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As women we tend to question ourselves. There is no need to ask. We are made up of everything that is strong. Everything that is good. Everything that God made from the beginning of time...

Submitted: April 04, 2013

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Submitted: April 04, 2013



I am a woman

Compared to the loveliest of flowers

A rose is a rose they say

As it catches the sunlight’s rays

No I am not a rose

I suppose

I am a garden

A garden made up of many flowers I say

I bring to you

Yellow Jasmines meaning Elegance & Grace

I bring Dandelions which are full of Faith

Baby Breath oh they bring such Innocence

We go down to the Lily of the Valley in all of its Humility

Never can we be without the Iris bringing its Wisdom

Pink Carnations run endlessly throughout showing their Gratitude

Gardenias emanate their everlasting Joy

My garden would not be able to exist without Hydrangeas for no one can last without Perseverance

Peony causing Healing to everything I touch

Then there is the Purple Tulips reminding me of my Royalty

For the daughter of a king I am

A garden planted by my creator

King of Kings and Lord of Lords he is the one that knows it all

My petals are soft and the brilliance of my colors emit through my garden

I am not a dry land over taken by storms left in ruins for nomads to walk about

I am not a desert seeking to quench my thirst for water

I am not trying to fool myself by the oases who have tried to fool me

Living water flows through me

I am a garden Beautiful and full of mystery

My petals could heal and my petals can cause death to an enemy

Do not underestimate the soft beautifulness of my appearance

I am a woman – soft, gentle and beautiful

I am a woman – strong, intelligent, a warrior

I am a garden and my name is…




Written by:

Maritza Pagan


© Copyright 2018 negron. All rights reserved.

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