Declaration of Spiritual War

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This is an attack on all male-dominated religions, that have created a male-dominated society with a more or less heavy oppression of women

Submitted: November 03, 2009

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Submitted: November 03, 2009



The Tribune of AtlantaCaldera / in the Name of LilithYggdrasil, HighPriestess of the Church of AboraMana / // Declaration of Spiritual War/ O Lord, deliver us from hell’s great fear and gloom / loose Thou our spirits from the larvae of the tomb / to seek them in their dread abodes without affright / on them We will impose our will: The Law of Light / adapted from A. Crowley / // We oppose any religion or creed that denies the existence of a Living God-dess as real as the Living God that this religion teaches. / We oppose the idea that humans are born wicked, and that they can’t better themselves with their own abilities, but that they need to be saved; and We oppose every creed or religion that teaches to kill and to die for a God leads to Ultimate Bliss. / We oppose the idea that humans were created to subdue Earth and dominate all living beings; that they have no obligation toward the work of the Creators; and that they can do to Creation whatever they like. / We fight this war on the Spiritual Plane; in the Realm of God, and Goddess, and the Host of Heaven; about the definition of the human Soul; about the meaning of Life as a human being; about Life after Death. / We oppose fundamentalists, fanatics, and missionaries. / We fight this war with artistic and intellectual means only. / We fight this war in the spirit of Voltaire who said to the royalties of France: “Madame, Sire, I think your opinion is wrong but I will defend with my life your right to speak your opinion in public.” / // Yours truly / LilithYggdrasil /

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