Excerpt From 'The Life Cycles Revolution'

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This is an excerpt from the beginning of Chapter Three. It states the central premise and visual imagery of 'Life Cycles' theory.

Submitted: June 25, 2014

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Submitted: June 25, 2014



The central premise of “Life Cycles” theory is that every twelve years we undergo a fundamental change—a revolution in our lives. This is the start of a new chapter, set to last for another twelve-years. This change occurs in a momentous fashion at our birth—the greatest revolution of all. It happens again at the age of twelve and then at ages twenty-four, thirty-six, forty-eight, and sixty. It continues when we turn seventy-two and eighty-four and beyond. I simply refer to it as the “Year of Revolution,” because that is exactly what it is. The events that occur during this year, which is measured from birthday to birthday, can be analyzed and put into the perspective of one’s life to date. “Life Cycles” involves the systematic study of this material, both subjectively, ie. how it affects us personally, and objectively, ie. how others view it, in terms of our career and personal lives.

I dwell on well-known public figures because their lives are easy to research dispassionately and details are easy to verify. I am equally interested in the unpublished stories of all our lives and I will visit some of these cases in later chapters. I continually offer proof because “Life Cycles” is a totally new notion and I expect to be doubted and told to provide evidence. You are reading this material on the surface level, as well as digesting it in terms of the symbolic journey you are undertaking in life. It can be equated to riding on a train around a circular track, passing certain stations and stopping just twice every twelve years. Sometimes, we change perspective and hop on board this train, to understand what is happening to us symbolically. We are about to do just that.

You’re sitting comfortably in your first class cabin, where you are the only passenger. It’s been some time since you were last disturbed. You’re enjoying the ride and feeling snug and comfortable. The last thing you want is a sudden change. The train begins to slow down imperceptibly, as it travels around a bend. Then you feel it really decelerate. A large, attractive station looms in front of you. Wondering what all this means, you hear the sound of brakes hissing and, finally, with a small jolt, you pull up alongside a platform. The carriage doors slide open noiselessly. Though you would rather stay inside, you have a compelling feeling that you’re required to jump off and explore.

It’s morning at the large, impressive train station we call “Revolution Place.” You can tell by the angle of the sun through the glass-paneled ceiling-panes. Light pours into the station. Crystal fittings break the light into a panorama of rainbows. A highly polished marble floor gleams as you walk along cautiously. There are sounds of activity and information boards, changing constantly with new updates, but there’s something fundamentally wrong. You’re all alone. All this is laid on just for you at “Revolution Place.”

As you pass from one end of the hall to the other, you see a small entranceway. A sign says, “Enter here.” You don’t like the idea, but you feel as though you must obey. You step into a dark passageway and the door behind you closes. You feel completely isolated and apprehensive. There are steps leading down. As you go, the temperature drops and you begin to think it’s all a trap. It’s a dungeon and you’ll never escape.

Still, you shuffle along. Then something happens. You bump into another set of steps, this time leading upwards. Slowly you climb, still in the dark. You begin to feel that you’re going around a corner and, bit by bit, it’s growing lighter. The further you turn, the more light you see, then you emerge from the passageway into a brilliant sun and cloudless sky. The warmest, most pleasant sensation overtakes you.

What has happened? Well, you’re about to see it’s a miracle. Yes, as unreasonable as it sounds, you have another chance every twelve-years. You have the possibility of another chapter in your life. Destiny rewards you with “The Miracle of the Revolution.”

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