About the Ovum and the Sperm

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Here LilithYggdrasil, teacher at the WomanSchools, clears a male-myth about fertilisation

Submitted: November 03, 2009

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Submitted: November 03, 2009



LilithYggdrasil > Lectures > About Egg and Sperm / (From the teachings in the Women Schools) / In the minds of many members of the dominant society on planet Earth still spooks the legend how the sperms of the male have a race and fierce competition along the genital canal of the woman to the egg ready to be fertilized. According to this legend the strongest sperm, which is there first, naturally wins and all others die. / Here we have the good old (male) story about competition, fight, victory or death – the typical male thinking and acting applied to the process of fertilization. This legend reinforces the male domination of society and influences to the worse male thinking and acting on all levels of society (the strongest will win) and female thinking and acting (submit under the strongest). / But the truth is: / The sperms move up the genital canal of the woman as fast as possible not to compete with each other but to get out of a slightly spermicidal environment, and the weaker sperms naturally die on the way, which is AboraMana’s way of controlling the fitness of the next generation. / All the other sperms attach themselves in regular distances to the outer skin of the egg, and the nucleus of the egg moves in spirals along the inside of the outer skin until she finds a sperm that she thinks will fit. There she softens the skin of the egg and allows this one sperm to enter and do his biological duty. Sometimes she allows two sperms, seldom more, to enter. / Therefore the woman is fully responsible for the sex of the child and other genetic choices, within the limits of her sperm donor. / Your's truly / LilithYggdrasil / // There are rumors in town about how our girls in the WomanSchools learn to connect so closely to the egg, that she is able to mentally and emotionally influence the choice of the nucleus of her egg and thus influence the genetic heritage and the sex of her child. Whether that is true I don’t know because the women are pretty secretive about their WomanSchools, and Gallia, when I asked her – naturally for scientific reasons only - with a sweet smile refused to answer without clearly denying this possibility.

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