The Loriusa

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A Black out and a lonely night, drunk and close to losing your sanity.Those moments are were you face the deepest of your thoughts.Things you do not dare to admit on your paper just flow of you like a wave.
Warning:It may not make sence to anyone but me.

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011




And I'll pray to god and he's not going to speak.Coz I know this ain't what I see.Who could this figure be?Would I like to, what...would I like to see?Tell me you are still there.Amongt the green trees a burned stands just like him.And I talk to him, on my knees, I will ask my hate to turn on me.

Did you know? I saw a dream.

And I was not my body, in my mind

while I witnessed to someone die,

dying next to me.

I am not crazy. I am only accepting my desire to feel free (in theory).Hm?What do you think?

Woke up the same again...

Woke up in pee again...

Woke up in shame again...

Woke up afraid again...

Then, tare my eyes!

Toss my eyes!

Come inside me to kick out my eyes!

Hold on where it's warm at least.You know w'e've got to make another step.''Fuck you, I will pee my bed''.Dont let it happen.You can forgive.Turn back.

Why don't you push me under the gate?

Why don't you push me away?

Curce on my dessisions,

curce on my vissions.

Once again you let me go inside you.And I stay still.Everytime I open my mouth you'll hear five voices together.One of my pain, one of my hate, one of my shame, one like a grudge and a whisper.

Goddamn it he's inside me again!

I let you come into me.

Poke out my eyes! Fuck my eyes!

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