Unfulfilled Dreams.....

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the crossroads of life ..... unspoken feelings .....

Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018



We all always dream but as earlier said , sometimes life doesn't go in the same way as we planned as God have set other plans for us.This is really true..This is a story of a girl whose life is stuck between two cross roads . So lets start.... There was a girl who dreamt a life full of happiness but she was not knowing what was going to happen with her future dreams . She dreamt of becoming an army officer as she want to serve her nation but in contrast to that her parents will never allow her to do so just only becoz she was a girl. Her childhood was spent with her grandparents from the day she was born. As time passed she happily started living there dreaming her future life  and focusing on her career living a life of freedom n doing whatever she loved . she was ambitious she never got ditracted from her dream of becoming an army officer .But surprisingly the gloomy time came and took her away from the only ones who loved her i.e. her grandparents. Her actual parents took her with them . so now begins her life which was a bed of roses but had its thorns too. After living with her parents she realized that her life is now not oly her own but her parents are expecting a lot from her. She was tryimg her best to make them feel proud , by scoring good marks in each class . And now the time came as she had grown up amd has to take some important career and life decisions: where she has to choose between what she want to be and what her parents wants her to be..... She had to choose a medical college as her parents want her to be a doctor whereas on the other hand she want to be armed force officer giving her life at any risk to protect her nation and its pride. Now which option should she took? On the one side of the coin as if she chooses her dream then society will make her life hell by everytime making her realize that she is a girl girl and girl.....  so she should do whatever her parents are telling as she is someone else property . And on the other side of the coin if she chooses her parents dream then she will regret her decision entire life and will do work with lack of interest .She is between 2 cross roads of life which can make her life or ruin it . What should she do ??? Which road she took ?? All the ans. are in the next part.... now what happen next will show u the reality of life the cruel differences between a girl and a boy by not giving them equality . even after so much of opposition also it is still now persistent in our society....

what happened next coming soon

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