Deja Vu by Nefalize

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Like most of the writing I will be posting on here, this is a writing exercise I found while searching the web. The idea was to juxtapose the past and the present while describing a memory a character had and how it was affecting them in a certain situation in the present. I hope you like it! I categorized it under thrillers because I've been told it was kinda creepy.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



I descended the narrow, stone staircase and the scent of something that burned long ago filled my nostrils. Lack of ventilation seemed to have kept the scents locked in here for a long time. The whoosh as fire met oil. Small, blazing lights instantly circled the room, filling it with the scent of fire mixed with mildew. I walked along the stone walls, tracing my hands across them. The stone felt rough underneath my fingertips. Each and every sharp, rough bump of the wall grazed my delicate skin. The feel of my body, forced against the concrete walls. The scraping of my skin against rock, etching light scrapes into my skin. Forever imprinting themselves into my soul. Large smudges in the dirt on the concrete flooring traced a path back to the wall. Irregular blots signaled a struggle as something was dragged across the room. The heels of my bare feet, destroyed as I resisted the involuntary movement of my body. What was once near flawless skin, now a bloody mass of tissue. I heard screaming, pleas of confusion and begging to be released. I paced slowly along the wall. Small stains reminiscent of rain drops peppered an area near the wall. Liquid forced into my mouth. It tasted bitter and just the little bit that escaped down my throat made me dizzy. I sputtered, spraying droplets of the vile liquid everywhere.

I picked up something silver and metallic that hung from the walls. The metal was a little faded and encrusted with dust. Handcuffs hung from the ends. Dark red stains lined the inside. Cold metal clamped my legs and wrists, digging deep into my skin. I said nothing and reluctantly accepted the pain, unable to do anything else. A closer look revealed that the locking mechanism inside was busted. Like someone had picked and destroyed it from within. A voice, strangely familiar and comforting. Assuring me everything was going to be alright. A flash of soft blue light, and I was free. My feet kicked something that clattered and skidded, hitting the wall. I picked up the dirty, steel bowls. Stains of long rotted food clung to the sides. The foul smell of mold filled my nostrils and I dropped the bowl, the clattering echoed around the small room. So hungry. Two bowls placed in front of me, barely within my reach. The food were little more than scraps, the water was murky and tasted strange. Every bite, every sip made me dizzy. Shoving the food away, I refused more for days. Choking as fingers forced tiny morsels into my mouth. Sputtering as more water was forced down my throat. No tears came from my eyes in my numbed state.

An altar sat in the middle of the room. The cloth on the stone slab was dusty and the once vivid, purple color was faded with the dust and disfigured by dark splotches from careless mistakes. Upon sight of this, my hands subconsciously flew to faded, white lines on my arms. Drugged, unable to comprehend the situation fully. The rusty smell of blood released as something sharp cut into my skin. Dulled pain and nausea as the life of me was spilled carelessly into something that glittered from the small, flickering lights that surrounded me and circled the room.

Turning around, I left. Forever leaving this room and the recent history that still echoed throughout its walls, possessed every inch of it, behind.

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