret or feel guilt of ANY kind.

Being in a middle class family of four kids and only one working parent unfortunately we do not have the money to take our pets to the vet everytime they

have a problem. I, on my part, had to fall on my knees and beg (figure of speech) in order to give operation to Piruni (my cat with the tumor). Now the

tumor three months later grew back again. I want to trade my health with hers and get over with it. I do not want this to happen anymore. While we have

all the good intentions when housing a stray cat which for various (horibly meaningless reasons and excuses) humans decide they do not want anymore

and throw them newborn and sick to the street, we do not have the ability to provide them the vetirarian help when they need it. People tell me all the

time incosiderable sentences such as ''You shouldn't keep a pet if you can't spend money for it'' or that I am irresponsible or don't know how to take care

for a kitten. Am I? Am I? Because when I hear bullshit like that it makes me furious. What they say to me is that in simple words: Leave the cat where you

found it (crying under a car, dirty, starving, eyes almost blinded in mucus and smelling of death - no joking) and grow some responsibilities first. What

about I feed the cat, keep it from close death and then we see? Do they think I would NOT spend all my money on the fucking vets if I had them? I don't

even have a freaking penny in my pocket. Maybe before lecturing to people like me for providing shelter and warmth during winter and sharing their plate

with these unfortunate little buddies, maybe they should turn their index towards vets and cast their blame there for being so expensive. There's no need to

say how many cats would have never died in my arms if they never asked for so much to help them. So they'd rather let an animal die rather than lose a

few (to them) of their already lifeless, dead money. I am furious with money. If i ever get ritch, I will take them all and burn them. Not give them away, not

use them for anything good but burn them. If we all burned our money it would be the wisest thing ever!

You can see I am taking this too seriously but let's think about it...why not? I have been told this by a friend once ''It's just a cat, it will pass''...i just couldn't

find a comment smart enough to make him hate themselves forever for saying such a cruel thing. And you are just a human. So, what? In fact If I found you

and my cat hanging off a cliff pleading desperately for my hand I would not have to think twice to pull up my cat first. Loser. See, its a comment like that

which makes me instantly resent someone with all my soul. I wouldn't be surprised if someone i hated turned up sick the next morning. Lol. Anyway. I just

cant stop my self from hating can I? The thing is that I hate how people seem to put their race above all other spieces. I am 100 percent definite that if I got

cancer or any of my family we would suddenly have all money available to give to doctors but when a cat (cat, not dog) gets sick...oh no, we need the

money. We need it for stupid coka cola and coffee and chips and vegetables and chockolates and hairpainnt and nail paint. Just tell me ''I dont want to''

and lets close it at this. But sit and cry when we can buy alll this unececery junk? No. That's like slapping me in the face over and over and laughing.

Ofcource I thank my mother for helping my cat. It's her money and she decided to give them for Piruni. However I did not like that I had to make a big deal

out of this. It just maked me think that if I ever died nobody else would ever do anything about them if I wasn't there to constantly remind them.

Oh and one more thing. I am annoyed by the majority of people hating on cats. MOST OF THEM NEVER EVEN HAD A CAT! I think they are great

animals. Dogs are equaly great. They just like dogs better because they can make them look like humans more with those ridiculous haircuts and hilarious

dog clothes. C'mon! People like that embarass themselves and humiliate their dog. Poor dogs, i feel sorry for them when i see that.

To get off the tremendous anger towards all that coz...heh...I realy wasn't planning to turn the subject to this...I want to close this. So any berserked

owners tha agree or disagree about anything just strike a commento conversation. You don't have to like this. Just tell me if you think I am wrong on

something or whatever...

I came back once again to add this. i thought it'd be perfect for the occassion.

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