What If your work place suddenly disappeared? (Translated)

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A little careful of what you wish kinda story.

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



What If your work place suddenly disappeared?


The seat bedside him was empty but nobody had the bravery asking him to remove his suitcase from it because that suitcase was of more worth than any old man, bum, beggar from the ones getting in. Tens of millions were sacrificed for what was in it and he wasn't going to allow dust reach close to it.


Gordon tried to see himself from that point of view all the world saw him bloating up his confidence in that way. Simple eyes probably thought he constantly counted, calculate, listen the tick of the long finger echoing in the dark corridors of his brain until the scheduled time came and suddenly his head began shrilling like a siren ''Oooooofice, Ooooofice''. It seemed a bit too much to him thinking that himself used to see grown men in a suit like this. He believed everyone was a secret agent. He felt, for real, stupidly. He raised cowardly his head but nobody was paying attention to him, so he pulled the tie loose. Confidence was what he needed since his boss banned the presence of gun within the building -minus the company president and the guard. Let it be. The guards looked efficient enough.


He held a repeating beat in his mind even when the train shushed. The groomy dressed man next to him tapped the sole of his foot down like he was doing exactly the same. But when he tried to merge both beats together, the man's foot always changed. It started pacing, started fading it slowly out or suddenly paused to turn his watch hand sleeve and bring the time between his eyes. Golden watch too? We are twins! Too much classiness makes you ridiculous. With that he noted in his mind for later. Forget your tie purposely at your job. At least for once not having to walk around like a bankster dude. Who cares if it costs him the parking for one afternoon. It's just one of the petty micro rebellions which nobody would notice. Because, honestly that was the pathetic position he possessed.


He got down three stages later. Metro looked same as always, morning or night. He head unconcernedly to the orangy seats staring at the hundredths of feet. He sat down again. For the last years now, rush compelled him to dine in parks and bus stops like all his friends. Think about it, there used to be a time when he would be the one criticizing what was being done for the sake of money and now he was the one betraying all the things he ever said.


He would always tell himself one thing to soothe his conscious. Above anything else do not do anything stupid. Don't stand up, don’t risk, don’t rebel if you haven't first taken all the consequences into consideration. Besides you won't be the same you have to be now. Come on, a few more years patience and you're going to quit. One little million in addition under the...he glanced around him suspiciously afraid even to make this thought in case he somehow accidentally manages to stick it into someone else's conscious.


He opened up his suitcase taking his breakfast from inside. Coffee was tepid, the rest though looked alright. He touched the case gently on his thighs turning it into a portable table to begin. Little by little the hours he spend home shrink more in size (and quality), he was thinking while he watched voidly the passengers.


Doing his sloppy pic-nic, trying to not eat so fast to choke to death, he appeared around a turn walking hastily towards his corner, and the rotating chair and his lovely PC. For this, for the warmth, he was nearly about to start running in fury, not perhaps he makes the boss strain to use up letters to mention his name. In worst case scenario if he noticed a delay was to just put someone hire a new guy for the post. Not have bother pick up the phone and all that anyway.


Today he was double-worried. A vague sense of discomposure which he could not identify what arose this up. It interrupted several thoughts before they ever fully get a shape. He was looking desperately for something.


He seized the taking off of the feet around him and he launched across as well without even minding looking up to check the green light. He crossed this road two times every day for twenty years. Even blind and deaf, that traffic lights was like sixth sense to him.


But as he passed troubled the cross way, out of the sudden, under the traffic light, his feet nailed immobilized like he was doing the green light man impression (in his wedding day). People kept passing by him completely unmoved, like he was but one of the hundreds that just realized his pointless existence and he stood again reborn in front of Satan's muck. Gordon however continued the indifferent expression to his naughty snicker of canines, and looked beyond it. Beyond the red hands that cover this city anymore like a crystal ball. He was seeing only a small concrete obstacle in his view.


Raising his head up he met with fear the spastic plant pot of Ed's -how everyone named that thing. It was a massive huge debris that they put there, not for it's exotic beauty, but it's strength. The tree in it was plastic anyway. Years ago a waiter fell dead owing to some careless party animals who drank and drove right over him and through the glass. The car came in from this exact corner. That's why they put something so heavy that not even a bike, not a jeep, not even an elephant could budge it. Behind of it the store opened it's doors, breakable breakable, Ed's restaurant “Ambrosia”. He tried to explain how did all of this appear in front of him.


What's up? He must have done something wrong. He scanned the surrounding. No...but how could such thing ever be possible? He set himself turning in whole full circles on the spot. Then he stoped, went back from where he took the turn walking for a second time the street in repeat, the same crosswalk and stopped under the same traffic light. Lifting his eyes up again on the same image.


The opposite strap of buildings (where his workplace should be there) had simply erased. In whatever direction Gordon turned to look to he could see that slight ascend on the road- that of the street next to his work. There's Holiday's diner where he enjoyed a meal every now and then. There's the clothes store and the glass-ware. The owner got out with a disheveled mop and began pushing violently the dust in front of the door. When he finished, he lifted the door mat and hand in hand enter back in the store.


Such thing is impossible.


Gordon was so confused that he did not pay attention soon to the frenzy honking of the bus driver. The vehicle speed sharply in front of him coloring everything in a darkness. Gordon got frightened! He threw himself back. And into his fright he stumbled on some pedestrians and took them all down with him. His vision suddenly switched off like someone hit a switch. Thankfully though he didn't remain like this. It gradually came back from the depth.


“Are you okay sir?” asked a worrying velvety voice.


The head fall, stunned him for a few seconds. So while he kept his eyes wide open he could not tell the exact nature of this voice. He imagined a bonny adolescent.


Someone else had no time for wasting. He felt him as he stood up stiffly like persistent bug, picked up his violin case and left the scene without letting a single word. Legs and hands were shoving him from around. How did I manage knocking down all that crowd, he wondered. All the bodies got on their feet abandoning him alone.


As his vision slowly returned Gordon tell out many watery human figures gathering over him. One entirely white kneel and zoomed closer to his sight. “Sir, are you okay?”. It was again the same voice. He felt the shadow's freezing fingers pushing his underschin inside. “He's alive, he's alive” he heard her say to the rest. “Mister do you hear me?”


Eh, no! I live, I am alive. He tried to shout. Opened up weakly his lips and inhaling a deep breath to talk only then understood what happened just a while ago. Another stupidity again...he forgot to breath. At once his eyes cleared and he spoke. Not to his great surprise he discovered that the figure in front of him was a young woman with skeletal face and not a guy. “Okay...okay I am...alright”.


With some help he trickled a few steps and jumped sturdy on his feet like first. Mm, what a darn shame. The circle took to break and scatter. “What happened?” he asked looking around him dazed. Gordon had forgotten the woman being present next to him and he was startled when he received an answer.


“You don't recall what happened? This bus cut sharply with your nose- you almost be dead now”.


“No...no I know about the bus. I am talking about here -this- WHAT is going on here. What is happening? Where are the buildings”.


The woman pressed tightly the purse on her side warily. “Are you sure you are alright Mister? You look confused”.


“Me. Me confused. And the city?”


“W- what city? Sir please let me inform quickly the-”


“Don't call anyone” he hurried to cut her. “I am telling you I have nothing. I can't find where I work. The buildings deleted and- how do I explain this? Exactly all that was in the back...at the back line”. He saw her thumb and heard another number beep on her celly. “Fine, nobody thinks this is weird?” he cried out half yelling Gordon.


“Listen to me. Where do you live at, I will call a cab”.


“Here, here right here, I remember that clearly” Gordon continued saying ignoring her. “I am not insane my Misses. Don't you remember the big black building right here? I worked here. And the jewelery store, and the homeless corner- where's the homeless man?...and the furniture, and the factory, and all that. Was I imagining all that? It's a dream. There's no explanation. It's just a really tastel-” he paused irregularly like he was struck by lightning. With a short turn he was looking back to the lady somewhat scary.



He saw that she was ready to flee running from him. Ah, yes, so funny. Gordon had no idea how they made it but however they did it, he had to admit this, it looked rather realistic. “You're kidding right?” he teased. The girl kept up her innocent role. “Come on, tell me. What is is, set?” he started swinging his hands on the air. “Is it a set? Copperfield magic, huh? Come on I get it now, tell me. How did you do it?”


Seeing the humans that were riding off the bus and stack like flocks at the traffic lights without paying attention to anything he stoped smiling. His eyebrows, dark blond, came to shift the appearance of this defenseless office employer. I could be dead, he thought, bringing in his mind the bloody light of the car. Say that this was planned as well. Then it's not a prank but attempt of murder, right? Next, was everybody in the prank? He closed in the woman again. He observed the hesitation on her legs like a nervous horse, “I am not crazy” he tried to convince her with his calming voice tone, instead though came off as a killer whispering syllable-syllable what would he fancy doing to her. The woman stepped back on her high heels and draw away the quickest she could.


Nobody turned his head to notice anything. As mentioned, tens and tens lost it everyday inside tension such as this (the sight was almost about to be rusty). But so fat indifference? If the woman hadn't been there to speak to him, Gordon would still wonder whether he was alive or ghost.


He slid between the current and across entered for a coffee break. Now he was surely a fired man.


“Hey Holly” he said.


The lass kicked her ass to take his order. Even though she wasn't fat Holly was very tall and had strong bones, thing that reminded Gordon of a gym instructor or athlete or something like that. “Aren't you working today?” she gave him a friendly honest smile.


“I don't know. I can't find my way” he answered her Gordon frowned. He wished she would do him the favor not to ask because either way she would not believe him. An entire line of buildings mysteriously disappeared like it never was but thankfully Holly still remained the same. Polite and smiley. She just took his order and vanished behind the wall without bothering him. In a while she returned with a tray.


“Here and a present from me.” She was treating him a coffee biscuit. He thanked her with a soft smile. What wouldn't he give to love a humble woman like her.


He took up his coffee to his lips a few times. He didn't know what to think about today. In any event though it had to be real. If not, why did he feel it so real. Very strange...


There's only one way to find out, he said determined, and that's not by pondering. He slide his hand under his business suit and took his cellphone. The screen lit revealing three-four tropical fishes swimming happily around their digital tank. Pressing number three a white square jumped in front of them. Gordon closed it again and went into the name list. In second thought his friend could not tell him anything. He rolled down until his boss' name highlighted. He pressed green.


Pick it up. Don't pick up. Pick up. Don't pick up. The phone was buzzing. And at last he heard the plastic crumbling of picking up.




“Yes, please, I'm Gordon Marble” Gordon leaped in before the other line finishes. “Please tell me he's there”.


The metallic voice waited a century before it reaches him back I which period Gordon without noticing had crossed his fingers in front of him on the table. Either at or not at his office, whatever the answer was, It wasn't going to make any sense. He just wished he hadn't lost his mind.


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