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This is a brief statement of the Core Concepts of Life Cycles theory.

Submitted: July 02, 2015

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Submitted: July 02, 2015



1. LIFE CYCLES is the study of life in 12 year cycles, based on real-world (ie. biographic) evidence. It is not related in any way to the occult.

It posits a similarity in the underlying themes of a person’s actions in each 12 year cycle. Only 2 years are commonly studied as they tend to correspond with major life changes. They are the first year of the cycle and then 7 years later. 

2. The YEAR OF REVOLUTION - This is the first year of each cycle (ie.the ages of 12,24,36,48 etc.). It is so-named because changes in this time are often revolutionary in nature. It often corresponds with a new age/direction and significant career and/or life highlights. The age of 36 is often a standout year in a person's whole life.

3. The YEAR OF BROKEN PATHWAYS - This follows a 7 year journey of forward momentum (ie. the ages of 7,19,31,43 etc.). This also often corresponds with direction change and challenge, leading on to an uphill journey for the rest of the cycle.

4. The SIGNIFICANT YEARS - This is a combination of all the above years (ie. the ages of 7,12,19,24,31,36,43,48 etc.).

5. CONFLUENCE - is simply the  amount of overlap that two or more people (who share a close relationship) have with their respective Significant Years. So for people born in the same year (or 12,24 etc. years apart) and have birthdays close together, would share the most. The theory is that since they go through their years of change together it should promote greater empathy and understanding.

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