Is Islam really support terror

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I'm a muslim girl and All my life I've been hearing that America and Europe think of Islam as terror !! so I googled and I did some research and I talked with some people about it and finally now I understand why they have this image about Islam !!

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



My whole life I've been

 seeing English movies .. but I noticed that most of the movies show muslims as terrorists ..when I first noticed that I was a little so I didn't know much about politics HOWEVER !! 

I didn't care back then untill very soon I was talking with some Americans on a website about Arabs and Islam and I found them all saying the same thing which is that Isalm support terrorists and Muslims don't want peace, they want to fight, so I asked them if they can give me a proof for what they saying so the first thing they all told me was 11/9 !!\\

it was a  shock .. are you telling me that because some muslims terrorists did something bad to your country  it means that all Muslims are Bad !!

one of them let's name him X said : no, that's not what we're saying, but they were saying, and by them I mean all the muslim terrorists . they all said that that's what Islam support and say !!

this was Bigger shock becasue now you're telling me that all your information about islam you got them from the terrorists !!

and that was my reply to him : Dear X,  last week I saw American priest says that all of the people should gather together and burn Quran !! but still I know that not all of the christians like this .. and that this is not what in the bible .. the bible doesn't support violence !!

but anyway all the people was replying the same thing !! 

I guess it's just your media that making you believe that muslims are terrorists 

so, is that mean that Muhaamad Ali, Jermaine Jackson, Akon and Omar epps..etc are terrorists?!!

I saw a very funny comment too.. it said: "anything that involved with Islam, No" .. unbelieveable 

just because there's a Muslims who do stuff wrong doesn't mean that's this is islam.. if you really wanna know about Islam see for your self the Quran .. don't listen to people who doesn't know what they're talking about !!

All I'm asking is that you have to know what you're talking about.. it's like people hear from the media that Islam means Terror then they repeat it again without even knowing what islam is !!

learn about islam, know more, search here and there.. but just don't repeat without understanding !!

it's not really an article, I know but it's my first here and there's alot of this subject that I wanna talk about but just when I see your comments first if I saw any :D 

because I feel that everyone would think that I'm terrorist myself :D 

well, I'm not .. just tell me what do you think about Islam .. what do you think about Muslims ?!! 

this just part 1 , if you find the subject interesting , let me know si I can tell you more :D XD


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