Sewer Man

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That movie, the creep stole my idea. Unless if i did. When was it made? Anyway, heres a little part from my novel, "the chicken".

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



A/N: Short cut from never to be finished novel “Chicken” I will never upload so...yeah.


Nadia, secretery, hit the keybord blindly.Her fingers rebelled about the earth destrustion and animal extinction while her brain traveled to her kitchen and her bed.Oh, how she missed staying in bed all week long with David and doing nothing.If only she knew somehow that her twenties would be her last year in life as a lazy young one she'd surely have spent her time much wiser.And that means not going out for anything else but having fun.


The light on the base of the phone started blinking.She picked it on her ear as soon as she saw it.Her boss was not a man to be messing with.''Where are you'' he yelled her ear off.It was so loud she pulled it far from her ear.''I'm typing the record book you handed me mister''


''I gave the fucking papers thirty minuites ago'' he yelled ''That's half an hour Nadia, when are you going to take those typing lessons''.Mistaking a hundret page book for a few pages.Interesting.That's a new way of making her look like an incapable little broad.''Sir I...''


''Shut up and come open the door.I'm holding subject...'' something forced him to dropped down the phone.Oh no, Nadia was in danger.Quite honestly if she could she'd just leave him there to get tared alive by zombies but if he survived all this, and to her stinky luck he would, she'd never live another day out of the wheelchair.Mr-fucking-balcore would sieze her legs off with an axe.


Coming-coming-coming she said as she crossed the waxed wood in her high heels.She opened the box cover and entered the four digit barcode.Nine, nine, three, four.She barely made it out of the office when this gruesome ravings along with men panicked commands reached all around her, into the room and bounced on the walls for a while.Whatever it was they brought here it sounded inhuman.Nadia touched her forehead and tried to stablise her breath.It seemed imposible.The raged newcomer managed to bash someone down the stairs.''Nadiaaa!'' her boss yelled.He was very close.She wanted to piss very bad.


''Nadia go to my desk and get...Nadia get...'' the monster kept strugling with her boss '' hundcuffs, second drawer, quickly''.


She run.The heels on her shoe were wobling everytime she stood at one place threatening to break at the worst time.Handcuffs on the second spotted.Quickly.She opened one claw and closed it on a strong pipe.She opened another one and close it on the floor where boss had enflesh a steel handle on  pure melted gold just for that purpose of lashing these powerfull existances.Last she scattered the things until she finds a shot and a bottle.She watched the juice filling up the shot.One time she forgot to flick it before using it and the subject end up dying in the end, just because of that.


''Nadia I've got him!'' the fat model of a pressident, her boss, was into the dark office.The crazy man continued screaming like he was out oh his mind like he was possesed and from the sounds of it Nadia guessed he broke his body in any form like a cat in order to get free.She flicked the injection and got out.''Hit him!'' yelled her boss ''Nadia quickly!''.The possesed man stopped confused for a blink to the new face in the office and then free a shout so loud and inhuman that frosted her blood.Into his black eyes you could only read one word.Kill.


She quickly grabbed on from that demon, no matter how scary it was, and sank that niddle in his flesh.Veins were poping out of everywhere anyway.The boss let it melt down.Imidiently the medicine started to paralise him.It creeped towards the people who capture it for vengeance then fell down crawled and stopped.The bones on his sides formed on his skin everytime it enhaled a new breath on the floor.


This was the only time Nadia felt bad for Balcore.Unable to do anything else after that the boss was crying with his face on his hands ''I don't want this anymore.I don't want to live like this fucking every day.I hate my life''.She slowly aproached and sat on the floor next to him.Her hand fell on his back and he cried in her breasts for hours.


Where was his team mate?His team mate had died.Died on action, her boyfriend would joke.Only this was not a joke.The freak on the floor, he managed giving him the humiliation of a stair death as they strugled to carry it to the chains.Nadia felt the hair on her back stick up.


This thing even though it had all the normal looks of a human...what was it?What kind of human could still keep it's eyes open and move them about when it's taken a whole shot of the strongest anesthesia?Not only it should naturaly be immobilised from the first second it enters the blood but also was very highly fatal.Nadia looked at the two blood lines running.One from it's arm and one from it's leg.Obviously they had to shot it twice so it can fall.His fingers twiched and he moaned slightly.


Boss Balcore curled himself to the corned ''No!Tie him up Nadia, don't let him wake up''.She dragged him to the handcuffs as quick as she could before the simple haming turns into another animal fury.


28 days later I could say.But not realy.My story begins ten years later.My name is Mike.I would like to say for all of those who read my story that I have never lied or add anything about the day I met Number 14, that was his cage name.Even though I'd very much like to I haven't.I learned some years later, after 14's escape, his masters used to call him The Chicken as something that felt less rude calling when his time to be taken for food came.Never told Sharah a word about this though.


So I can remember every detail about the day we first met him.Me and Sharah we're like what you'd say friends with benefits.I never realy liked Sharah and honestly I don't think she'd gave a shit if they called her one day and said ''Pay us one million in cash or else you'll never see your loved one again''.Probably she'd shrug her shoulders and ''Neh, I am not queen of England''.Sometimes I still fool myself that I do have fealing for her and choke them but when I always find out it's pure crap and get over them.


We just met each other as kids and never grew appart.Sex between us happened like an expiriment, you know the highschool years, and since it's just a casual one night randomness.If it happens happens.I think it's still on the table because we haven't find anyone who is as good or bad as we are.Okay maybe we are just a little more than just friends with benefits who call each other two times a day, spent celebrations together and share the same appartment (for financial commodity, just don't you think).But honestly!My fealing for her are as friendly as my relationship with my grandma is family.I am thirty, and yes, my grandma and me are forever fighting together (about the blanket layers) till the end.


One reason and only two persons like me and Sharah why with such differences still remained BBF after school.Our love for exploring.No matter how old we'd get, exploring was one thing we'd always do on weekends.Saturday or sunday.I always wished we stumbled upon some great secret from which we could make a lot of money or change the world.Sharah never told me what was her wish.She had this stupid notebook she record everything and never tell me.Girls...You try to steal it out of their pocket and suddenly you're standing in burning rocks and Satan is spitting on your face about this and that.


 So one Saturday as we were eating we hear this news on the radio about the sewer system.The complex underground connection and shit like this.I didn't even care what the boring sewer scientist  had to say.The magic word I needed to hear had already been said.I looked up and saw her looking at me with those huge funny eyes.Are you thinking what I'm thinking?I said.


Same hour tomorow.We were both walking into the pich dark vains of the sewers packed with a lot of artificial light in our bags.The place where all the poop travels after we push it out of our -try to say this kindly- escape door.Quite funny if you think huh?My time was so important to me as to consume it in meaningless roaming in our sewage system.I dont care what you say.It is funny.What would my boss say.''Kimberly, did you call misses Giolanda?Did you order my breakfast?Did you write my report?'', ''Uh no misses but I did see an old rat boating from one side to another on misses Giolandas dung''.


Sharah had this rather twisted scat brilliant idea of swimming into this disqusting pond of shit which I didn't hesitate turning down, rudely too.She wasn't joking about it.Why in earths name would you wanna do that?Nevermind, don't tell me.Write it in your little notebook.


It was fine while the four days from four weeks it lasted.Slowly we started to get the hang of it.Just think of the people watching us jumping in every sunday.Man, that'd look weird.Sharah also mapped some of it on her little notty so it could help as find our way back.One time she snapped to my complains ''Okay, I got it.You're the best at remembering your way out but still you never know when you might need one''.


''We could do a lot more withought the shitty notebook.And you can't get lost in the sewers.There's doors to the street everywhere''.Still she strongly ignored my logical arguement by opening and checking the correction of her map.Even to this day I can feel jolts of pure hate crawling up my spine, satan whispering little tekken combos on my ear and my fists shooting sparks in the dark.If you want to make a souvenir map you can just say so, dear-dear diary!


That was the first time I felt so angry with her.As I said, our game had just started to turn into quest and that means only trouble.May I compare this to a game of monopoly.Look at how amateurs play.They laugh and jump jails and stuff.Then throw an expert in there and see how pissed he'll get with them not taking this seriously.It is anoying, I can't say, but it's a great example.Once something is no longer just a fun game to you and it becomes a goal you start putting rules on it.Sharah and me are kind of equal on things so both rules couldn't get in the table.If nothing else they conflict.


She was like, slow down!I was like, move your ass! until one day we separate, each one heads to his own path and then we can talk when we meet.I can't say I hate it but I didn't exactly like it either.There was this disqusting dead pighead she totaly missed.I tried to take a cheap snapshot with my phone but it didn't seem to work out.One thing I was trembling like an old timer and then my flashlight was running low on battery.I found Sharah and told her to continue together.At some point we reached a fork.Three way pick.I didn't feel like fighting with a girl so I let her pick.She bear her indecisive-gemini title well by picking the middle route.Very fine.


In about a while we had to stop again ''Do you want left or right?'' I asked her.Obviously Sharah pretended that she'd seen it from before when she wasn't.She thought about it.''How about I quickly check the right side while you left?''.Okay from me.


Mine was either closed or clogged (can that be on sewers?).To walk on the left one I had to first get down some moldy stairs.Rats were not absent during the whole sewer chapter.So I sent one flying with my seaboot and I hear a:plum! Quickly I flash my flashlight deeper in the room and see this huge brown mass of disqusting shit.I looked around, maybe I could walk around it but didn't seem to see anything.Whatever should be was sank under a deep sea of filth because there was a ladder leading into them.


Suddenly I hear a girl's shout.Long and clear.I wouldn't have recognised it was Sharah's if I didn't knew she was the only stupid enough as me to explore the sewers -Sharah never screamed for real.''Hey Sharah come over here!Sharah!''.No reply heard.I got shit worried.Switched up the power on my lighted and walked backwards in the tunnel.''Sharah if you are there, it's not funny.Answer me''.


Did I mention there's no lies in this story?Good.Then you must understand the fright that white fucking creep gave me when it sprang out of the water and came charging right for my head.Just after squeling like a rat I turned my back and started running.I couldn't even reach ten steps, I'm certain of it.He was so freakishly quick that I couldn't even hope for a better luck than dying quickly.But to be reading this now you can assume some hero came the last minuite.To the utter dissapointment nobody did though.Even superman would leave with some scratches.


I could only hear his feet pat on the wet ground as he won quickly ground behind me.Before I know it something threw me on the ground.I scraped my chin preety hard and my nose got this terrible num taste when you hit it which apparently I did.This man freak was on my back.He was light as feather but his fingers pressed on my ribs like jelly.He left.Just hopped in front of me and kept running insanly for his escape.


I could have died.If he wasn't running away from something I could have easily been kicked off and killed like a rat.Usually I dont say this but when I fell Sharah's fingers on my hair I cried for a while.I never cry for anything.Mostly I get angry and break appartments because tears kill you a little inside.You feel like having give up on the fight.However, like the song said, everybody cries.I did.


Some dudes with guns found us in a while and lead us out of the sewers.We were expecting them to lead us to the police or something but instead when we turned our back at them they spead around town into dust and we never saw the again.Actualy, that's a lie.I did saw them but later.I'll get to that part another time.Sharah told me she'd never go down there again ''It's not worth dying for'' were her exact words.So agreed.We had both seen the crazy boldy with them killer appetites and believe me that was more than enough to keep us way outta there.If it was only me I'd have doupt but when it's both of us then it's real.As long as you have a toilet bowl you don't need to go playing with the tird world.


A good sex and everything seemed to be fading quickly into the past.Actualy the whole experience started to get more like a life memory more that a fear.Sharah told me her version of the ghost man story and we continued on it until we let our dreams carry on from were we left.Well, my brain was so tired I didn't even see a good Angelina Jolie dream that night.


We heared on TV that there was some wackjob who run around the streets like a monkey. Very dangerous, beware, he will not hesitate to harm you if you get in his way. I turned to joke about it over to Sharah but before I end my joke I saw my chick staring zombielike at our TV. I thought her face was adorable so I simply smiled ''Can I change it?'' I intensionaly asked. I waited for her to get mad and yell but unfortunately nothing happened. Just not my day I realy love seazing the opportunity to get her in my arms and telling her I was not serious about it. Sharah reached the control and turned up the volume.


''The happiness!You're ignoring me now'' bitternes in my voice. Sharah twist her head only to shoush at her annoying little child-I mean thats how I feel she feels about me sometimes ''Fuck you news' lover''.

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