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Most humans on planet Earth live in a permanent?more or less covered up?feeling of fear which devours large quantities of their emotional-spiritual energy, an evil demon, indeed, difficult to exorcise.

Submitted: February 02, 2010

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Submitted: February 02, 2010



Letters to MyAutorities
10001 AtlantaCaldera
21/12/2009 western time reckoning, updated 02/2010
Subject: About humans on planet Earth > their basic frame of mind
Copy to LilithYggdrasil / Copy to the Tribune
Greetings to MyAuthorities
Generally speaking: Most humans on planet Earth live in a permanent - more or less covered up - feeling of fear which devours large quantities of their emotional-spiritual energy, an evil demon, indeed, difficult to exorcise.
The feeling of fear permeates all other feelings, even the most precious ones, but when you point that out to them they will fervently deny it. By denying this fact they reinforce their fears until they have created a solid boulder on the way to happiness and enlightenment.
The focus of fear can be different in different humans, it may be any other human, government, cancer, war, crime, devils, damnation, hell, and so on, ad infinitum, or a conglomerate of two or more fears.
Fear is anchored in past subjective experiences of real or imagined dangers or losses; it is welded into the emotional part of the human mind during the educational process through parents, teachers, and preachers with help of random punishment-and-reward systems. Thus first they feel, then they think, and then they act irrationally because fear manifests itself in all words and actions, even if in the present time of that human objectively there is nothing to fear.
The most destructive result of fear is a permanent distrust of other humans, even the most trustworthy, and this results in a permanent aggressive state of mind, or the permanent readiness to run away. And this again results in the compulsory attempt to control other humans, in the invention of small and big lies, and in the development of so-called social skills to make a social life at least rudimentary possible. Fear also manifests itself in an uninhibited greed for material possessions because they give an illusionary feeling of security.
Long term exposure to fear creates the belief in the truth of the fear, that this or that particular fear is reasonable and time-proven, and then follows a long ladder of justification why this fear makes sense, and why every sensible human should be, must be, fear-full, too.
Fear forces humans to seek allies he can convert to his own particular fears. This is especially true of spiritual fear created by religions by objectively not provable promises of a nice or dire future in the life after death.
 Fear is a contagious disease of the mind and humans have no defense against it as long as they have to live in a society that is based on material, mental, and spiritual fear.
And the most horrible thing is that humans on planet Earth are right to fear each other, considering their social history, and their behavior towards each other in present time proves it, too.
(The body program “avoid pain, avoid death” is not the fear as we speak of right now. This program is a safety catch and kicks in only in objective immediate danger to the body. When there is no objective immediate danger to the body the program is not activated.)
Yours truly
Nightheart Horn

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